What is the Best Way to Improve Search Rankings: Video or Blogs?

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The domain of content has expanded a lot in recent years. We can clearly see that brands are working with more forms of content across their channels. Video has taken center stage alongside blogs as a great way to improve search rankings. So, answering the question what’s the best way to improve search rankings, video or blogs, is not an easy task.

89% of content marketers rely on blogs to bring traffic to their websites and to convert leads for their businesses. If given a chance to start their content marketing journeys again, 50% of the marketers said that blogs would be their priority. These numbers show how much influence blogs still have in the domain of content marketing. Video has been enjoying such success too. Watching videos is preferred to reading product descriptions by almost 68% of consumers. The amount of video content created and the amount of time spent watching videos have both gone up these past few years.

The numbers illustrate that video and blogs play an increasingly important role in improving search rankings and in content marketing in general. So, when faced with the question video or blog, the answer has to be “do both.” It is definitely the easy answer, but the fact is that both videos and blogs have a role to play in today’s marketing channels.

Many of the decisions about whether to do videos or blogs ultimately boil down to the availability of time and budgets, which means it is often the case that marketing teams have to prioritize either videos or blogs. Whatever you choose, the most critical thing is to remain consistent.

While creating videos and blogs consistently does take some effort, many marketers do tend to hide behind some common myths. Let’s first bust a couple of those myths and then discuss how you can create content consistently, and implement your content plan.

Myth 1: Video is Expensive to Make

If you are talking about a complex product video complete with animations, it definitely is. But the content that we regularly find on social platforms is not that kind of video, and is not actually that hard to create. Most LinkedIn influencers use their mobile phone cameras with a simple microphone set up to record their videos. A lot of brands also rely on this kind of low-frills video content.

These videos take minimal time and effort to shoot and edit. You just need the basic hardware and a simple video editing tool to get them out. The focus should be on the content. You do need clear audio and video but that is not particularly hard to achieve, is it? The audience you are creating these videos for is looking for actionable and insightful content that can help them. If you are providing that, there is no reason for your videos to not perform.

Myth 2: Blogs Just Create Awareness

Here’s another example of a common myth. Blogs are not just about building awareness or educating your audience. They can be solid lead magnets too. If your blog content is not giving you leads, you are probably not doing it right!

When you write blogs, keep in mind that the content you create is meant to convert leads. Conversion-oriented content tells your customers why they need your product and how they can address their problems using your product, right from the very first visit they make on your website. By making sure that they have valuable content and a contextual CTA, blogs can generate a good number of leads for you.

When working with our clients, we always focus on creating content that is intended to convert. We do care about keywords and search rankings, but the focus always remains on delivering value. Over time, the clients build up an array of blogs that is consistently searched for and also convert visitors to leads.

Now that we have debunked 2 important myths, we know that videos are not that expensive to create and that blogs give us tangible results. So it is wise to include both in your content strategy if it is possible. Let us look at a couple of other important things that need to be considered.

Consistency is Key

Whether you are choosing to do blogs, videos, or both, being consistent is the key to generating sustainable results from your efforts. Almost all studies indicate that you need to have this consistency for results. By creating content consistently, you will gain more traffic and also create more opportunities.

Building an audience, creating engagement, and improving search rankings all take some time to get to be optimized, often 6 months or more. If you are giving up on your content creation efforts before this time, it is all going to waste.

The key is to find a frequency that works for you and stick to it. You can begin small and maintain that frequency for a while till you start to see results. You can then choose to increase the frequency depending on the availability of resources. Focusing on doing a minimum of 1 video and 3-4 blogs a week is a good starting point.

Understand What’s Working and What’s Not

As you follow through with the implementation of your strategy, it is important to also consistently keep track of the numbers and see how you are doing. You are likely to have a process of trial and error before you arrive at the ideal type of content both in terms of blogs and videos. This phase is going to give you a lot of learning and you will understand the audience better through this process.

Frequently check the analytics for the blogs and the videos you are creating. Looking at reach and engagement numbers gives you a good indication of the performance of the content but look beyond it too. Identify which content is generating the most unique traffic for your website. Which blogs/videos are getting shared and generating links? Which content pieces are leading to the most conversions? These insights will tell you what kind of content (video or blog) gives you the best results. You can then plan your content strategy around this type of content.

Work With An Expert Digital Marketing Agency

It is not easy to create content consistently in-house, especially with the myriad of other things that go on on any given day. Working with an expert digital marketing agency is definitely a good option if you are overwhelmed by the demands for consistency. When you work with an agency like FVG, we bring our expertise in working with a variety of brands to you and help you create high-quality content consistently. We take that burden off your shoulders and deliver content that generates up to 10x ROI. This would free up your time to focus on other key aspects of business development.


Creating high-impact content is the best way to stay clear of the noise and clutter of the internet today. Both blogs and videos are important and generate great results in terms of search rankings, traffic, and leads.

You can choose to do videos, blogs, or both but ensure that whatever you do is consistent. Content creation efforts have a compounding effect on traffic and results, and, over time, you will see tangible results.

Working with an expert agency like FVG can ease the burden on you and can ensure a better ROI on your efforts. Talk to us today to start your journey to better ROI in content marketing.


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June 24, 2021



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