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Our goal is to forge great and long-lasting relationships with our clients. We value our work, but we value our relationship with you even more, which is why we do everything in our power to satisfy our clients.

Our team is small, powerful, and ready to succeed with you and for you. See who we are below. If you like us, click here to get started.

Robb Fahrion Flying V Group Partner

Robb Fahrion


Brennan Smith Flying V Group Partner

Brennan Smith


Tyler Fahrion Flying V Group Partner

Tyler Fahrion


Jugal Shah Flying V Group Developer

Adam Singh

Lead Developer

Bryan Flores Flying V Group Director of Branding

Bryan Flores

Director of Branding

Bryan Flores Flying V Group Director of Branding

Joey Artigue

Business Development - Arizona

John Keleher Flying V Group Business Development

John Keleher

Business Development - Bay Area

Matt Murray Flying V Group Business Development

Matt Murray

Business Development - LA Area

Buddy Flying V Group Head of Security


Head of Security

Our Four Pillars of Success


Achieving something as a team is far more rewarding than as an individual. We always work as a team.


We are relentless in our pursuit of perfection and success. We are not satisfied with anything but the best.


Our entire team is passionate about the work they do. We love our work and love working with our clients.

We Always Find a Way

Can’t is not in our vocabulary. If we “can’t” do something, we will either find a way how or find someone that can.

What does "Flying V Group" mean?

Flying V Group Icon

There is a specific reason why migrating birds fly in a “V” formation. The birds carefully position themselves and sync their flapping in order to save energy and benefit from the draft created by the other birds.

Without each other, their long treks and migration patterns would be impossible to navigate alone. It is said that by flying in a V-formation, the birds are able to travel 70% further than they could individually.

The birds require each member of the team to be a leader. When the lead bird tires, another moves to the front to assume the lead position. Those behind tend to “honk” in order to encourage those in front. If a bird were to get injured or sick, two birds will fall out of line to fly with that bird until it either passes or can continue.

We have taken the idea mentioned above and applied it to our business model. We want to carefully align with you, our client, to help you finish your journey.
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Robb Fahrion

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