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The 7 Best Free and Paid SEO Tools To Use in 2024

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Are you finding the process of search engine optimization difficult?

According to recent statistics, 75% of consumers do not click beyond the first page of search results.

Throughout history, we see human beings developing several devices and machines to make work easier.

Likewise, your digital marketing efforts will not yield any good results without search engine optimization (SEO). Unfortunately, SEO can be quite tasking, especially for beginners.

How Do You Make SEO Optimization Easier for Yourself and Your Team?

By using the best free SEO tools and the best paid SEO tools. If you are not equipped with the best SEO optimization tools in the market today, you’ll have a hard time competing with your rivals.

If you’re just starting, out, you need to leverage the best free SEO tools to save money while you acquaint yourself with each tool and find out what works best for your business.

In this article, we’ll focus on the following:

  • What are SEO tools?
  • How SEO tools can be used with SEO and blog content marketing to improve your marketing ROI
  • The 7 best SEO tools for B2B marketers

What Are SEO Tools?

Yes! Content marketing and SEO can do wonders for your B2B marketing efforts if you know the right strategies to apply.


(Source: AdelSEO)

They do this by analyzing the following:

  • Keywords
  • Content
  • Backlinks
  • Domain
  • Ranking
  • Traffic
  • Social media

How Can the Best SEO Tools Be Used with SEO and Content Marketing to Improve Your Marketing ROI

There are numerous SEO tools out there for both beginners and professionals to use. Unfortunately, this can be pretty confusing to choose from.

To make your work easier in your quest to improve your marketing ROI, we’ve compiled 7 of the best tools you can find. If you do not want to risk your money on the best paid SEO tools, we’ve added some of the best free SEO tools and some paid tools that offer trial versions. So there’s a tool for your every need.

SEO Invoice Template is a vital tool for professionals in the digital marketing sphere. It streamlines billing processes, ensuring accurate documentation of services rendered. From optimizing websites to keyword research, this template captures the intricacies of SEO transactions efficiently.

The 7 Best SEO Tools for B2B Marketers

Are you finding it challenging to get your content to rank in SERPs?

Perhaps your content is not SEO-friendly.

Yes! SEO and content writing work hand-in-hand. Every content writer knows that coming up with high-quality content that will attract organic traffic to your website, convert leads, and rank high in search queries is not easy.

Statistics reveal that content marketing is an effective SEO tactic that can get you more leads than paid searches.

What do you need to make your SEO and blog content perfect?

  • A topic that is relevant and catchy
  • Relevant keywords that will get you ranking higher in search engine result pages
  • SEO-friendly content that follows Google’s best practices
  • Competitors analysis to get more insight
  • Organic links that will improve engagement with your audience and get you noticed online
  • Tracking system to monitor your audience’s interaction with your content

Does this look like a lot of work?

Definitely! But there’s a way to do all this and more in the shortest time possible.

Use the best SEO tools!

In this article, we’ll cover some of the best free SEO tools, the best-paid SEO tools for top Google ranking, and even SEO optimization tools for content marketers.

Enough said. Let’s look at all the best SEO tools for different categories of digital marketing.

Best SEO Tool for Keyword Research: Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Pricing: Ranges from $99 to $999 per month or $82 to $832 per year

Ahrefs is highly recommended as one of the best SEO tools you can find online. It is the second-best web crawler after Google. This all-in-one SEO toolset features site auditing, site exploration, keyword exploration, content exploration, and rank tracking. You’ll just love it!


(Source: Ahrefs Keywords Explorer)

What makes Ahrefs the best SEO tool for keyword research and exploration?

Ahrefs’ keyword explorer tool has the largest third-party database of search queries in the world and supports up to 171 countries, including the United States of America.

With over 7 billion keywords updated every month, you cannot run out of keyword ideas. Keyword volume estimation goes beyond Google to nine other search engines, such as Bing, YouTube, Baidu, etc. These search volumes are refined and updated monthly using clickstream data.

Do you want to know if your keyword ideas will rank?

Ahrefs has a keyword difficulty score feature that can calculate this for you so you know if your keyword will rank based on other top-ranking pages. You can also assess SERPS to know why top-ranking pages rank so high.

Unlike other keyword research tools Ahrefs can show you the estimated number of clicks your keywords have attracted. It is also the only tool that can give you advanced SEO metrics like return rate, percentage of clicks, clicks per search, percentage of paid clicks, etc.

