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The Sage Executive Podcast brings executives from all walks of business life to get their advice and opinions on topics like leadership, new business acquisition, and much more. It is six questions in nine minutes because the wise speak in few words. Please see our episodes below with some of the best business minds across many different industries.

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leslie venetz procurement leaders

Leslie Venetz

Business Development, Procurement Leaders
Episode #11: "Leadership and Empowerment in Business"

In Episode #11 of the Sage Executive Podcast, Leslie Venetz of Procurement Leaders joins Fernando Corona to discuss the importance of Leadership and Empowerment in business. Leslie expounds on the importance of human capital and how to drive better results by empowering the individuals that get the job done day in and day out.

erik gatenholm cellink

Nicole Martin

Founder, HR Boost
Episode #10: "Value of a Presence vs. Being Present"

Nicole is the Chief Empowerment Officer of HRBoost, which helps companies build HR from scratch. Nicole calls herself the Chief Empowerment Officer because instead of just executing tasks like a typical CEO, she's able to empower the lives of the people she leads. The company is their intellectual playground, and her job is to give them that opportunity to enjoy.

larry miles adviceperiod

Larry Miles

Principal, AdvicePeriod
Episode #9: "Exploration and Expression in Business"

Check out Episode #9 of the Sage Executive Podcast where Robb Fahrion chats with Larry Miles, Principal of AdvicePeriod. AdvicePeriod is a technology-forward RIA that is reinventing wealth management and providing advisors and clients with robust solutions to help them achieve their financial goals and find the guidance needed along the way.

stuart kruse kruse asset management

Stuart Kruse

Owner, Kruse Asset Management
Episode #8: "Shaping the Business Conversation"

Stuart Kruse runs a boutique asset management firm called Kruse Asset Management, which helps its clients make decisions based on statistics and data, removing any bias compared to what others may find when relying on human advisors. Join Fernando and Stuart Kruse as they talk about shaping the conversation as leaders and the difference between leadership and authority.

steve bederman noblebiz

Anthony Zhang

CEO & Founder, Vinovest
Episode #7: "The Independence of Business Leadership"

Episode #7 brought on an incredible guest from the cutting-edge wine investing startup, Vinovest. Anthony Zhang is the CEO and Founder of Vinovest and was nice enough to come on the Sage Executive Podcast and share his thoughts about steering his own ship and the power of independence that comes with business leadership.

erik gatenholm cellink

Erik Gatenholm

CEO & Founder, Cellink
Episode #6: "How to Build Your Business with Passionate People"

In this episode of the Sage Executive Podcast, Fernando Corona sits down with the CEO and Founder of Cellink, Erik Gatenholm. Erik discusses how he has built Cellink into one of the most successful bioprinting companies in the world by bringing on passionate individuals to be a part of the Cellink culture. Tune in for more insights.

steve bederman noblebiz

Steve Bederman

President, NobleBiz
Episode #5: "We Work With Humans"

In this episode of The Sage Executive we welcome Steve Bederman. Steve Bederman is the President of NobelBiz, a leading innovator in the Contact Center Technology Industry that provides different solutions and services globally. Steve shares his insight into what it means to influence as a leader and how a single core value approach helps you get to your goals quickly!

chris heller ojo labs

Chris Heller

Chief Real Estate Officer, OJO Labs
Episode #4: "What Business Leadership Entails and Its Common Theme"

Join our host Robb Fahrion and his guest, Chris Heller, as they talk about being an authentic leader. Chris is the Real Estate Chief Officer at OJO Labs in Austin, Texas. OJO Labs is a technology company that uses artificial and human intelligence to help people make better decisions when it comes to real estate.

daniel chu tricolor holdings

Daniel Chu

CEO, Tricolor Holdings
Episode #3: "How Executives Lead from Behind"

On Episode #3 of The Sage Executive Podcast, join our host Fernando Corona and his guest, Daniel Chu of Tricolor Holdings, as they talk about investing in others and being a servant leader. Daniel is the CEO of Tricolor Holdings, utilizing data analytics and technology to provide “underserved borrowers” with access to financing and loans to purchase cars.

elliott holland guardian due diligence

Elliott Holland

Founding Partner, Guardian Due Diligence
Episode #2: "Diligent Due Diligence in Business"

Today, on The Sage Executive Podcast, join our host Robb Fahrion and his guest, Elliott Holland, they talk about doing due diligence and his hot take on business acquisition. Elliott is the founding partner of Guardian Due Diligence, helping singe family offices and independent investors who are new to buying companies. Check out the show!

christian richter old harbor insurance

Christian Richter

Owner, Old Harbor Insurance Services
Episode #1: "Why Honesty is the Best Way to Win New Business"

Christian Richter joins the Sage Executive Podcast for the inaugural show. Christian is the Founder and Owner of Old Harbor Insurance Services which provides all lines of insurance coverage for its' clients. Christian talks about why honesty is important in business and how a cowboy hat plays a role in his business celebrations.