Global Talent Recruitment Advice w- Brianna Carney

Global Talent Recruitment Advice w/ Brianna Carney

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Today on the Episode #21 of The Sage Executive Podcast, join our host Fernando Corona and his guest, Brianna Carney, to talk about global talent recruitment, overcoming fears, and the importance of having an empathetic culture in the workplace. Brianna is the Co-Founder of CrewBloom, a remote recruitment agency, connecting companies to the top 2 percent global talent English and Spanish speaking professionals. The majority of their team lives in the Philippines. With CrewBloom, finding the best remote workers and well-paying jobs will no longer be difficult. We hope you enjoy the podcast!

Top Global Talent Recruitment with Brianna Carney. Watch the episode now on The Sage Executive Podcast!

Why Remote Working?

Remote working is a situation wherein the employee works at home and communicates with the company through email or social media. It is ideal, most importantly now, because they wouldn’t be able to spread diseases.

You wouldn’t have to commute, worry about work uniforms, and it would be easier to spend time with your family. Your job choices will also not be limited to you where you live! There’s a big chance that you can earn more because you can save more. It’s very convenient. You’ll have the freedom to work anywhere, eat anytime and most of the times work on your preferred schedule.

Why Remote Working with Brianna Carney. Watch the episode now on The Sage Executive Podcast!

Empathetic Culture in the Workplace

Having an empathetic culture in your workplace can significantly impact your team’s performance, especially now because of the pandemic. CrewBloom prepared, strategized, and processed their resources early for the possible outcomes of today’s crisis. They knew that the Covid-19 would impact their team and work situations. CrewBloom acted immediately, which helped their team handle the outbreak with fewer problems. Undoubtedly, their team members appreciated it because they know they are well-cared for and not neglected. Empathy is not only important, but it is essential.

Empathetic Culture in the Workplace with Brianna Carney. Watch the episode now on The Sage Executive Podcast!

Overcoming Your Fears

Brianna Carney shared an amazing story about overcoming fears. It’s quite common to experience the fear of voicing out and doing things that you find scary, especially when it comes to being honest. It doesn’t just stop or quickly go away, and the fear will come back until you learn how to face it. Brianna said, if we can focus and revisit life on planet earth not being defined by other people’s perceptions, it will pay off in spades. This advice is accurate because most of the time, we create bad scenarios in our minds that haven’t even happened yet.

“Recognize shortcomings and fumbles because we can learn from them.” – Brianna Carney. Watch the episode now on The Sage Executive Podcast!

About Brianna Carney:

CrewBloom was born after the need to leverage the available global human capital.

After quitting her job at Amazon, Brianna spent a year traveling around Asia, learning about the region’s different cultures and traditions. This experience made her aware of global professionals’ untapped potential, especially in lower-costing economies like the Philippines. She eventually met her co-founder, Kate, who was initially brought on to oversee operations. Together, they implemented systems and strategies that empower startups, solopreneurs, and SMBs to afford top caliber professionals. Leveraging the global talent pool allows companies to scale much faster than the competition relying solely on costly, domestic talent.

With leadership built on empathy, Brianna and Kate excel in client satisfaction by caring for their people. For them, maintaining a happy workforce is crucial to driving performance. Valuing work-life balance and fostering a positive culture is the secret sauce to their success.

Outline of the Episode:

  • [00:24] What does Brianna Carney, the Co-Founder of CrewBloom, do?
  • [01:38] The importance of having an empathetic culture in the workplace.
  • [03:00] CrewBloom continuously tries to improve its business processes.
  • [04:13] The oxygen of business is revenue.
  • [05:32] Challenge ourselves to do scary things.
  • [07:28] Why does Brianna look up to Dani Pascarella?
  • [08:12] Recognize and vocalize shortcomings because we can learn from them.


Connect with Fernando Corona!

brianna carney crewbloom

Fernando Corona: 0:07 Thanks so much, everybody, for hopping in. This is a new episode. We have a great guest today! My name is Fernanda Corona, the host of The Sage Executive Podcast. So without further ado, let’s get started. Question number one; please can you share who you are and what your clients say you do?