Best SEO Tool for Competitor Analysis: SEMrush

Pricing: Ranges from $119.95 to $449.95 per month (7-day free trial available for Pro or Guru subscriptions)

SEMrush is an amazing tool with amazing features to meet your digital marketing needs. It is the leading tool for competitor analysis with 5 tools available to help you explore all aspects of your competition’s online presence.

The traffic analytics tool helps digital marketers rebuild their websites after a temporary decline. It benchmarks your website traffic metrics against those of your competitors to ascertain your marketing success.

An organic research tool helps to find organic search competitors so that you can look for any gaps you can use to compete successfully. This tool can also help you find the keywords they are ranking for.

Are you considering using paid search to boost your digital marketing efforts?

One SEMrush competitor analysis tool you will find very helpful is the advertising research tool. It will give you a detailed analysis of your competitors’ ads and go a step further to highlight any advantage you may have over them.

As a chief marketing officer or head of a sales and marketing team, you will love SEMrush’s brand monitoring tool. This tool helps you control your online reputation by tracking online mentions of your brand name and products and those of your rivals.

The social media tracker tool is a great way to increase your social media engagement. It reveals your audience’s preferences and shows you other ways to increase engagement. This tool also performs a comprehensive digital analysis of your competitors’ social media to help further you improve your social media marketing efforts.

Best Backlink Checker Tool: LinkMiner

Pricing: Ranges from $29.90 to $79.90 per month (10-day free trial available)

LinkMiner by Mangools is one of the best backlink checker tools in the market with over 9 trillion backlinks in its database.

As its name implies, it uses metrics like trust flow, citation flow, referring IPs, referring domains, and total backlinks to mine and evaluate your competitors’ backlinks. Knowing your competitors’ backlinks will help you analyze and maybe replicate them.

This affordable solution highlights link placements or referring websites directly in the tool’s website preview. When you find some of the best links, this tool allows you to save their URLs into relevant links for future use.

Why should you have LinkMiner in your SEO arsenal?

LinkMiner is affordable, easy to use, valuable, and has lots of useful functionalities.

This juicy SEO tool gives users access to lost links that might have been deleted at some point, new links, and all other types of links you can think of.

Their new metric, The Link Strength, makes it possible to evaluate the potential of your backlinks.

Best Free SEO Tool: Google Search Console

Pricing: Free

Google Search Console (GSC) is a free SEO tool that anyone who owns a website can access.

With Google Search Console, you can easily monitor your website’s performance in Google search engine result pages (SERP). Having a GSC account also gives you access to detailed reports on your website’s presence and allows you to control the indexing of your sitemap.

GSC allows you to see if you have any security issues, duplicate metadata, the number of pages you have indexed, and so much more. In addition, you can get access to a list of keywords you rank for and even sort them by position.

With such access, you can improve your SEO effort on your website and watch it move to a better position.

Best SEO Tool for Content Optimization: Frase

Pricing: Ranges from $44.99 to $114.99 per month (10-day free trial available)

Do you want to get better SEO results from your content every time?

Start using Frase for content briefs and get eye-popping results. Your content can now get the help it needs to get noticed and attract better ROI. It is suitable for both small and big brands with different levels of content operations.

So, there is no more guesswork involved in your content marketing as the Frase Content feature optimizes your content for better performance in organic search. This AI tool also optimizes your content to improve engagement with visitors and ensure their conversion.

Another feature, Frase Answers, provides instant answers to questions your visitors ask on chat, search, and other on-page avenues. This goes a long way in improving your visitors’ experience on your site, engaging with them, converting them, and increasing your revenue per visitor.

The integration of Frase with Google Docs makes the tool a more effective one.

Social Media Marketing: BuzzSumo

Pricing: Ranges from $99 to $299 per month (30-day free trial available)

Are you a social media content creator or marketer?

Join the millions of marketers who are leveraging BuzzSumo to sharpen their content marketing strategy, analyze their content and collaborate with influencers in their field.

BuzzSumo is a great tool for discovering high-performing content and exploring it to find ways to increase your likes, links, and shares on social media. You can also use this tool to get content ideas by browsing through other trends, topics, and forums online.

It also helps to conduct research that will produce lots of data points that users can analyze and use to improve their marketing strategy. The keyword tool gives you access to keywords that your audience is searching for as well as the search volume. This will help you create more comprehensive content and improve your PPC strategy.


(Source: BuzzSumo)

Do you want to monitor your social media pages closely?

You can do this easily with BuzzSumo. This valuable tool allows you to track social media trends and comments for faster response. Monitoring comments and trends will also keep you abreast of opportunities so that you won’t miss any.

