Content Marketing and SEO ROI

Content Marketing and SEO ROI: How Content and SEO Drive the Highest Quality Leads in 2024

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Are you looking for a cost-effective way of targeting quality leads for your business?

Content marketing, according to general statistics, costs 62 percent less than traditional methods of marketing.

What do you do each time you are faced with a question, choice, or problem you need to find quick answers to?

You ‘Google’ it!

It is not surprising that most people do this – including CEOs of financial institutions, realtors, and healthcare practitioners. Hence the need to create an online presence for your business on Google.

The best strategies for building this presence are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content marketing.

Lead generation is crucial to the success of every business. As a CEO or chief marketing officer (CMO), you can either depend on your high-quality content marketing services to generate leads and boost your business’ ROI or you depend on SEO.

Although SEO has been made to sound like a very complex subject, this article will simplify it for you. By the end of this article, you will understand the concept of SEO and how it works hand-in-hand with content marketing to generate the highest-quality leads for businesses in 2024.

Want to discover the latest trends in lead generation using SEO and content marketing in 2024?

Keep on reading!

A Breakdown of the SEO Concept

SEO focuses on expanding a company’s visibility in organic search results. It plays a major role in helping businesses rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), which will, in turn, drive more traffic to the website and increase the chances of getting more conversions.

The SEO strategy ensures that people find your site whenever they search for any category of your products or services.

SEO, in a nutshell, drives rankings and visibility. Rankings are used by search engines to determine the exact position to place a webpage in SERPs; while visibility has to do with a domain’s prominence in SERPs. Higher visibility means a more prominent domain in SERPs, while lower visibility means your domain is not visible enough for relevant searches.

The major objectives of SEO are traffic and conversions, which are delivered through rankings and visibility. Therefore, if you want to increase traffic and conversions for your business, it is about time you started using SEO.

The Role of SEO in Driving the Highest Quality Leads and Improve ROI in 2024

Simply put, SEO involves editing several areas of your website and adjusting them to make them visible in search engines. If your website is properly optimized, you will not have any problem showing up on the first page of search engines when prospective customers search the internet for anything that relates to your business.

SEO works hand-in-hand with lead generation to ensure that you are often found on the first page of search engines. This will, in turn, increase the likelihood of your dream customers finding your business and interacting with you.

With SEO, you can easily attract your dream clients, convert them, boost your ROI, and keep thriving. This means that your rank will increase in the result pages of search engines, thereby exposing your brand to be easily found by potential customers, increasing your clicks, boosting site traffic, and improving your sales.

Implementing an effective SEO strategy will get you the right customers exactly where you need them to be.

4 Important Questions to Ask When Using SEO for Lead Generation

Are you considering using SEO to generate leads?

If you are, you must pause and ask yourself these 4 crucial questions first:

  • What type of leads do you want?

When generating high-quality leads with SEO, it is important to find out who your dream leads are. Being very specific will position you better to target your potential customers. If, for example, you want to sell books to students, you have to be less vague.

What kind of students are you targeting? High school or college students? Part-time or full-time students?

By acquainting yourself with your dream leads, you will find it easier to craft long-tail keywords that will attract your target market. A longer keyword tail will make it easier for you to specify who your target market is. Although this may not get you  a lot of search traffic, it will get you to target leads that will likely do business with you.

  • How will you speak to your leads?

After getting to know who your dream leads are, it is important to know what to say to them. To do this, you will have to develop eye-catching content that will speak directly to the needs of your target audience.

You don’t have to go through the process of creating a website for these target leads. With just a section of your website dedicated to them, you can drive the highest quality leads.

So, creating a landing page specifically for dream leads can also serve for your online advertising campaigns. When they visit these landing pages, they will be included in your sales funnel and you can convert them by persuading them to buy your products or services.

  • In what ways can you engage your dream leads?

One of the major aspects of SEO with regard to lead generation involves engaging prospective customers in meaningful conversations.

What Does This Entail?

There are different ways to do this. One of such way is through social media. Identify the social networks your target audience prefers and create a presence on them so that you can build a good rapport with your prospective customers. If, for example, your target customers often use Instagram, make yourself available on Instagram. If they prefer videos, create a YouTube channel. By getting closer to their comfort zones, you will be encouraging potential customers to build trust in your brand.

Having loyal customers is crucial to the growth of your brand. Take time to create useful content and encourage your followers to like, comment on, and/or share it on the same or other social media platforms.

This will go a long way in broadening your reach and attracting the highest quality leads to your site for conversion.

Starting a blog is another brilliant way of engaging prospective and existing customers. Your blog is a great place to post fresh and educational content regularly. If you write your blog post properly, it will offer a lot of value to readers and will attract more visitors.

Therefore, as a financial advisor, it is in your best interest to integrate both strategies to get organic traffic, generate leads, and convert the leads into sales.

Take these steps to implement your content marketing strategies and also optimize your content for SEO:

  • Define the objectives of your content marketing
  • Keyword research
  • Topic research
  • Plan your content
  • Develop your content
  • Promote your content and build backlinks
  • Evaluate, re-optimize, and leverage content

I’m Sold. Now What?

Let’s draw some inspiration from Mike Trout, an American professional baseball center fielder (LAA and MLB), who once said, “If you work hard enough to achieve your goal, you will someday achieve it.”

Driving the highest quality leads in 2024 is possible, although it takes a lot of time and effort.

If you are the CMO of a financial institution or into real estate and you want to convert your dream leads but lack the time and/or expertise to do so yourself, Flying V Group is a super talented team of digital marketing experts who have succeeded in growing hundreds of businesses over the years.


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