Is Content Writing Important for SEO

Is Content Writing Important for SEO?

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If you know the importance of SEO, you should know how content writing is essential for proper implementation. Many companies are even outsourcing their SEO content from companies like CopyPress to get a hold of solid written content. Search engine optimization is practically impossible without well-written blogs and a good writer. Below, we explore why content writing is so important for SEO, and so many companies are running after writers for marketable content.

SEO content writing is creating written content that can help a website page rank in the top search engine results on Google. This includes other popular search engines as well. Relevant keywords and optimization help grab the attention of online readers. Google uses spiders that use the crawl method to check out what a blog is about. The language used and the information listed is identified in this phase.

SEO writing is targeted at making the page so catchy that search engines like Google are more likely to crawl the content and deem it worthy. This allows better SERP placement. Articles and blogs with zero SEO content are usually not picked up, and the crawlers may fail to grasp what the website is about.

Top Reasons Why Content Writing Is Essential for SEO

Now that you know what SEO writing is, it is time to look at why it is so essential for a website to rank:

Proper Placement of Keywords

Keywords hold a lot of value, even though many new techniques for helping pages rank have been developed. The importance of keywords can be noted by seeing your ranking increase when a keyword or a popular search word alternative has been used in the blog post title. The clever and strategic placement of keywords throughout an article or blog post attracts Google. With no content, embedding suitable keywords into your website is nearly impossible.

Engaging Content

Many websites and blogs rank well due to a large audience attracted to the written content they produce. If people can relate to your posts, they are more likely to stick by and recommend others. This is another great way to hype up your website and rank it higher on search engines.

Large companies may invest in advertisements to get their ranking higher, but quality content is the only way to go for small businesses. Make sure to post well-written and informative content for social media posts and emails.This way, the audience stays hooked because you keep delivering content they are hungry for. Share blog post links to your social media timelines to allow Google to mark these as social validation cues. This will greatly support your ranking.

High-Quality Written Content Increases Backlinking

Backlinking is another form to achieve social validation and top rankings. Backlinks can only be increased by creating an audience on social media channels and networking sites. People will only link back to your blog or articles if there is informative and quality written content. Even though you can pay other websites or blogs to backlink, most partnerships will only be successful if they see value in your posts.

When other websites or social media channels backlink to your blog, Google sees this as a form of validation. The algorithms will automatically start ranking your content because the search engine deems you credible.

Search Engines Need Content to Rank a Website

Google Images and Videos only rank pictures and videos, but if you wish to appear in search engine results, you need written content. You will need some form of text for search engines to be able to truly detect you. If your content does not provide answers or offer information, then there is no point in ranking it and producing it as a search result for users with a particular query.

Meaningful Content Aids Search Task Accomplishment Factor Achievement

Your blog content should be for a purpose. This is important, as Search Task Accomplishment is slowly gaining popularity. This is because Google will soon pick content that has meaning or solves a purpose. This new strategy will allow users to find the exact content they are looking for when they search for something on Google. A new algorithm will allow people to view your website as a search result if your content answers a particular query. If there is no useful written content on your site, your ranking will drop.

Added Advantages of SEO Content Writing

  • Many sites may voluntarily link to your blogs
  • A wide range of topics and interests grabs the attention of a wider audience
  • Written content is more likely to be shared on social media
  • People spend more time reading blogs, allowing Google to see your site’s value
  • Content Writing helps you market and attain top rankings naturally

Organic audiences attained through written content will stick around


SEO content writing helps you market your website like no other and allows you to enjoy top rankings easily. Investing in a good writer or outsourcing content is your best bet for your blog’s success.


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