Crypto Marketing_ How FVG Can Help Your Cryptocurrency Brands Reach Wider Audiences

Crypto Marketing: How FVG Can Help Your Cryptocurrency Brands Reach Wider Audiences

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One of the significant issues of being in a highly interconnected world is that no idea or product remains unique. Especially the ones that achieve some sort of success. Cryptocurrency is surely one such product, with a wide range of brands and options. Some are legit and there is value in buying those tokens, but several of them are overhyped entities with no real value at the end of the day.

The crypto community is growing, and so are the number of options available. In this scenario, crypto marketing is an important part of the process, especially for new cryptocurrency brands. There is a real need to communicate the benefits of owning your crypto tokens and what makes your brand unique.

Crypto marketing needs a clear strategy and also needs to leverage a range of channels from social media to content marketing to achieve real success. And this has to start right from the Initial Coin Offering(ICO) stage. Getting the messaging right is not easy, given the sheer number of options as well as the complexities associated with the perceived risk that comes with the territory as well as the lack of predictability. Digital marketing is an important aspect of the conversation, and there are several other ways like content, and influencer marketing.

So, the question is how can you market your crypto brand effectively and achieve success? Here’s how we at FVG approach this!

Getting the Crypto Marketing Strategy Right

The first step in any marketing process for us is to come up with the best strategy to achieve the most results. In the case of crypto marketing, this approach remains the same. The strategy covers several important aspects, including the overall brand identity, major communication pillars, as well as a detailed plan for each channel that is being used.

Getting the strategy right is important, as it lays the foundation for success and also keeps it sustainable and efficient. It is easy to get carried away when working on crypto marketing as there is a lot of attention on the domain. The trick is to do what is sustainable, and what gives the most results.

Another important part of the strategy is about setting goals for the campaign. There should be goals pertaining to the overall crypto brand, the ICO, ROI, and other similar aspects that make a difference. Setting goals is never as straightforward as it seems, as there are always unknowns. In cryptocurrency, this is even more true.

The strategy should also lay out other aspects like the channels being targeted, and other campaigns that will run like airdrops or giveaways. These campaigns will be critical in getting your product across to a wider audience and getting those first few users into your crypto project.

Know Your Audience

Knowing the audience takes more than just creating audience personas. In the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, there is quite an eclectic mix of personas that form the audience. Gone are the days when the community was restricted to a few enthusiasts of a decentralized internet-based finance system that functions outside the current financial systems. The success of Bitcoin and Ethereum has been a mainstream spectacle, as much as an internet sensation. This means there are more people who could be potential subscribers to your tokens.

These new potential clients are probably not experts on cryptocurrency and blockchain so there is a need to educate them as well as to get them interested in your product. This happens only when you get a clear understanding of the audience and what makes them tick.

Tailoring the Right Message for Your Crypto Brand

The crypto industry is now full of new and shiny ICOs and coins that range from meme coins to Milk and Butter tokens. Getting attention in such a noisy space is a real challenge. That is why there is a real need to get the message right. It needs to be able to attract attention, and also convince your target audience regarding the value of your crypto brand and the tangible benefits they get.

If you dig a bit into the crypto space, apart from a few standout brands, it would be hard to find a coherent message from the other brands. This is an opportunity and also a warning. If you are able to land the message well, you can easily stand out from the competition. If you don’t, it is very well possible that your brand may fall to the wayside.

Social Media is Critical for Cryptocurrency Marketing

f recent events are anything to go by, social media plays a huge role in creating hype for your crypto offering and in making sure that your brand reaches the right people. Social media has played a big role in making cryptocurrencies more mainstream. The influence of social media in the financial sector was keenly felt during the r/wallstreetbets episode where a mass social media campaign managed to short squeeze a major hedge fund.

Channels like Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, and TikTok are critical in crypto marketing. A majority of new crypto enthusiasts and buyers are on these platforms, and they are also actively looking for information on what’s new and hot in the crypto world on these platforms.

Influencer Marketing is Important

The power of influencer marketing needs to be mentioned here. Influencers have been vital in spreading the message and also roping in new people into crypto offerings. If you are on any social or content platform, it would be hard not to have at least one influencer talking about cryptocurrencies. It needs to be noted that not all influencers are on social media. There are equally powerful influencers who are bloggers and tech analysts who have a wider reach, and the trust of investors. They are ideally suited to deliver the message for your crypto brands. Finding and engaging with these influencers is important in a successful campaign.

Do Not Forget Good Content

Creating good content is important for any product or service these days. The same goes for crypto startups and brands too. Good content engages your audience and builds long-term relationships with your brand. Trust is an important aspect of crypto marketing, and you can build this too through content.

With a lot of new users coming in and with crypto exchanges like Coinbase and Binance gaining popularity, there is a real need to stand out among the hordes of ICOs and crypto tokens that are out there. Brand awareness is a critical aspect for crypto brands too and content helps you create this awareness

Content around blockchain technology in general, helping users understand how crypto works, as well as important information regarding your cryptocurrency and how it is different, can have a real impact. Not only are topics like these trending, but they are also very relevant for a range of new users who are likely to be your buyers.

It is also a good idea to explore various content formats. Videos, blogs, whitepapers, and podcasts are all quite effective content formats. These formats also work well on social media and can boost your lead generation efforts.  It is also important to be conversion-oriented with your content. Providing clear CTAs and pushing people towards making a purchase decision will add a lot of value.

Why Outsourcing Your Marketing May be a Good Idea?

Cryptocurrency marketing is a complex affair, and it covers a range of different channels and elements as a part of it. Getting your marketing strategy right is very important and there is little room for error. Having an expert marketing agency on board will help you get started on the right foot, and also scale effectively.

While cryptocurrency marketing is evolving and the crypto community is not such a small niche as before, the strengths that an expert agency brings are well suited to finding the right audience and sending the right message consistently.

Leaving the complexities of executing the marketing strategy is best left to the experts, and we at FVG are definitely experts. We have been working with crypto brands small and large and helping them get their message across to a wider audience, both in niche communities and the mainstream.

Reach out to us and we will work with you to create the perfect marketing strategy for your cryptocurrency or blockchain product. Talk to us today!


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October 27, 2021



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