BuzzSumo also enables you to easily spot emerging viral hits, get information based on geographic location, get real-time results for  freshly released content, and create and share custom feeds.

You can also amplify your reach on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Users can scan millions of profiles on social media to find relevant influencers with traction and even perform competitor analysis.

BuzzSumo also comes with a Chrome extension that will provide insight into your content’s performance while you browse. You can install it on your browser in four simple steps.

Best Plagiarism Checker Tool: Copyscape

Pricing: Offers a free version and premium version

How can you ensure your content is original?

Use Copyscape. This leading plagiarism checker can help to find copies of your content online and profile solutions to prevent content fraud and content theft.

As one of the best free SEO tools for WordPress, it offers free plagiarism warning banners to users’ websites to warn plagiarists against duplicating your content.

Do you want to find out if anyone is stealing your content?

Plagiarism is a major problem in digital marketing with many marketers stealing or copying content and publishing it on their sites

What happens if you are caught plagiarising?

Plagiarism can damage your online reputation and destroy your search engine rankings.

Bonus Tools!

Best SEO Tool for SEO Agencies: Serpstat

Pricing: Ranges from $69 to $499 per month (7-day free trial available via a promo code flyingvgroup_trial)

Serpstat is a multi-tool offering a wide range of features including competitor analysis, site audit, rank tracking, backlink research and many others, but it’s known as one of the best tools for SEO agencies.

It offers an API for all pricing plans. It’s great for agencies as you can automate routine SEO tasks like choice of semantics, domain analysis for niche research or link building, audit and rank tracking in the search results.

It has a multi-user mode – an option that allows you to simultaneously connect up to 7 team members and distribute credits among them without spending extra money.

It offers White Label and Branded reports so you may use a generator to create pre-sales or project reports and send the ready project report to clients.

They also offer Project Task Lists – ready-made templates for different aspects of working on client projects: technical part, content, link profile and local SEO. Alternatively you may create your own to-do lists inside Serpstat so you don’t miss out on important points and track progress on a specific project.

Advanced and Enterprise plans are tailor-made plans customized to your needs.

More Bonuses:

  • Its own link index
  • rank tracking
  • clustering (for grouping huge data) and text analytics
  • website technical audit

Additional services:

  • SERP Crawling Service
  • Search Volume Crawling Service

To get acquainted with the tool, ask for a demo here:

Enjoy 7-day free trial via a promo code flyingvgroup_trial; enter, it here after registration:

Enterprise Cloud SEO Crawler/Log Analyzer Tool: JetOctopus

The digital landscape is ever-evolving.

The SERPs keep on changing with every new update of Google’s algorithm.

How Can You Get Your Business Website at the Top of SERPs?

It’s simple!

Stay abreast  of the latest Google algorithms and audit your website at frequent intervals. Implement changes that match the new guidelines and fix any errors on the website. This practice will ensure your customers get the information they are searching for and the best user experience.

If you have a  large website with thousands of pages, the JetOctopus SEO toolkit is the best solution.

JetOctopus is one of the best cloud-based SAAS crawlers and logs analyzer tools in the market. It helps you crawl over 200 pages per second and provides a high-level view of your website’s SEO health.


Quick, efficient, and easy to use, JetOctopus offers unlimited crawls and actionable insights on the following major SEO KPIs.

  • Crawling status of top and least-ranking pages.
  • The frequency at which Googlebot crawls your website.
  • The page speed of your website for both mobile and web.
  • Content issues, such as orphan pages, duplicate content, and more.
  • Ranking of queries and ranked query count changes.
  • Organic traffic for selected date and device.
  • Crawl comparison reports for a timeframe.
  • Overall CTR, conversions, and ROI.

The integration of the Google Search Console (GSC) is an advanced feature of JetOctopus. Unlike the traditional GSC, the GSC section in JetOctopus presents a list of problematic pages and practical suggestions for fixing the errors affecting your website’s organic visibility.

With JetOctopus, you can build a holistic SEO strategy backed by data science that enhances ROI and ensures long-term success.

Are You Ready To Work Smarter in 2024?

SEO and blog content have proven useful in helping websites to improve traffic and rank higher on search engines. But it is a lot of work and most B2B marketers do not have enough time to work on this until it yields the desired results.

This is why you need to give the best free and paid SEO tools provided in this article a try.

Alternatively, you can entrust your SEO and blog content marketing to our care. At Flying V Group, we have experts waiting to provide you with all the help you need to boost your website ranking and increase your ROI. Contact us.


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