How to Create Powerful and Engaging Content Using Instagram Stories

How to Create Powerful and Engaging Content Using Instagram Stories

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How active is your brand on social media and how familiar are you with Instagram? If you have yet to use Instagram as actively as you are using other social media channels, then it is time to rethink and re-plan your social media strategy.

In the last couple of years, Instagram has emerged as the next big social media channel for brands to connect with consumers. If you think of Instagram as just another option, then you are not doing everything possible to optimize your brand awareness opportunities on social media. Not being on Instagram means that you are missing a big chance to influence buyers’ decisions on a daily basis.


Instagram’s Game-Changing Feature

Instagram is continuously coming up with new and updated features to meet the growing demands of the end users. One of the most popular features of Instagram, which launched recently, is Instagram Stories, a feature that took everyone by surprise just after its launch. This Instagram feature, similar to Snapchat, became popular overnight and most brands started using the new feature to promote their products and services.


What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories are similar to Snapchat’s overall functionality. It is like a scrapbook that you use to video or photograph something creative and then share with your followers. With Instagram Stories, you can share your stories instantly when you create them.

The story feature is a friendly and reliable way for social users to connect. Being friendly and reliable are qualities that every brand wishes to portray to their consumers. Consumer behavior is changing almost every day and keeping with growing and changing requirements, brands too have decided to be seen as people that are friendly and easily accessible.

Instagram Stories allow brands to show their lighter side. You can share behind the scene moments with your consumers using Instagram stories or any day-to-day activity that might be worth sharing.

Today, Instagram Stories are available to more than 300 million Instagram users. The feature has become so very popular with users and brands that are not using this emerging platform for social media marketing are making a big mistake.

To capitalize on the benefits of Instagram Stories, you will have to do lots of good work to create useful and engaging stories. Stories should have threads so that your audience stays engaged from the beginning until the end.

Below are tools to help you create engaging content using Instagram Stories.


Tools that Can Help you Create Engaging Instagram Stories

  1. Instagram has a zoom feature within stories. There is a circular button that you will have to tap and hold with the help of one finger to start recording. Use the same finger and slide it up and down to zoom in and out while recording.
  2. There is also the option to create interesting mini videos that have a back and forth effect with the help of Boomerang. Additionally, Instagram Stories allow you to generate boomerang videos directly in the app.
  3. Take photos and videos and then style them. You can format your content by using your text, color, and font size and type. You can also add your headline and caption. Also, Instagram Stories have drawing tools that include a neon brush, marker, arrows, and a chisel-tip to draw various things. You can also write freehand using these features on the screen.
  4. Like other social media channels, Instagram Stories allow you to tag a maximum of 10 friends using the “@” symbol. The “@” is then followed by Instagram handles that take you directly to the profiles of those handles whom you have tagged.
  5. Instagram Live is another popular feature of Instagram. Your followers can join while you live stream and your followers get a notification immediately when you start recording your stories. So, this is a fantastic way to connect with your consumers because they will be served a popup notification saying your account is going live. You can save these stories too for future use.

Instagram has proved that Instagram Stories are a great option to reach your audience effectively and to increase your brand value. All you will need to do is create beautiful and exciting stories to keep your audience hooked. The Instagram platform can help to boost your business in no time.

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February 14, 2019



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