Brianna Carney: 0:24 My name is Brianna, I’m the Co-Founder of CrewBloom, and CrewBloom connects companies with a top 2% of affordable global talent. CrewBloom enables remote work models that empowers us to pay livable wages. I think our client partners have been able to build trust in the remote model, given our free trial periods, so you can try to prove them out if you’re unsatisfied. We’ll refund you in full, and although it rarely happens, it’s just really important for folks that have never been outsourced. And then we also let them hand-select their team. So just hopping on a video interview is really powerful, because I can say that my folks are incredible, but it really empowers them to see for themselves.

Fernando Corona: 1:05 Awesome, and what industry are you primarily serving or what kind of tasks?

Brianna Carney: 1:09 Yeah, so we do all professional roles that are non-technical. So we have virtual assistants, folks that are doing email support, chat support inbound, outbound on the support side, and as well as sales, social media, marketers, and bookkeepers.

Fernando Corona: 1:23 Yeah. Awesome. Okay, great. Question number two, can you share time, and I think you already mentioned a little earlier before we started recording when one of your team members or you know, a time where you really exuded leadership or your team really exhibited leadership?

Brianna Carney: 1:38 Yes, I think that one of the things that I love most about my job is just that we’ve built a really empathetic culture. And so right now, obviously, the environment is unique and something that although we had decided strategies in place. This was something that we had never encountered. And given that our folks are global, and that requires us to transact globally to ensure their livelihood and pay is taken care of. During the COVID crisis, my team brought forth that we be patient and we processed early. And we were able to put resources together and get that done. So just something I know a lot of my team members really appreciated and their families and loved ones that they’re taken care of.

Fernando Corona: 2:28 Yeah big time, especially with that global impact, I mean, some of them were probably affected before we were right here in the States.

Brianna Carney: 2:35 Yeah, of course

Fernando Corona: 2:37 Awesome, that’s great! Question number three, I hear from other Execs, that acquiring clients can kind of just be a challenge with varying strategies. What have you found that you know, maybe you used to do, and it used to work versus what you’re doing now? What’s working now or kind of what you’re testing? Just go ahead and share a few different strategies that you’ve used in your company.

Brianna Carney: 3:00 Yeah, so of course, the challenge is always new business, right. And we have pretty rigorous revenue goals to hit quarterly and constantly mining new challenges or channels of sourcing revenues essential. So not only right are we focused on things just like improving our demo process and what our outbound content looks like in our marketing strategies, but we really dove into driving organic and our organic conversion rates this quarter, and it’s kept us afloat at home during COVID. So we feel good about it. Another thing I did was really clearly communicating what our existing clients’ journey has been. I think sometimes that conversation or approach makes us feel uncomfortable to approach our existing clients and say, hey, look like I need you to make a short video about what it’s.

Fernando Corona: 3:49 Video testimonials are great.

Brianna Carney: 3:52 See yeah, we feel fortunate and are working hard every day to do better.

Fernando Corona: 3:57 Great. Okay. And this is the next question. Is it a good opportunity for you to share with other Execs, to your trials, and tribulations or anything you’d like to share some advice? And so go for it. Well, what sage advice would you like to share with others?

Brianna Carney: 4:13 Good questions. I think I’m obviously in the for-profit space. Oxygen is or the oxygen of business revenue. And so the more comfortable we can get speaking about that, with our mentors, and folks that are helping us it’s just really important, and you know, me being female, we don’t have equal pay because we just aren’t comfortable talking about money. And so that’s really important and just to be bearish with expenses, like you can think you’re going to make money. But in the startup ecosystem, in particular, it’s good to have something tucked away. Also, just like the ego that comes into play with the entrepreneurial journey. So I think that one of my best spiritual mentors said, the really two things that define any human being is fear and ego. And I think it’s really tough because when we’re leading or in a founder role, we care a lot about what we’re doing. And so it’s really challenging to really identify when something’s not working and to change that.

