What NEVER to Publish on a Real Estate Company Site or Blog

What NEVER to Publish on a Real Estate Company Site or Blog

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You’re thinking about starting a blog, podcast or vlog. Weeks and months pass by, and you’re still no closer to your goals.

You want to be heard. You have a message, and you’re anxious to impact the world with your real estate listings, findings, insights and experience, but… I know…

  • You don’t want to look or sound unprofessional
  • You don’t have enough time to dedicate to a regular content marketing schedule
  • You don’t have a budget to outsource this process or have not even considered doing it
  • You don’t know where to start, or what to talk about first

Let’s face it. Every real estate business needs a website, and every website should have a blog.

(1) But most don’t.

(2) Or they’re not regularly updated.

(3) Or their content is uninspiring and dull. That’s where YOU come in!

Here’s what I mean. We both know that nobody likes to read average articles, stuffed with keywords, and posted on a poorly designed website.

If you’re reading this, then you already know your real estate business requires:

(1) A pro website design

You’re losing money and trust if you go with an average, ‘me too’ website look because…

A professional website design reflects your real estate brand and vice-versa. So, it has to reflect a color combination and layout elements that are in sync with your real estate company’s mission, core team values, and principles.

(2) An SEO blog setup with WordPress (preferable)

WordPress is ideal for real estate websites because you get a fast, secure, and easily manageable platform to future-proof build and grow your real estate business.

(3) A series of high-quality and highly relevant articles AND blog posts, meant for both humans and Google.

If your website is the KING, then your content marketing is the QUEEN.

What is high-quality content, and how can you ensure that you create more impactful content even when you lack time?

The Secret to Creating Content of Value as a Busy Real Estate Agent or CEO.

Transform your real estate agency into a micro multi-media agency.

Here’s how to accomplish this:

Start by producing micro-video content. This less-practiced method saves you plenty of time because you don’t have to manually type in new content.

The simple solution is to jot down some ideas, create 3 slides, and expand on the pillar concepts, while you record your screen and speak.

Imagine this. 10 minutes worth of recorded video can provide you with enough content for multiple blog posts and short email follow-ups. You can load these into your autoresponder service or CRM to convert prospects into leads, and transform leads into customers, via email and SMS, for many months to come.

Here’s what you need to do:

You can simply answer the most common and frequently asked questions from your target audience while recording yourself with Screencastify, or other screencast recording platforms. They’re so easy to use and make you look and sound professional, without costing an arm and a leg.

The free version has some limitations, but you’re ready to go within seconds to start broadcasting your way to the top.

This video content may include questions on what to consider when processing approvals for loans, searching for a house, or even buying a new apartment in your city or county.

You get the idea, but you know your audience better than I do, so you’ll know what their requirements are or what key topics to focus on.

Prepare a list of the most common questions that prospects might have about your service and listed properties, within the realm of your specific Real Estate location.

Here is one simple and proven tool (website) that can help you come up with quick ideas for your top FAQ list: visit Quora.

With Quora, you can search for questions and the results will show the responses of others. You can identify the related questions, and get an idea of what people are asking.


Next, record yourself for an hour at the beginning of each month, and answer all the relevant questions. You’ll have enough content for 30+ days to post to your website or blog.

You can take this idea a step further, and hire a VA or have someone from your team distribute this content to your YouTube channel, as well as engage with prospects via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

The best invention ever is social media. If used correctly with social media marketing, it can capture attention your target market attention and start significant conversations.

All you have to do is hit the record button, and start sharing your screen and slides (you can find lots of slide templates online for free).  Ultimately, these amazing video messages will be your best lead generator and traffic machines. 

Here are some amazing additional content ideas to help you create premium video content and blog posts to attract your ideal audience. Using these, you can convert prospects into leads, and turn leads into customers – for many years.

100+ Topics and Ideas for Your Real Estate Blog

72 Rock Solid Real Estate Blogging Ideas With Examples

7 creative ideas for successful real estate blog posts

Real Estate Blog Topics You Can Write About in Less than 30 Minutes

Your video content should encourage and entice your prospects to join your lead magnet, and subscribe to your mailing list. This is where most real estate marketers fail miserably. They have their website, location and phone number listed in the video description, or at the end of the video presentation. However, they lack a lead capture offer, or button in the video itself.

So, they get stuck, unable to comprehend why their video marketing generates only minimal or no results.

However, setting up this lead gen machine doesn’t mean your done. Most automated email campaigns fail, due to multiple reasons.

I’ll cover one of the most important ones next.

Here’s why the standard follow-up ‘drip email’ strategy is exceedingly ineffective, and how to create high-converting emails for your real estate campaigns instead


Plenty of these emails are written in an extremely professional way but lack a personal touch. Drip emails are automated and really reduces you to feeling like a number in a mailing queue.

If you are sending these emails, the person on the receiving end will not feel any warmth or love, and will definitely know that no-one took the time to craft the message with care. With the rapid development of automation and artificial intelligence, you need to separate yourself from all the other real estate professionals, while using the same technology for email marketing.


