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Crypto Marketing in 2021: The Place of Social Media Content in Boosting Engagement, Conversions, and ROI

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Are you struggling to increase the customer base for your crypto projects and communities? Leverage crypto social media content marketing tools.

Is the competitiveness of the crypto market proving it difficult for your crypto business and communities to thrive?

Recent statistics reveal that about 233 million people in the United States of America use social media.


(Source: Convince and Convert)

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized, digital currency that has received so much attention in recent times. The rise in the price and popularity of this encrypted currency makes it a viable tool to invest in and an exciting topic on social media platforms.

Social media, which was initially a tool for social networking and connecting with people, has become a great place to market businesses and share opinions on various issues. Integrating cryptocurrency into social media offers many advantages, including spreading trustworthy information about projects and creating more enthusiasm around particular projects.

Crypto social media marketing through content has helped more people learn about cryptocurrency and increases engagement for crypto businesses and platforms worldwide. 

However, there is still a lot to be done concerning choosing the right type of content for the different social media platforms.

That will be our focus in this article.

You can look forward to learning more about the following. Click the links to be taken directly to the section:

  • Why Social Media Content Drives Incredible Engagement for Cryptocurrency Projects and Communities
  • 3 Tools Used by Crypto Social Media Content to Drive Incredible Engagement for Cryptocurrency Projects and Communities
    • Creation of Communities
    • Educating Social Media Users
    • Breaking News
    • Providing Customer Support and Alerts
  • How Can Social Media Content Management and Publishing Help ROI?
  • How to Get Started
    • Getting started on Twitter
    • Getting started on Reddit
    • Getting started on Facebook

Let’s get the ball rolling!

Why Social Media Content Drives Incredible Engagement for Cryptocurrency Projects and Communities

Crypto is one currency that allows anybody from any part of the world to exchange value with something as small as a smartphone with an internet connection.


(Source: XDAT)

Millions of people, if not billions, will buy the idea of the flexibility cryptocurrency offers. However, the challenge has been how to get to these people and give them great information about their options.

With the advent of crypto social media in the past years, getting information about cryptocurrency has become easy. It is even easier for news to spread like wildfire if it adds value to its targets.

Five years ago, a majority of people knew little or nothing about cryptocurrency, but today, people worldwide are talking about it. Social media has played a significant role in getting people to understand cryptocurrency, and hence, the reason for the massive investments that we see in the crypto market.

Considering the number of people on different social media platforms globally and the number of people who have invested in the crypto business, it is evident that the gap of main street cryptocurrency adoption is wide. Hence, a lot still needs to be done in cryptocurrency before it will be the future currency investors are projecting it to be.

Using crypto social media content, did you know that you can drive incredible engagement for cryptocurrency projects and communities? 

Do you know what this engagement means for everyone who has invested or will invest in the crypto business? 

In 2010, Kaplan and Haenlein defined social media as “a group of internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technical foundation of Web 2.0 and that allow the creation and exchange of UGC (user-generated content).”

In the last 11 years, social media platforms have moved from just the creation and exchange of UGC to a platform where the generated and exchanged content can help grow businesses, especially a viable one in the crypto space.

Social media and content marketing work in harmony to generate superb results in today’s competitive crypto market. So, cryptocurrency companies that focus on having an active social media presence and creating high-quality content have a higher chance of succeeding and growing their business than those that ignore this area.

Do you know the crypto social media tools you can employ to achieve incredible engagement for cryptocurrency projects and communities? 

We’ll look into that next.

3 Tools Used by Crypto Social Media Content Creators to Drive Incredible Engagement for Cryptocurrency Projects and Communities

In the early stage of crypto marketing, Satoshi Nakamoto built an email list of 2,000 subscribers to promote Bitcoin.

In 2019, Facebook alone had 2.23 billion users, YouTube 1.9 billion users, and WhatsApp 1.5 billion users. These statistics show a total sum of 5.63 billion users from only three social media platforms.

Can you imagine the total number of social media users when you include Messenger, Wechat, Instagram, QQ, Tik Tok, Twitter, Reddit, etc.?

The 2,000 email subscribers used by Nakamoto in the early stages of crypto marketing are like a drop in the ocean today.

As of July 2021, 4.48 billion people, making up about 57% of the total population in the world, use social media.


(Source: Data Reportal)

Do you know why this number of people come to social media?

It is because of content; the content these social media platforms are providing is irresistible. People are hungry for content, and as you keep giving it to them, they will keep coming for more.

It is now time to look at the crypto social media content tools:

1. Creation of Communities

People who are cryptocurrency enthusiasts have seen social media as a platform to come together and form communities. As a result, they are utilizing the opportunity provided by social media platforms.

They do this by creating content through crypto social media. Then, they share this content on subreddits, groups,  chatrooms, etc. These efforts have yielded tremendous results as the number of cryptocurrency engagements on crypto social media has increased more than ever before.

When other people who visit social media for other content see this excellent content in crypto communities, they join and become customers in the crypto market. The circle doesn’t just end there. Some also tell friends, family, and colleagues to join the crypto community.

