Semrush Keyword Manager: How To Use It Effectively

Semrush Keyword Manager: How To Use It Effectively

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Effective keyword research is crucial for visibility on search engines, and that’s where Semrush Keyword Manager shines. It helps you find the right keywords to attract and engage your target audience in a competitive digital market.

The Semrush Keyword Manager stands out with features like detailed search volume data, keyword difficulty scores, and SERP feature insights. These tools are essential for cutting through the noise and getting your content noticed.

Dive into our quick guide to learn how to use Semrush keyword manager to boost your search rankings today.

What is Semrush Keyword Manager?

The Semrush Keyword Manager is a premium feature designed for those with a paid subscription, offering an advanced level of keyword analysis. This tool empowers users to analyze up to 2,000 keywords simultaneously, providing a comprehensive overview that is essential for effective SEO planning and content strategy.

semrush keyword manager

Key Features of Semrush Keyword Manager 

1. Real-Time Metrics Refresh: Semrush Keyword Manager offers a real-time metrics refresh. With this feature, you’re always working with accurate and timely keyword data, which ensures your SEO strategies are informed by the latest search engine behavior and trends.

2. Keyword Clustering: Semrush Keyword Manager includes a sophisticated keyword clustering feature. This allows you to group your keywords based on specific criteria like a similar level of relevancy, shared words, or search intent. This feature makes your keyword data more manageable and efficient to work with, as it allows you to create content that targets multiple relevant keywords at once.

semrush keyword manager (1)

3. Mind Map View: The mind map view provides a visual representation of your keyword clusters, showing how they’re related and how they intersect. This not only helps solidify strategizing by visually mapping out keyword priorities, but it can also identify opportunities where certain clusters could be combined for a more comprehensive and impactful SEO strategy.

semrush keyword manager (2)

These features together make Semrush Keyword Manager an invaluable tool, providing you with the efficiency, insights, and strategy shaping capabilities necessary to improve your content’s search engine performance.

How to use Semrush Keyword Manager 

Let’s say you own a car interior accessories blog and you’re looking to enhance its SEO with the Semrush Keyword Manager. Here’s how you can strategically apply this tool:

1. Access Keyword Manager: Go to your Semrush dashboard, and add specific keywords related to car interior accessories, like “custom car mats” or “dashboard covers.” You can manually input them, upload a CSV, or pull them from other Semrush analytics.

how to use semrush keyword manager

  1. Review Keyword Clusters: The tool will automatically organize your keywords into related groups, such as “car floor mats” and “dashboard accessories.” This clustering helps you identify which areas to focus on for your blog content.
  2. Explore the Mind Map: Use this feature to visually map out how your keywords interlink, aiding in the creation of comprehensive content plans that cover all aspects of car interior upgrades.
  3. Refresh Metrics Regularly: Stay updated with the latest keyword data to ensure your blog targets current search trends, including volume changes and competitive shifts.
  4. Content Prioritization: Leverage the Keyword Manager’s insights to prioritize blog posts on topics with high search potential but lower competition. For example, niche topics like “eco-friendly car interior mods” could attract a dedicated audience.
  5. Adapt Based on Performance: Continuously monitor how your keywords perform and be ready to tweak your content strategy to align with new search behaviors and market trends in the car accessory space.

Implementing these steps for your car interior accessories blog can significantly improve your SEO efforts, driving more targeted traffic to your site and elevating your content in search rankings.

How to Apply the Insights of the Semrush Keyword Manager to Create Awesome Marketing Strategies

Unlock the full potential of your marketing strategies by harnessing the insights from Semrush Keyword Manager. This powerful tool not only guides your content creation but also enhances your advertising efforts and SEO tactics through cross-channel marketing harmony.

  • Leverage Keyword Data for Content Creation

To create excellent marketing strategies, apply the insights from Semrush Keyword Manager in your content creation process. Select the most effective keywords for the target audience and integrate them into your content. It ensures your material is SEO-friendly, increasing your visibility on search engines.

  • Generate Topic Clusters

With Keyword Manager’s grouping feature, build topic clusters around your primary keyword. Creating these clusters will structure your content and increases your chances of appearing in related search queries.