Here’s how to make this strategy work for you instead, and increase your chance to bond, create trust, and forge new relationships with leads, from day one, week after week, month after month:

Stop trying to be perfect. Consider the tone of the email, and create it to sound like it’s meant for a human, instead of creating a mechanical ‘do this, or else…’ demand that will just end up in the ‘deleted’ folder or recycle bin. Therefore, your prospects should feel respected, and not like their intelligence is being underestimated. 

Use very short, personal email messages. These friendly ‘letters’ will create a personal connection with your prospects or previous clients. This will exude an aura of ‘they care about me’ and would encourage the person to respond, attend your event or refer a friend, colleague or family member.

Here are some examples of brief and friendly email messages you can model that actually have a chance of receiving that “tell me more!” reply:






You can also send out these messages via text / SMS to further build trust and remain in the mind of your prospects, for longer than those from your competitors.

Long gone are the days when real estate CEOs and agents wanted to sound like a big corporations whose only intention was to impress and ‘close the sale’ as fast as possible.

What happens if people still don’t respond? Or, how do you reactivate previous clients or lost leads? What is the secret, really?

The answer may surprise you. It is so simple, yet you rarely hear that real estate agents use it with any significant results. Here’s what I’m referring to…

How to Bring Real Estate Leads Back from the ‘Dead’

The tips I’m sharing with you to help revive leads that have point blank refused to move forward with you before, are often overlooked by most real estate professionals since they are more interested in generating new leads, instead of taking care of lost opportunities.

That goldmine sitting right under your nose can be your most precious asset. 

Call them. As simple as that, it works wonders.

In the conversation, you should always share how you acquired the lead, whether from Trulia, Realtor or maybe Facebook. This will remind the lead that they once inquired about buying a home, finding a location, etc.

Be ultra-specific, relaxed, and don’t hide the context.

This may lead you to responses like, ‘Already bought a home,’ ‘Still saving my money for a down payment,’ or ‘Fixing my credit.’ With these clients, there is a possibility that they will buy, dive or unsubscribe.

It should be noted that there is a small fortune to be had if the follow-up is done right, with a proven strategy on paper, and kept consistent. That’s the KEY. 

What to do if bad things happen. Like for e.g., …

It often occurs that the lead does not pick up your call, in which case you should leave a voicemail. Despite their busy schedule, the lead might find time to listen to your message and act on it.

Voice mail messages can make or break your lead gen campaign.

That’s why it is so crucial for you to spend a few minutes, maybe half an hour to perfect the irresistible voicemail message, as well as additional follow-ups. Over time you’ll get better and learn to structure these messages more naturally, while improving your response rate as you advance through life and business.

Private message (PM) leads on their most active social media platform.

Some individuals are faster to reach on Twitter, or Linkedin, while others may prefer Facebook. Take advantage of all platforms, go ‘fishing’ where they can easily be found.

Testing  your message across all these different channels will help you make an informed decision, while eventually perfecting your approach.

This method will help you address the fast-paced life of leads and everyone else.  If somebody is active and ready to go, they will reach out to you. If not, there are enough leads for you to consider, and you’ll never look back.

What to say in order to catch the fishes and profit from leads:

Offer time-sensitive or exclusive information that is not available on the top sites or in the local markets. This will pique their interest since everyone would like to be the first to acquire the information before it is distributed to the rest. 

Be a natural ‘actor,’ improve your role playing, and show passion when delivering your messages, one person at a time. 

If you know someone who does not know what to do with their list of ‘dead’ leads, you may consider buying the list from them, and apply the above tips to win and/or revive some of these back into your funnel.

Or, you can partner up with them, and create a joint venture where you split the profits from all revenue generated. Sounds like a win-win situation, right?

There is money and opportunities in ‘dead’ leads. Get out there with a simple, and consistent plan. Use the best CRM available for real estate and follow-up extensively.

Here are some more drip email & follow-up ideas:

(I simply love the 2nd idea!)

(Hubspot knows their game)

(you may want to pay close attention to the very first template because it usually gets the highest response rate)

(don’t overlook the first two examples)

From learning about…

What NEVER to Publish on a Real Estate Company Site or Blog

You’ve discovered how to rapidly create high-quality content, using the 10-minute micro-video formula. More importantly, you learned how to properly follow-up with prospects and leads – even during busy days.

This is one of the best ways to stand out in a crowded, busy, and mechanical real estate market.

Remember: make it your #1 goal and vision to transform your real estate company into a micro-content multi-media agency.

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Written by Robb Fahrion

Robb Fahrion is a Co-Founder and Partner of Flying V Group. Robb has helped over 350+ companies build their businesses online and is responsible for building Flying V Group into one of the premier marketing agencies in the United States. Robb and his team have managed over $10M in marketing budget and continue to accelerate the growth of clients' businesses. A love for business and competition is what fuels Robb to create dynamic marketing plans to help his clients grow exponentially.

November 19, 2019



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