2. Educating Social Media Users

Crypto social media is a platform that crypto marketers have used to educate social media users on the attractive offers in the crypto market.

It was a big challenge for people like Nakamoto, but things are different today. Today, people know more about cryptocurrency than they did years ago because of the content on social media platforms.

Also, people who are not investors in cryptocurrency can tell you one or two things about it without going on Google to do any research. As this information keeps reaching these people, the chances of becoming investors as soon as they know of an irresistible offer are high.

3. Breaking News

Breaking news influences the crypto business. In the United States, about 70% of adults get their information from different social media platforms.  Crypto social media takes advantage of this.

As soon as the crypto communities hear of any new change in the crypto market that will benefit them through breaking news, they begin to share this news with others. Within a short time, more opportunities for investment into certain platforms becomes available.

An excellent example of this was when the Bitcoin network broke the news of its Lightning app. That breaking news alone brought an incredible engagement for cryptocurrency projects and communities.

In a Bitcoin conference held in Miami this year, the head of the crypto hedge fund and the co-founder and principal at BKCoin Capital, Kevin Kang, said Elon Musk is “definitely too influential on Bitcoin prices.” This statement came after Elon Musk posted a tweet on his Twitter handle using the Bitcoin logo and emoji.

This single tweet alone went round the whole world in a matter of seconds, and for days, the crypto community continued to feel the influence of this tweet. Many crypto marketers have used this as an advantage to drive incredible engagements in their crypto projects and communities.

4. Providing Customer Support and Alerts

A crypto company or platform can use social media to keep customers informed of new developments in the industry through alerts.

Providing dedicated support by promptly answering customers’ questions and pointing them to the right place for help also goes a long way to boost customers’ confidence in your brand.

How Can Social Media Content Management and Publishing Help ROI?

Social media content management and publishing can push a business growing at a snail pace to a Ferrari speed kind of growth.


(Source: Marketing Solved)

Are you surprised?

You must have heard the phrase “content is king.” Content is the king for people who want to improve their ROI using content management on social media.


(Source: Practice Builders)

Social media has become a modern miracle when it comes to improving one’s ROI for any type of business. The number of users has contributed a great deal to this. Crypto social networks are the best place to grow sales, increase crypto brand awareness, and have a cordial client relation.

The resulting effect of higher sales, higher brand awareness, and cordial client relationships is higher ROI. But, again, this result is not rocket science.

With the competition everywhere you look, you need to belong to crypto social media networks; otherwise, you just might be left behind.

As a light bulb illuminates a path in darkness, that is how social media content management is to your crypto business ROI. Likewise, content is what brightens the course of your business growth.

According to statistics, the chances of adults between the ages of 18-34 following a brand on social media is 95%. Moreover, 71% of people with good business experience on social media can share the business link with other contacts. In addition, 80% of people using smartphones use social media.

Using social media to do business increases customer retention, efficiency, innovation, long-term revenue, better reputation, network growth, and truth building. All these put together equals higher ROI.

Are you ready to get started?

How to Get Started

If you have read this content up to this point, it means you are engaged and invested in what we have to say. If you want to get started, you will need to get a social media account. Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit are good social media platforms to market your crypto business because of their large follower bases. 

All you need to do is use your smartphone or your PC and log on to their websites, sign up, and answer the basic questions – that marks the beginning of your journey. You can also download their app on the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Facebook crypto groups, Twitter chats, and Subreddits are some of the best places where you can market your business as well.

Getting Started with Crypto Marketing on Twitter

On Twitter, memes, threads, and announcements are the most frequent type of content. To take advantage of the Twitter crypto market, you can do the following:

  • Create relevant, high-quality content
  • Avoid too many hashtags, self-referential links, and tagging
  • Use rich media as support, such as images and videos
  • Follow influential people in the crypto business

Getting Started with Crpyto Marketing on Reddit

On Reddit, one good marketing strategy should be to join Crypto Subreddits with a good follower base. A Reddit crypto group will connect you directly to your target market.

Here are the top five subreddit groups you can join:

You can start posting as soon as you earn 10 Karma, and you can create your subreddit when it gets to 50 Karma.

Getting Started Crypto Marketing on Facebook

On Facebook, you can create a group for your business and invite friends. You can also ask friends to invite their friends to the group. In the group, you can use content to convert them.

To create a group using your Facebook account, click on groups on the left corner of your page, then “Create New Group.” Fill in your information, and you are good to go.

Many people have tested this, and the sky has been the limit for them.

Why not try it?

My Work Here Is Done. The Rest Is Up To You!

Cryptocurrency marketing is a social venture that will be more effective if you create a community on one or more social platforms. Crypto social media can increase the online presence of your brand and increase your customer base.

At Flying V Group, we realize that steadily creating and publishing social media content can be a lot of work for crypto companies. We can help to take care of that aspect and other aspects of your crypto digital marketing strategy. Contact us today.


Thank you so much for reading Crypto Marketing in 2021: The Place of Social Media Content in Boosting Engagement, Conversions, and ROI . We really appreciate it! If you have any questions about our article, or can suggest any other topics you think we should explore, feel free to let us know.

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