How to Tread and Trend in Social Media Waters

How to Tread and Trend in Social Media Waters

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There are many factors and uses that individuals need to know about when it comes to using services related to social media marketing.

Social networking in this digital technology age is a formidable force to reckon with especially when it comes to digital marketing. Unfortunately, many people tend to exploit the individual users of social media for their own personal gain.

If you are aware of online marketing or have been in the game for a long while, then you probably know the sales side of the business and this is where we see inexperienced marketers that do not care about the genuine, organic approach to social media growth. These advertisers only have one objective – to make a sale at all costs, and, unfortunately, social media is the go to place for these types of marketers.

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An Internet Marketer's Perspective

For internet digital marketing it is a best practice to go where the people are and where the numbers make the most sense. For this reason, social media has become the perfect spot for internet marketing because there are millions of people interacting with the platform each and every day. Some think that it is just as easy as running an advertisement on Facebook or using Reddit's simple advertising setup that leads to a product page and a sale will be made.

However, is this the case really?

Users Form Social Media Power and Understand Marketing Tactics

One of the lease effective forms of social media marketing is rigging and abusing the systems by spamming these social networking sites with your product, posts, or services. The average consumer no longer succumbs to these schemes and looks for a more organic and natural interaction with brands.

If you are an internet marketer your focus should not be on a one-time sale, but rather building  brand loyalty with the customer and providing them with everlasting value.

So, the question is, how do you achieve this? Well, to begin with, you must avoid shortcuts that include flooding the social media sites with your links.

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Treat Social Media the Right Way

They say that you should learn from the best. Experienced social marketers aim to build an organic, passionate, and engaged following through social media which eventually leads to increased hits to the pages where they are marketing or selling products or services.

Here's Why It Works:

  1. You build a network - a pool of genuine followers from which you can continuously tap in to
  2. You build a trustworthy and mutual rapport with your fans
  3. You don't give people an experience that is anything less than satisfactory that might dissuade them from your real marketing strategies that you will be using in the future

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YouTube: The Social Media Marketing Hub

YouTube marketing involves tapping into YouTube video channels to promote content by popularizing a specific video. Millions have access to the content and video is one of the most engaging mediums on the market. YouTube even allows you to configure specific keywords and anchors on your videos.

Make YouTube an avenue in which you get quality traffic to your niche page. Create an exclusive channel for the page you are promoting. Upload interesting videos and focus on increasing subscriptions and you can use your subscribers as a network you can tap into when you have something to promote down the road.

To conclude, all that users want on social media is genuine conversation and social interaction, so if you want to do social media marketing the right way, don’t bombard them with spam on their walls or pages. Just create an honest social interaction and begin to reap the rewards.

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