The Importance of Consistent Website Design

The Importance of Consistent Website Design

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Each year new digital interfaces come out in the world of web design, but it is the consistency of web design that is one of the most important factors. With so many websites out there that all have different designs and elements it is still important to have consistent web design when it comes to navigation, buttons, copy, and headers.

With a consistent website build the experience for the user can be influenced and consistent layouts can build trust and enhance the experience a user has with the site. Layouts that flow easily and move the user throughout the website are always highly desired. Also, design elements can help improve the conversion rate of your website.

User Experience (UX) Consistency

When talking about user experience it is crucial that your website functions the way the user expects. Pages should scroll consistently, links should be easily clickable, and the navigation of the site should be straightforward and easy to understand. Having a clear and uniform design will help the user gain familiarity throughout their experience.

We want the user’s experience to be easy and effortless because we want users to take desired actions on our website. If our website is a blog, we want the user to read our articles and subscribe to more articles. If we have an e-commerce store then we obviously want the user to purchase our products. Elements on the website should only help the user reach the end goal and should never neglect or hinder a user from completing the action we want them to take.

Be careful having too much going on or too many bells and whistles that might distract or annoy a user.


Navigation Consistency

When a user is on our site we want them to be able to navigate the site with ease and touch many points on the site. The header should have clearly labeled menus and the footer should include a sitemap that touches on most if not all of the site’s pages. By providing these two things we are able to immediately show the user the intention of the site.

While not necessarily navigation, it is also important to have clear writing styles, easy to read fonts, simple elements, and menus that function properly. Finally, mobile responsive navigation is a giant must. A large percent of customers these days will access your website from their mobile device and your mobile website will play a big role in your business success.

Mobile website

Layout Consistency

We want our layout and feel of our site to be consistent throughout every page our user comes across. Again, we are trying to build familiarity and comfortability within our site. Do not be afraid to reuse similar elements that work well and tend to lead to successful conversions. By changing copy and images on each page the site will still feel like it has different page, but it will always carry a theme throughout. We want to design websites that are clean, efficient, tidy, and result-oriented.

Remember that no matter what type of website you are designing to keep in mind the goal of the business or entity. What is the purpose of the site? What is the message we need to convey? Once you answer the core questions for the purpose of the site you will have a much better chance to deliver a consistent web design experience.

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August 15, 2017



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