Why Content is the Best Way to Market Your Crypto Business

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Are you struggling to boost your crypto business?


(Source: Finances Online)

Given the statistics above, what steps is your business putting in place to capitalize on the vast opportunities of the cryptocurrency market?

The cryptocurrency market is growing so fast, and competition within the industry is very high.

Implementing the right crypto marketing strategies will help you get your crypto company or platform noticed by the masses and propel you above your competitors.

This guide will demystify the crypto business and show you the best way to get online visibility and leads.

Let’s pinpoint our areas of concentration:

  • What is Crypto Marketing?
  • Why Content is the Best Way to Market Your Crypto Business
  • Content Marketing vs. PPC Marketing: Which One Is the Best For Your Crypto Business?
  • Why Content Marketing and SEO Strategy Are Vital for Any Crypto Business
  • How to Start Your Blogging Campaign

So, what do you know about crypto marketing?

What is Crypto Marketing?

Crypto marketing has to do with the steps a crypto marketer takes when advertising and raising awareness of a crypto business to get more users or drive growth to the company.

The strategy for crypto marketing is making valuable and essential information available for prospective customers, with the end view of getting them to invest.

The best method of getting more users so far is content marketing.

Why Content is the Best Way to Market Your Crypto Business

Like in many other businesses, your content remains the best path to take for crypto marketing.  Everyone in the crypto business knows that the crypto market has over 1,500 different types of cryptocurrencies and millions of people owning crypto businesses.

Also, crypto businesses can fail.

Over 1,700 cryptocurrencies failed in 2020, and different crypto businesses are closing down all of the time.

Nonetheless, the crypto business is no doubt a multibillion-dollar business.

But do you know why most people can’t get anything meaningful from it?

They have little or no content when it comes to marketing their crypto business.

A lot of people are going into the crypto business because of the billions in market value.

What can you do to stand out in this business?

To stand out among the millions of business owners in the crypto business, you need a better marketing strategy.

Are you thinking what we’re thinking?

Content marketing is the best way to get your crypto business out to the millions of users willing to invest in cryptocurrency. Because your crypto business depends on what you can offer, there is a need for blogging. Also, cryptocurrency content marketing generates the least amount of risk vs. other tactics like paid advertising, which can be at the mercy of ad platforms like Facebook and Reddit.


(Source: Shivam Technologies)

If you want to know how content marketing can help your crypto business, then just follow me as we dive deeper into this timely subject matter.

Content Marketing vs. PPC Marketing: Which One Is the Best For Your Crypto Business?

If you are a crypto business owner and wondering which is the best between content marketing and PPC marketing for your crypto business, worry no more.

We are about to show you three reasons why crypto content marketing is better than PPC crypto marketing.

1. Content Marketing generates More Traffic

When your content begins to rank, it becomes unstoppable. The lead that will follow from organic search alone is far higher than what you should expect to get from PPC crypto marketing.

Curata noted that 74 percent of companies confirmed that content marketing helped increase lead generation in quantity and quality. