Five Advantages of Hiring SEO Experts and Why You Need Them

Why Should I Hire an SEO Expert?

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Five Advantages of Hiring SEO Experts and Why You Need Them 

Businesses today know that they must have a consistent web presence in order to compete with the fast-moving technology of today’s day and age. When working with a team of SEO experts, you can ensure that your holistic web presence is being tended to by a team of professionals each month.

For today’s digital marketing needs, the reality is simple: it is no longer enough to just have an attractive or well-designed website.

Even if your website is full of informative content, you might still be struggling to rank for the keywords that you wish to compete for.

Your company can have the best-looking website in the world, but if no one can find it, is it actually contributing to your business goals?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is becoming more and more important every single day because companies must be seen when their customers are searching for them. The advantage of having an SEO expert on your side is huge and could set you apart from your competition. Let’s see how they might be able to help.

1. Improve the Overall Visibility of Your Site

SEO Companies make boosting organic traffic for your website their top priority. Strong SEO companies will be consistently putting out quality information about your company whether it be through classified submissions, SEO friendly blog posts, guest blogs, articles, or press releases. Each of these pieces of information will include keywords or search terms that might be relevant to your customers or products or services.

SEO experts boost your presence by actually giving you a presence across the entire web through content submission via social media sites and other various platforms.

Local SEO knowledge also plays an important role in marketing businesses that serve a specific geographic region. Compared to national or global strategies, one that is locally focused requires a different approach that might include other efforts like managing directory listings and focusing on location-specific keyword research.

2. SEO Professionals Know What Works

You may be thinking, “Well, I can write blog posts, articles, and submit classifieds.” But can you really? Can you match the time and effort that an entire SEO team is going to put into your business search lifeblood each and every month?

Not only that, but do you even know what content needs to be included in those submissions? Sometimes putting out content goes wrong and actually punishes search results depending on whether or not the copy is completely unique or whether the copy is littered with the wrong amount of keywords.

High-performing SEO specialist companies also offer content marketing for their clients. While content can act as a standalone service, well-written content that focuses on desirable keywords and proper formatting for organic search performance is critical for building an effective strategy.

SEO experts devise strategies and a plan for your online SEO goals. Also, they keep up to date on all search engine algorithm changes and can make adjustments on the fly when needed.


3. They Don’t Just Do SEO

SEO Companies also tend to offer many other digital marketing services and can almost serve as a pseudo marketing department for your business. SEO companies frequently offer social media marketing, website design, and pay-per-click advertising management on top of their SEO services.

Technical SEO proves a particularly valuable service for clients that are looking to improve the performance of their websites. Did you know there could be a number of technical issues on your website that could be affecting your ability to rank for your desired keywords?

To the untrained eye, a website might appear completely fine. However, during an SEO audit, issues that might not be apparently visible can be uncovered.

Through a strong auditing process, technical errors such as excessive HTML code, improper heading formats, missing metadata, and redirect loops can be identified and addressed.

It would be wise to spend your monthly marketing budget with someone that can handle every single piece of your marketing strategy. Make sure you understand what to consider when choosing a web marketing agency.

4. You are Not a Digital Marketer

We don’t mean any offense in saying this, but in the same way that you are an expert in your industry, SEO professionals are in theirs. The amount of time and effort that goes into monthly SEO efforts can take valuable hours away from focusing on your business’s core operations.

A team of organic search experts possesses a deep knowledge of the right SEO tools and techniques to drive quality traffic to your website. Instead of spending more of your time on an SEO crash course, you can instead use that time to do what you love most about running your business.

However, here’s a link to a document that might help you understand the SEO process and why SEO is important. We are not saying it cannot be done, but SEO experts know exactly what needs to be done to optimize your website, build new links, monitor results, and take corrective action.


5. Do I Really Need an SEO Expert?

There is no quick and easy fix for SEO efforts. Anyone that promises that it is an easy job is lying and selling you a pipe dream.

SEO takes time, effort, and investment in the health of your website and off-page web presence. New sites often can take up to 5-6 months to rank and generate traffic, while older sites can take as long as 3-4 months depending on the competitiveness of the keywords.

The truth is that, like any long-term business investment, SEO requires patience and a strong strategic approach. Correcting a website’s existing technical errors while continuing to add new optimizations can consume a large number of hours each month.

If you’re wondering if you really need an SEO expert to help you generate more quality traffic for your website, consider these points:

  • Do you have the time to invest in learning advanced SEO techniques?
  • Do you have the time to write new content for your website regularly?
  • Are you able to spend the time needed for learning the ins and outs of your website to correct technical issues?
  • Do you want to spend money on acquiring the necessary digital tools to build an effective SEO strategy?

When considering which SEO company to go with it is important to ask the tough questions and make sure that you are getting the honest answers. Let us know some great questions to ask in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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August 5, 2017



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