Best Recruiting Hacks Using Digital Marketing

Best Recruiting Hacks Using Digital Marketing

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The pandemic has given us both challenges and new opportunities. Changes in client demand during the COVID-19 crisis resulted in a temporary increase in hiring in areas such as retail, while large layoffs occurred in industries such as hospitality. Even with such transitions and a general increase in unemployment, efficient and effective hiring will remain critical, particularly for the rare talents required for the new normal in fields like IT.

In 2021, a phenomenon described by economists as the “Great Resignation” was marked by the mass voluntary resignation of 22 million employees mostly in the United States.  This is said to have given rise to a war of talent. The term “war for talent” was coined by Steven Hankin in 1997 and popularized by the book of the same name in 2016. It refers to the increasingly fierce competition to attract and retain employees at a time when there are insufficient workers to replace those who have retired or resigned.

This article focuses on how to improve a company’s digital marketing recruitment by understanding how the normal recruitment process works and how it can be enriched by digital marketing.

Core Components of the Recruitment Process

1. Identifying Needs

Having a recruitment strategy lessens the load of every HR person because finding what you need is impossible if you don’t know what you need in the first place. You can figure out whom and how many you need to hire by looking at gaps in your capacity to complete a task. The challenge, on the other hand, is accounting for the organization’s size, compensation structure, work culture and working conditions, growth pace, and the current state of employment in the economy.

2. Preparing the Job Description

A job description is not simply composed of the ideal candidate’s education, abilities, and experience. It should also detail the specific tasks and responsibilities of a role. A comprehensive job description provides a checklist on which your prospects may compare themselves before applying, ensuring that you get applications from the proper people.

3. Searching the Stars

Finding the brightest “star” among a pool of applicants is no easy feat. The most critical components of the recruitment process are identifying the right talent, attracting them, and motivating them to apply. Recruiting talent from within or outside the firm is a possibility.

Here are strategies companies use to fill vacancies:

  • Promotion of high-performing employees
  • Existing pool of applicants
  • Ads on social media, the company website, and job sites
  • Referral by employees

4. Finding the Best Candidate

In a survey of recruiters, 52% said the most difficult component of hiring was identifying the proper individuals from a big pool of applicants. The initial step in screening is to choose candidates who meet the company’s basic qualifications. Then, sort resumes according to the company’s preferences, with respect to credentials, relevant experience, domain expertise, technical competencies, and other skills required. After you’ve shortlisted a suitable number of prospects, make a note of any questions you have about their resumes so you can address them later.

5. Interviewing Rockstars

One or several interviews may take place for every candidate depending on the size of the company. Numerous tools are used to make the interviewing process faster and more efficient for both parties. Organizations may conduct interviews face to face,  via telephone or through video conferencing. The initial interview is brief, but it is primarily focused on verifying the information in their resume and comparing it to the job description mentioned earlier through question and answer, so you can eliminate irrelevant profiles.

6. Evaluation and Offer of Employment

After all of the preliminary paperwork and interviews, the candidate must decide whether or not to take the position. Before issuing a job offer, go over candidates’ character references and employment background. Everything from the start date and employment conditions to the work hours and perks should be included in your offer letter, and every element should be clear and straightforward.

7. Onboarding a New Employee

New recruits are always awkward at first, but the employer may earn some loyalty points by assisting them in settling in. Other than showing them the workplace, one may introduce them to employees and set up work lunches to talk about non-work issues.

This is the standard process every candidate has to go through. However, there are many ways we could optimize the employee onboarding process with technology. The next section will focus on how digital marketing can be leveraged to improve the hiring process.

Steps to Improve Your Hiring With Digital Marketing

Establishing Your Brand Online

Your organization’s culture is its personality, and it’s an important component to showcase early in the marketing recruitment process. When it comes to picking a firm to apply to, 46% of job seekers think corporate culture is very essential. Here’s how to let applicants (and clients) get to know your brand.

a. Careers Page

Having a company website is just one component of establishing your online presence. It is recommended that the careers page of your website incorporate employee spotlights as well as your mission statement and core values. Sharing details about the company culture helps prospective employees understand the company they’ll be working for.

b. Blogs 

Blogs are a terrific tool for stressing what the firm is and what it does simply by sharing industry trends and publicizing corporate activities, taking advantage of the power of digital platforms. Hence, it is crucial to invest in content marketing.

Numerous multimedia such as photos and infographics will be easier for readers to consume and understand. Additionally, having employees from different departments share their experiences and benefits would be a good way to showcase company culture.

c. Videos

Marketers can reach a large number of people and explain a lot of information with video. Businesses can make and share high-quality video content for digital marketing recruitment. Specifically, you may visually present who your employees are and how they work, or even make a video ad for your vacancy. If creating videos, blogs, and updating your website and social media sounds daunting, you can always consider outsourcing your digital marketing.

Using Software Programs for Easier Recruiting

Countless job sites have sprung up and have become crucial to modern recruitment. For job seekers looking for greater opportunities, these portals are a popular venue. Employers, on the other hand, may use an applicant tracking system to maximize the use of these platforms.

ATS is a software program that manages duties including advertising job opportunities on different job sites, storing applicant data, and evaluating applications for prospective matches. One insight the system could provide is where these job applicants came from, e.g., your careers page, social media, or job boards. This data will help you determine which channels generate the most traction in attracting top talent and which avenues need additional resources. It also uses a single database to rate applications that could be shared with fellow assessors.

Leveraging Social Media for Recruitment

The use of social networking platforms is another digital marketing recruitment approach widely used by most companies. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, with a combined user base of 535 million, are a large pool of potential talent that any HR professional should have. Furthermore, social media is also a great source when checking employees’ personal background and contact references. 

Taking it to another level, considering that you have quality content on your social media accounts, adding a dedicated  SEO for recruitment into your recruitment marketing would drastically increase your odds of getting your videos, blogs, and posts seen by potential candidates. However, knowing what to post and when to post it is crucial to an effective social media strategy. So, create a stellar content marketing plan that will assist you in the goal of attracting top talent.


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Reading and Heeding Reviews About Your Process

It is important to have an outside eye in assessing your recruitment practices. After going through the recruitment process, most new recruits are reluctant to talk about their experiences. But a lot of the candidates who didn’t make it have a thing or two to say.

Reviews need to be kept in mind. Companies such as Glassdoor provide reviews on the company, its employees, processes, and inside information. It is standard practice for potential employees to do a background check on the company they wish to work for and these reviews are one of the deciding factors one has to consider. Companies should respond to these reviews swiftly which contributes to the company’s online presence. Valuing the opinion from those who didn’t make the cut, about the recruitment process could be a great way to improve the process. For example, you may learn what information you need to add to your job advertisements.


Improving the recruitment process as new challenges and opportunities arise is a must. Today, digital marketing recruitment is one of the best ways to enrich your recruiting process. Specifically, this means increasing your company’s online visibility, using software programs designed to make recruitment easier, taking advantage of social media for recruitment, and taking reviews of your hiring process and company seriously.


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