  • Customize Ads with Powerful Keywords

Harness the power of the keywords to customize your ads. Your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns can benefit immensely from Keyword Manager by optimizing your advertisement’s language, improving click-through rates (CTR), and eventually leading to conversions.

  • Ensure Website SEO-Ness

If your website is SEO-optimized, it will perform better on SERPs. Use keyword data to identify potential SEO pitfalls and improve your website’s user experience.

  • Cross-Channel Marketing Optimization

Use keyword insights for cross-channel marketing. Incorporate the keyword data across multiple channels like email marketing, social media, and PPC, resulting in an effective and cohesive strategy.

semrush Cross-Channel Marketing Optimization

Comparative Analysis with Other Keyword Research Tools

In SEO and digital marketing, selecting the right keyword research tool is crucial for gaining a competitive edge. Semrush’s Keyword Manager stands out for its unique features, including real-time metrics refresh, keyword clustering, and a mind map view. However, how does it stack up against its competitors? 


Semrush Keyword Manager

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer


Real-Time Metrics Refresh


No No No
Keyword Clustering


Limited No


Mind Map View


No No


Keyword Difficulty Score


Yes Yes Yes
SERP Analysis Yes Yes Yes


Keyword Suggestions Extensive Extensive Moderate


CPC and Volume Data

Yes Yes Yes


Competitor Keyword Analysis

Yes Yes Yes


Pricing (Starting From) $129.95/month $99/month $79/month

Free, with limited use. One time price for lifelong access

Free Trial Available Yes No Yes


Ease of Use High Moderate Moderate


Data Accuracy High High Moderate


API Access Yes, on higher plans Yes Yes, on higher plans


Semrush’s Keyword Manager is a robust tool with unique features like real-time metrics refresh, keyword clustering, and a mind map view, which are not commonly found in other keyword research tools. 

While Ahrefs, Moz, and Ubersuggest offer strong competition with their own sets of features and pricing structures, Semrush’s comprehensive toolset designed for in-depth keyword analysis and strategy development sets it apart for marketers and businesses aiming for top-tier SEO performance.

Tool Updates and Future Outlook for Semrush Keyword Manager

The Semrush Keyword Manager has recently introduced several updates, enhancing its capabilities for SEO professionals and content creators. Here’s a quick rundown of the latest features and a glimpse into what the future might hold:

  • Recent Updates:
    • Automatic keyword clustering for quick grouping of topically-related keywords.
    • A mind map view to visually represent keyword clusters.
    • Integration with SEO Writing Assistant for streamlined content optimization.
  • Future Outlook:
    • Improved AI-driven insights for more accurate keyword trend predictions.
    • Personalized keyword suggestions based on user data and industry trends.

These updates and potential future enhancements underscore Semrush Keyword Manager’s commitment to providing cutting-edge tools for digital marketing success. As the platform continues to evolve, users can anticipate even more robust features to streamline their SEO and content strategies.

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The Semrush Keyword Manager is indispensable in the digital marketer’s toolkit. It simplifies keyword research and makes it easy to store, analyze, and apply keyword data for optimizing your content strategy. But with such a comprehensive and powerful tool at your disposal, it is easy to get overwhelmed by what it can and how to use it effectively. That is where Flying V Group steps in. 

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What is the use of keyword manager in Semrush?

The Keyword Manager in Semrush allows users to organize, analyze, and track the performance of selected keywords, facilitating a streamlined approach to SEO and PPC strategy development.

Is Semrush keyword free?

Semrush offers limited keyword research capabilities for free, but full access to advanced features, including the Keyword Manager, requires a paid subscription.

Is Semrush good for keywords?

Yes, Semrush is highly regarded for keyword research, offering extensive databases, detailed analytics, and competitive insights that make it a valuable tool for SEO and PPC professionals.

How to improve SEO with Semrush?

Improve SEO with Semrush by utilizing its comprehensive tools for keyword research, site audits, competitor analysis, backlink tracking, and content optimization to identify and act on opportunities for enhancing search visibility.

Who needs Semrush?

Digital marketers, SEO professionals, content creators, website owners, and businesses of all sizes need Semrush to conduct competitive analysis, optimize their online presence, and execute effective digital marketing strategies.

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