The 8 Essential SEO Ranking Factors You Need to Rank #1 (2)

The 8 Essential SEO Ranking Factors You Need to Rank #1

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SEO ranking is integral to the success of any business on the internet that expects to grow its ROI. Every digital marketer or CEO is looking for ways to achieve top ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) to attract more traffic for possible conversion.

SEO ranking factors can influence the way you set up your site, in desktop, and in terms of mobile website design. Understanding the factors that drive seo guarantee ranking is critical to this success. Here are eight essential SEO ranking factors you need to rank top of SERPs.

Site Security and Crawlability

Search engine companies emphasize site security to protect shared data between users against cyber-attacks. A site with highly rated HTTPS encryption has SSL certification to provide secure connectivity between the website and its visitors. Search engines want to direct traffic to a trusted and secure site, and HTTPS boosts your SEO ranking.

Next to site security is the ease of accessibility: this requires a comprehensive sitemap listing all the pages. The sitemap helps search engine bots to read and index your content pages correctly for ranking on SERPs.

Include robots.txt to guide search engines on what pages to access and always review the site’s index status on your search console to check if the access is optimum.

User Experience

The popularity of your site is a factor in SEO ranking. It is evident by the ease with which visitors navigate through, including time spent on your site. A higher click-through rate and longer dwell time indicate better user engagement. Helping you rank on SERPs. However, frequent bounces are a sign of low quality and can relegate your site to oblivion.

High bounce rates could also point to poor web design or content that fails to connect. Review your content, introduce relevant keywords, and optimize your landing page to improve dwell time and click-through rate. Optimize your titles, descriptions, and the mobile platform interface for better user experience and increased traffic for a higher SERP ranking.

Page Loading Speed

Faster page loading speeds enhance the user experience and accelerate click-through rates on your website. Search engines like such efficiency and will prioritize sites that have these qualities. Page loading speed is critical for mobile platforms that require lighter, precise, and easy to access content owing to the limitations of handheld devices.

You may use a mobile testing tool or speed checker to gauge your site’s page loading speed if you’re unsure of the correct status. These apps provide loading speed analysis that can help the webmaster troubleshoot for possible causes.

Remedial actions include file compression, website caching, and curbing the number of on-page redirects for a smooth and faster loading.


With the advent of smartphones, more people are accessing the internet on these devices than on conventional desktop computers. The highest traffic online originates from smartphones and tablets, and search engine companies want to ensure that sites align with these gadgets for easy web usage. SEO ranking has responded to include a mobile-first index as a factor to feature on SERPs.

Design aspects required to meet the mobile-friendly threshold for ranking include simple and accessible menus for handheld devices. The site should be adaptive and automatically resize to fit the phone or tablet screen while retaining visual quality.

Use the right size of fonts for comfortable readability on smaller screens and consider deploying accelerated mobile pages (AMP) for a better user experience and higher mobile conversion rates.

Optimized Quality Content

Search engines are always looking for fresh content to boost user engagement and grow the digital pool of information. A site with new and well-written information immediately attracts search engine crawlers and generates interest in visitors pushing it up the ranks.

Research your content and the target audience well to create relevance and value that captivates and enhances dwell time.

Optimize your content for search engine by including powerful and relevant keywords most likely used by searchers.

You may want to use latent semantic indexing keywords for a more refined and targeted search to avoid confusion. It is also essential to optimize your keywords to match voice searches that are increasingly common online today.

URL, Authority, and Domain Age

In SEO ranking, age is not just a number; it counts. Age is a point for newbie sites to consider when gunning for top SERP ranking as very few sites less than a year online rarely achieve these lofty positions. It calls for patience as you grow and optimize your site before contending for top ranks.

The URL you choose for your domain must match your business for better visibility and relevance parameters. Equally crucial to SEO ranking is the domain authority of your site, which is dependent on your link profile. To improve on this status, eliminate spammy links and work at getting authoritative backlinks to juice up your site.


As noted above, links are critical in establishing a site’s authority, and as such, they are a vital SEO ranking factor to consider. It is prudent to monitor your inbound links using any of the many keyword research tools available in the market. However, three types of links are central to search engines when assessing ranking signals for sites.

Backlinks or inbound links are essential metrics for determining your domain authority and content relevance and, as such, strive to link to high profile sites.

Outbound links are valuable in linking to other authoritative and relevant sites in your sector to create quality content for your visitors and enhance user experience. Internal links help to connect mutually supporting pages on your site and enrich user experience besides allowing for better bot crawling.

Social Footprint

Social shares on social platforms are a powerful signal for better ranking. Though search engine companies do not directly use this as an SEO ranking factor, social shares influence site traffic leading to a high click-through rate on the shared page. It is one way of influencing your ranking indirectly by helping generate traffic while also satisfying the mobile-friendly factor.

When your content circulates on social platforms, it also builds backlinks along the way and grows your link profile. Leverage this advantage by creating sharable content for social engagement.


When creating new content or optimizing current content, having some knowledge of SEO ranking factors is beneficial. However, this does not guarantee overnight success on SERPs for your new website since it takes time for crawlers to index your content. Keep optimizing your site and content to meet SEO parameters for eventual top ranking.

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