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17 Video Marketing Statistics to Help Build Your Strategy In 2024

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Are you uncertain about employing video marketing tactics into your overall strategy in 2024?

If yes, perhaps going through some of these statistics will help you make your decision. You can get a clear picture of how video marketing can help you and your team increase engagement, conversions, and customer retention.

Our post below consists of 17 different statistics, which should help you decide if video is the right route for your company.

We are going to highlight some stats below that will help you understand the size of the opportunity available in video marketing tactics.

1. More than 81% of businesses use videos as a marketing medium. This percentage was around 63% in the preceding year.

Most businesses are employing video to help drive brand awareness. Whether it be on social media or directly through searches on Google and YouTube, consumer attention is more likely to be attained through video.

2. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch a video compared to 10% when they read it in a text format.

Videos are more memorable and entertaining than written content and customers are more willing to watch a video rather than read an article or look at an image. People just simply love watching a product or service in action.

When it comes down to it, we all love a nicely produced video describing and showing us what we are looking for.

3. The consumption of video content through smartphones is increasing by 100% year-on-year.

We all know how important mobile is in 2024. The surge of mobile searches, shopping, and social media is massive! But that doesn’t mean it’s showing any signs of slowing down. People are still consuming content through their smartphones at an insane rate. If you aren’t building your videos around a mobile-optimized strategy, it’s time to go back to the drawing board because you are missing out on a ton of potential leads.

4. According to a report by Cisco, by the year 2022, video content will form 82% of Internet traffic.

This estimation tells us that the majority of internet traffic will be through video content. That’s not to say that written content is dead, but just looking at YouTube alone, it’s easy to see this happening by then. If you aren’t producing videos for your audience in one way or another, you will be left behind.

5. YouTube has more than 2 billion users, a testament to the quantum of video consumption by online users. 

YouTube has grown to be one of the largest websites and social media networks , capturing its audience from every corner of the globe. Its reach is undeniable, but the market is super competitive. You have to produce exceptional content to grab the attention of your potential audience.

6. In case you’re wondering about the demographics, 66% of US teenagers watch videos daily. That once again underlines the massive opportunity that marketers have when it comes to videos.

We all know how much the younger generations love social media. But just how many are watching videos? With two-thirds of teens watching video content daily, if your market is younger people now is the time to make the move to video.

7. An overwhelming majority of consumers prefer to learn about new products through video content. The exact percentage stands at 72%.

This stat is especially important for e-commerce sites. In order to truly capture your audience, you must create videos that display your product to the right audience through ads, social media, or both.

Video Marketing Strategy Statistics and Tips

Here are some more stats and tips geared towards building your strategy towards a more video-oriented approach.

8. The chances of consumers watching videos on their smartphones is 1.5 times higher than their reading blog posts.

The chances of someone watching a video about marketing stats versus reading this blog post are substantially higher. Let’s just be real here. Would you rather watch a video or read this article? I’m sure the answer is the former.

9. The likelihood of a website ranking on the front page of Google is 53 times more if the URL has a video embedded in it.

This one can seriously make a difference if you are trying to rank for highly competitive keywords on Google. The search engine loves embedding videos on  its search results page, which usually results in a higher CTR (click-through rate), and provides a ton of value to people searching about a topic.

10. Would you like to increase your landing page’s conversion rate? According to this report, if you include videos on your landing page, the conversion rate can go up by 80%.

It can be tough to raise  your landing page conversion rate. We spend all this time coming up with the deals, the process, the subscription lists… but little did we know that the secret to it all was video! Try creating 30-second videos to capture your audience on your landing pages and see your conversion rates rise exponentially.

11. According to a  Hubspot report, 85% of consumers want to see more video content from their brands.

This one is crucial. Most companies don’t understand that their customers WANT to see more content from them. Start making content centered around your audience and put more into your video marketing strategy. It’s what they want, so give it to them!

12. Videos in emails can increase your click-through rate by 300%, which can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Embedding videos into your emails can turbo-charge your cold outreach, improve response rates, and significantly increase your email marketing ROI.

13. Fifty percent of consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 will stop whatever they are doing to watch a video uploaded by their favorite video creator.

Building a following of dedicated people is one of the toughest challenges marketers face in the digital ecosystem of today. It is undeniable how beneficial this is for a company, the problem is figuring out the right way to do it and then keeping those followers. It takes time, dedication, and money to do this. Once you have a solid following, you can start watching conversions skyrocket.

14. The daily number of views on YouTube is a staggering 1 billion.

YouTube has amassed an incredible amount of content that is watched over 1 billion times per day! Marketers need to start employing YouTube in their strategies to grab a piece of this massive number of viewers. The reach is just insane!

These statistics help us understand how effective video marketing is. Now, we will examine how to do this.

Using Video Marketing Effectively

15. 74% of the people surveyed by Wyzowl, stated that they have downloaded an app or software after watching a video.

Creating a video that highlights your app or software is a proven way to garner more downloads at a substantial rate.

16. Make the first minute count! 33% of the viewers watch the first 30 seconds, followed by 45% who watch under 1 minute.

As much as people love video, you need to capture your audience effectively. If you create a video that doesn’t get to the point within the first minute, you can riskpermanently losing your viewer. It is imperative that you make your video as interesting as possible, especially within the first 30 seconds/minute.

17. Visitors are twice as likely to share a video compared to any other content.

These video shares will help you get additional views and mindshare with highly relevant audiences, which can increase the conversion and ROI rate further. Instead of risking it with an amateur video, it’s a good idea to search online for something like a local video production company near you that can help you create share-worthy video content.


If you are still considering employing video marketing tactics in your overall strategy, these statistics will surely drive home the point. If you have not been engaging with the power of video until now, now is the time to do so. With the help of the statistics above, you can easily formulate a proper video marketing strategy.

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December 8, 2020



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