How Visual Sitemaps are Redefining The Modern Web

How Visual Sitemaps are Redefining The Modern Web
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Written by Robb Fahrion

Robb Fahrion is a Co-Founder and Partner of Flying V Group. He is passionate about helping businesses grow using the power of the internet. Robb graduated from Chapman University in Orange, CA and currently resides in Costa Mesa, CA. Robb enjoys writing about digital marketing, helping his clients turn their dreams into reality, and he is a HUGE Mike Trout fan.

December 27, 2020

How Visual Sitemaps are Redefining The Modern Web

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Purpose and Goals

As the whole world goes online, many businesses and brands are quickly realizing the need to own a website. But there is a problem. Many get carried away by the demand for the final product and overlook what it takes to develop a fully functional website, i.e. the strategic planning phase.

For instance, developing a visual sitemap at the early stages of the project is a fundamental step that most designers take for granted. Well, that is going to change after learning how website mapper tools are redefining the modern web design process today.

A website without a goal and a purpose is difficult to navigate, unfocused, and leads to negative user experiences. There’s nothing worse than confusing your users when navigating site or reading your content.

A visual sitemap can help clarify your website’s purpose and goals before you even commence the design process. Mapping out the site and deciding what you want it to achieve makes it easier to cut out parts that don’t align to the primary purpose.


A well-structured website makes it easy for the search engine crawlers to navigate and interpret it. The map paints a clear picture of the SEO strategy including the most appropriate internal linking method to use.

A visual sitemap also helps you determine the quantity and quality of keywords you need for each page for effective SEO optimization. You can even track and compare performances and specify the pages you’d want to rename for better optimization.

Usability and Navigation

A visual sitemap enables web visitors to navigate and move from one page to another within a few clicks. Enhanced usability, accessibility, and navigation creates a positive user experience, which is fundamental in ranking higher and increase your site’s conversion rates.

Creating a visual sitemap also makes it easier for Google’s spiders to navigate your website structure. Any friction here will ultimately impact your site’s performance on SERPs.

Long-Term Planning

A sitemap helps you plan for future expansion of your website. You can create room for new technologies, future website upgrades, and product or service expansion.

Besides, a sitemap can help the design team become more future-oriented and develop a programming procedure that accommodates future expansions. This ultimately saves time and resources you would have used for maintenance.

Avoid Content Duplication

Besides wasting your time and resources, duplicate content can lead to increased bounce back rates. Instead of publishing closely related information on multiple pages, why not just link the page with similar information to another page that needs it?

A visual sitemap helps you to quickly detect content duplication so you can avert the risks that come with it. This is key in easing your website management and avoiding Google penalties.


To recap, the sitemapping process plays a huge role in enhancing user experience, creating room for future expansions, avoiding content duplication, and aligning content towards your site’s purpose and goals.

Now it’s your turn to redefine your web design by incorporating it into your strategy!

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