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Crypto Marketing Agencies: How FVG Helps Promote Emerging Crypto Brands

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2021 has been the year of cryptocurrency. Crypto was the forte of a few enthusiasts and investors ever since its inception way back in 2008-09. It became a worldwide phenomenon in 2020-21. Adoption soared by 2300% in 2021 from Q3 of 2019.

Adoption has been fueled by new crypto projects that have come up and a general increase in awareness amongst the investors. There have also been a lot of changes in regulations which has made trading in cryptocurrency that much easier.

Between all this hype and upheaval, getting a crypto brand noticed is definitely not easy. While there are investors who are ready to pour money into crypto startups and there are enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for new opportunities, running marketing campaigns for crypto brands needs a specific strategy and approach.

Be it an ICO or continued digital marketing efforts, having an experienced crypto marketing agency is the best bet for great results. Not sure about this yet? Let us take a look at how FVG does crypto marketing, and how this can be applied to your brand too! Let’s go.

What is Different About Crypto Marketing?

Well, it’s easy to ask why you should use a digital marketing agency with crypto experience and not just any agency. You can get your marketing done from any agency, but the experience certainly counts if you are looking for value for the budgets you are allocating.

Crypto marketing strategy involves a lot more depth and variety in terms of content and channels. The potential investors need to be educated about investing in crypto-assets and also about how your brand stands out from the rest.

While traditional marketing works, it takes a specialized approach to get your brand noticed and build a sustainable community around it. Community management is certainly one of the biggest aspects of crypto marketing. The investors who have purchased your crypto assets are the biggest advocates you have and getting them to spread the word is important.

Crypto marketing targets investors that range from big-ticket investors to small retail investors. All of these investors are equally important and a one size fits all approach won’t work while marketing your crypto brand if you are to attract investors from all fronts.

Given that crypto is just gaining popularity, it is hard for new brands to get a slice of the pie. Most of the new investors will naturally gravitate towards the more known crypto brands like Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you are a smaller brand, clearly communicating your value proposition and getting yourself noticed is important. An experienced agency is your best bet to do this with the budgets you have allocated.

Having a full-service digital marketing agency that can use different approaches and different channels to market your crypto assets would be your best bet. The crypto industry is evolving as we speak, and the regulations are changing every day. Crypto companies are learning to keep up with these changes, and having a marketing agency that learns quickly and is agile is essential for long-term success.

How does FVG Approach Crypto Marketing?

Our approach to crypto marketing is rooted in building a solid marketing strategy and leveraging channels that work well for crypto businesses. We focus heavily on building brand awareness in the crypto community and using traditional marketing methods to amplify and augment the efforts. Here’s the FVG approach to crypto marketing.

Strategize and Plan

Creating a solid marketing strategy and a plan to execute the strategy is always step one. We simply cannot work without a detailed plan in place. We are of course ready to tinker with the plan and make changes when necessary, but having a plan helps us focus our efforts and also allocate the resources well.

The plan also involves creating specific targets and goals for each of the activities we are planning on doing. The goals we set are always measurable and we make sure that we regularly evaluate our progress as per the goals to ensure that we stay on track.

The planning process also involves identifying what activities have a place in the marketing plan, and which channels are involved. Some of the activities that we rely on are below:

Figuring out which of these activities needs to be done when is a product of how evolved the brand is and the specific goals for the campaign.

Content Creation for the Campaign

Content is central to our approach to crypto marketing. We make sure that the content we create is educational and actionable. Since the target audience is looking to learn more about crypto assets and investing in cryptocurrencies and NFTs, having actionable information helps them make a decision faster.

Content is an important part of crypto marketing and blockchain marketing in general. Blockchain technology and the crypto industry is evolving and most of the people willing to invest are looking for the next big thing or a solid investment that can give them great returns in the long run. Furthermore, crypto also serves bigger purposes than just investments. Most crypto assets are being touted as means of exchange without a central regulatory authority, and getting people to buy into this is essential.

Content thus plays a central role in crypto marketing for sure. SEO is important for crypto websites too. While traditional content formats like whitepapers, case studies, and blogs may work, it is also important to focus on video creation and shorter and quickly consumable content formats.

Social Media Platforms and Community Management

Social media channels are important in most marketing efforts today, and crypto is not any different. While traditional social channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are great channels for crypto marketing, other channels are also equally important. Some other important channels to consider are:

These channels are crucial for reaching the right target audience and making sure that your ICOs, NFTs, DeFi or STO meet the goals.

Community management is another important aspect to consider. The success of any crypto brand depends on building a solid community of enthusiasts, crypto influencers, advocates, and experts around it. This helps a lot in the outreach efforts and getting more investors on board.

Partnerships and Visibility

Building strong partnerships with other crypto businesses, top crypto publications and experts is also important in gaining visibility and building credibility for your brand. Press releases, PR outreach, and influencer marketing get more people to explore your brand and consider investing in your Initial coin offering, or the subsequent token sales.

While top business publications are relevant, crypto-focused media platforms like Coinbound, CoinDesk, Bitcoin magazine, etc are more relevant and you are likely to find your target audience on such platforms.

Crypto influencers also play an important role in ensuring that you are building a larger community around your crypto brand. Influencers will direct more eyeballs and traffic to you. Whether you are doing your ICO marketing or NFT marketing, influencers help build credibility.

Paid Campaigns to Enhance Reach

Paid campaigns are important in reaching a larger audience. Paid ads however are used to enhance the reach of the campaign and to get the content already created to a larger audience. Running any campaign purely on Google Ads or Facebook Ads will NOT be sustainable in the long run. We believe in growing organic traffic to the website and using PPC or other paid ads to reach audiences that have not been covered through organic campaigns.


Crypto exchanges are teeming with new coins, NFT projects and a lot more. Marketing any crypto brand is not an easy task given there are a lot of brands vying for the user’s attention. But following the basic principles of marketing will get you to success. The best crypto marketing agencies rely on having a clear roadmap, high-quality content, and leveraging the right channels to get your brand noticed and attract investors.

Any campaign we run at FVG involves a breadth of channels. Media management is also key in running these campaigns. It is important to ensure that all channels are talking the same language and there is a unified message being delivered to the audience.

Hiring the right cryptocurrency marketing agency is important as this can save costs that you would have to incur in hiring a huge marketing team, and training them in delivering great results. FVG’s approach combines years of experience in the marketing niche and fintech products, as well as the know-how of the crypto and blockchain industry to ensure that your brand gets the best results.

Talk to us today to get started on your crypto marketing journey with FVG.


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May 17, 2022



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