Fernando Corona: 5:17 Yeah, that’s true. So what have you found? I guess really quick, what have your mentors suggested that when you feel that kind of coming on, whether it’s fear or its ego, what do you do in those moments?

Brianna Carney: 5:32 Yeah, so I think like overcoming ego just takes time, right? Like if we can really focus on and revisit life and our journey on planet earth not being defined by other people’s perceptions, it’s just going to pay off in spades. Because, yeah, of course, right? Like just we spend a lot of time making projections that are unimportant. So I think that’s a pretty personal journey. And then fear, I think, just like coming up and approaching fear, as well. Like if we challenge ourselves, do things that are scary, and we get that done, we’re just more.

Fernando Corona: 6:09 That you could do it, you prove that you got over it. I like to remind myself a little bit because I think yes, as you’re continuing to grow and make yourself uncomfortable, the fear; you want it to stop, but maybe it doesn’t ever stop. I don’t know. I haven’t lived my whole life. But yeah, one of the things is reminding yourself, you were fearful of something at some point, and then we surpassed it, and we move past that. So that’s absolutely.

Fernando Corona: 6:39 Well, the fifth question moving on what top leaders and you know, within your network, like yourself on LinkedIn or off LinkedIn, just that you really appreciate that you’d recommend hopping on to the podcast and sharing their insights.

Brianna Carney: 6:59 So I’m really fortunate I have a lot of really brilliant people in my life. One person that just comes to mind first is someone who masters voyage. She oversees on opposite RCS, and they’re just a technical consulting firm. And just like the way that she approaches her team and leadership, just like in the utmost, empathetic structure, she’s so well connected and hardworking and wise, just so humble. I could write a thesis length novel.

Fernando Corona:  7:25 I’m gonna shoot another podcast about it.

Brianna Carney: 7:28 I’ve learned a lot from her. I recently connected also with Dani Pascarella. She’s the Founder of Invibed. And like there was just something that stood out on our call, like how persistent she was to not deviate from her company core values. And I just found it really impressive because so easily we become consumed and obsessed with revenue, but I think it’s most important to prioritize and value humans. And what do ethical convictions tell us?

Fernando Corona: 7:58 Okay, thank you so much. The last question here that you can go ahead and share, the fun side of how you might celebrate a win and how you classify a win can be totally up to you.

Brianna Carney: 8:12 We have a weird culture problem where we actually recognize shortcomings and fumbles and also because we can learn from them. We’re really fortunate to have wins often, and so we have monthly happy hours where we recognize folks as a team and individuals. I’ve spent a significant amount of time with my team. I spent a lot of time in the Philippines. We got an Airbnb, we have cooking competitions.

Fernando Corona: 8:40 And so a fumble like so you haven’t actually done like learning like, you drop the ball, but what did you learn from it and let’s kind of have some drinks around it.

Brianna Carney: 8:48 So actually, we have a monthly humble huddle. We are just around [inaudible]. Then we just talk about things that we fell short on and become really comfortable with vocalizing our shortcomings, and we can learn from them. And so yeah, it’s just a little bit unique to group them in our culture.

Fernando Corona: 9:03 That is nice. That’s nice to add to that culture. So, Brianna, how can individuals reach out to you and connect? How can we learn more about your company?

Brianna Carney: 9:13 Yeah, so CrewBloom, It’s our handle on all social media channels. So Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and then, personally, I’m super keen to help out and connect with anyone personally. Brianna Carney is my LinkedIn. So don’t hesitate to reach out and I’m so keen to help in any way I can.

Fernando Corona: 9:34 Yeah, no, I’ll share that in the show notes as well. Thank you for being on and looking forward to seeing how you know CrewBloom continues to have success.

Brianna Carney: 9:43 Sure, thanks so much for having me.

Fernando Corona: 9:44 No problem.


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