5 Design Elements That Can Improve the Conversion Rate of Your Website

5 Design Elements That Can Improve the Conversion Rate of Your Website

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A website is an excellent tool to attract traffic and generate more business for your product or service. Apart from an appealing look, a website should have amazing functionality and features that are designed to catch the attention of online users.

Generating traffic to your site is a must, but converting that traffic into leads is even more important. It is no longer a luxury to have customers just stumble upon your website and contact you through a form like in years past. It is as difficult as ever to get the attention of customers, which is why search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns are important and social media marketing is a sink or swim marketing option.

Going back to the website, if your website has an extremely low conversion rate, you would be wise to find an experienced web design company so they can integrate essential elements into the design of your site. The following are design details that will maximize the chances of converting traffic into leads on your website:

1. Simple Design

In web design, simplicity is referring to the minimalistic design and usability of a website. The design of your website should be uncluttered. A clean design will allow the users to clearly look for the information that they seek and the content will take center stage and present your business impressively instead of annoying users with unwanted information or clunky design formatting.

Offering users precise information in a well-formatted pattern that is easy to read and understand is of utmost importance.

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2. Responsive Design

In many recent studies, it was discovered that a majority of online traffic nowadays is generated through mobile devices. The number of mobile users is increasing every year making it a very intriguing potential domain for online marketers. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative to have a responsive website design that looks equally impressive on any screen size. All the features and actions should be easily accessible on these devices.

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3. Faster Loading Speed

As a matter of fact, nothing kills the user experiences like slow loading speeds of the website. Ideally, it should hardly take two seconds to load your website. You can check the speed of your website using some of the leading online tools like Pingdom.

Also, getting help from a web design company in Orange County to make improvements wherever required would be beneficial to your conversion rate. Don’t lose a potential client due to heavy images and unnecessary codes that make your website slow.

We have already discussed how important mobile devices are, but mobile speed is even more important and has a direct correlation with business success.

4. Simple Navigation

The navigation of your website should be as simplified as possible. When a potential customer visits your web pages, they should be able to find the required information within a few seconds. There should be an easy search bar where they can enter their queries and look for the required information. Do not include overwhelming options in the navigation menu. Keep the path clear and the conversion rates will certainly grow.

5. A Well-Defined Contact Page

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It is often neglected, yet it is the most important design element for a company’s website, a contact form. Make it easier than not for customers to contact you. Integrate an easy contact form along with the complete address of your business and its phone numbers. The contact form should have the minimum required fields and not be exhausting to complete.

There is a lot that goes into designing websites, but no website is worth the while if it does not convert. The next time you are building a site, or you are looking to have someone build a site for you, make sure these core points are being included in the design of the site. Until next time.

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September 7, 2017



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