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How to Make the Most of Your Attorney Facebook Advertising Campaign in 2022

Reading Time: 37 minutes

Are you finding it stressful and frustrating to generate high-quality leads for your law firm through social media?

eMarketer reports that Facebook ads in the United States will rise 15.5 percent year-over-year by 2022.


(Source: eMarketer)

Although we do a lot of Google vs. Facebook Advertising comparisons, it is essential to note that Facebook does not replace Google ads for lawyers. Still, it is the King of Social Media. It can significantly improve the effectiveness of your organic SEO and attorney pay per click marketing campaigns by placing you in front of more people who need legal representation.

It also keeps you in front of them more frequently than the competitors in the market and ultimately increases the effectiveness of your campaign.

So, instead of waiting for clients to find you through Google ads for lawyers search and hoping you stand out from the crowd, you can use attorney Facebook advertising.


(Source: Digital Engineland)

We are going to cover the subject of Facebook ads for lawyers extensively. But before we embark on this long and exciting journey, here’s a quick breakdown of this complete guide:

  • Top 7 ways to get the most from your Facebook advertising
  • 5 Steps to create ads that convert
  • How can law firms harness facebook ads to boost conversions?
  • How to make your ad campaign more cost-effective
  • 7 Simple Facebook ad strategies for lawyers
  • 8-Point checklist for generating leads
  • California attorney advertising rules and guidelines

Let’s get started!

Top 7 Ways to Get the Most from Your Facebook Advertising

Law firm Facebook ads have the potential to reach up to 2.11 billion people, which is 72.5 percent of the 2.91 billion people using the platform regularly.


(Source: DataReportal)

So, to get the most from your attorney Facebook advertising efforts, you must do the following:

1. Ensure That the Facebook Ad Copy Corresponds To Your Visual

Most small and medium-sized firms do not have a plethora of visuals on hand. So when it’s time to launch an ad, there’s a mad dash to try and ensure an image is attached.


(Source: Joinative)

It might result in a picture that doesn’t match the copy, creating an awkward experience for Facebook users. If the ad copy and image don’t match, they’ll be curious to know what your ad is trying to advertise. As a result, they’re not likely to click on your ad, which will make it ineffective.

If you’re having trouble creating images for attorney pay per click marketing on Facebook, you may need to use image tools such as Pablo by Buffer, Bannersnack, PicMonkey, and Canva to help you.

2. Narrow Your Audience with Facebook Targeting, Then Write To It

It’s tempting to write as though you’re speaking at a seminar when selling online. However, if you want to be productive, write as if you’re communicating with just one person.

That is the individual you need to charm and persuade, your target. You must devote all of your attention to this person and their demands, just like an in-person salesperson.

You must develop material for your website that appeals to all potential clients, and you most likely have several different personalities. You may, however, narrowly reach your audience on Facebook. Therefore, you can leverage Facebook Audience Insights to gain more knowledge about your current audience.


(Source: Admired Marketing)

3. Create Various Facebook Ads for Multiple People

Clients come to you for several reasons, so why do you use a single broad ad? Because Facebook PPC for lawyers’ strength has always been its great way to target, don’t treat your ad like a billboard.

Consider yourself a divorce lawyer representing both couples and other people with family-related issues. Although many clients will come to you for other types of cases, most of them will be most interested in a divorce lawyer. Hence, you will attract more couples to your firm than other individuals.

4. Keep it Clear and Concise

Because you are paying for attorney Facebook advertising, it may be tempting to include as much information as possible. After all, you must clarify your brand to others. Moreover, for Facebook ads, you must keep it short and to the point.

What benefits does someone get from having your firm represent them? How will it benefit them? These are the points you should emphasize in your ad copy, so you should do so in a transparent, concise way.

5. Stick to a Single Call-to-Action (CTA)

Are you attempting to raise brand awareness or get a client?

The ideal Facebook attorney pay-per-click marketing campaigns have a specific goal in mind. Your ad should always include a clear CTA. Prospective clients will notice your ad without it, but they won’t know where to click or what to do.