Six Effective SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Six Effective SEO Tips for Small Businesses

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SEO is a very important component of growing an online business and this has prompted business owners to seek means to better their SEO to increase the number of conversions on their website. Orange County SEO experts have also contributed to the growth of local small business.

It is important to keep in mind that Google changes their search engine ranking algorithms from time to time. The goal is to obviously rank higher in search engines so you must have an effective digital marketing strategy that is also very fluid and able to change and change quickly. Take a look at these tips to help your small business SEO efforts:

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Most website providers will offer the tools to implement this naturally and the best web designers will actually make this a focus of their work. However, if your site is customizable or lacks any technical SEO, you will need to make it friendly both to the search engines and the users.

Make your content readable by the bots in HTML format by making sure your site is set to be indexed. If your site takes a long time to load, you need to optimize it to load within 3 seconds since load time is a key factor in search engine rankings. It has even been document that faster websites lead to business success.

2. Write Down the Keywords You Want to Rank For

You can go through this task by asking yourself what words you would use to search for your site. Go ahead and ask your friends and family how they would go about it. If you find words commonly used then you should apply them to your site and make sure they are included in areas of the site that make sense and do not hamper the user experience.

Searching the web and seeing where you are found can help you understand the growth of your efforts. If you can’t find yourself on the first ten pages, then you are not doing well at all. Unfortunately, ranking on anything other than the first page is ineffective when it comes to search engine results. Try and learn from those who are top in the search rankings and see what they are doing effectively on their website and how they are using social media to trend. What difference is there between what you are producing and what they are?

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3. Home Page Must Include the Keywords

Weaving your keywords into the content on your home page is part of the strategy to help the bots find your page as fast as possible. You do not want to overdo the page with the keywords, so it is best to make sure that the keywords are placed in logical places. Write as if you normally would, but see if you can change sentence structure or formatting to include a specific keyword.

4. Write Blogs That Utilize Your Keywords

Writing a blog is a great way to boost your search engine optimization. This is a way to show your followers that you know the information in your niche and pass on valuable content to them. Write it in a friendly way and make sure that the blog is written with SEO in mind. The keywords must flow seamlessly within your writing and the content must be valuable to your reader.

seo strategy for orange county business

5. Link Your Content to Other Sites and Social Networks Like Twitter

Post your content on social media because that is where you can easily access your contacts and they can help share your efforts. You can also link your content with content from other sites or content within your own site like THIS. The search engines keep track of links and track them back to your website and linking within your website can keep users on it for longer. Creating a strong social media strategy will help your business thrive on a day-to-day basis.

6. Ask Friends and Contacts to Mention Your Content on Their Sites

Your contacts or friends can improve your position in search engines by using some of the keywords on your site and linking their readers back to your site. This is a great method to grow your site audience slowly.

However, you must be cautious not to overuse keywords in your content. If you do, it might result in penalization. Other websites linking to your site are viewed as votes by the bots and create more authority for your blog. Networking is still an amazing tool!

Orange County SEO experts can play a great role in optimizing your website for your users and the search engines. These are just a few tips to help you gain a grasp of what SEO is and why it is important. As you grow, you can find more useful strategies to employ, but you have to start somewhere.

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March 12, 2018



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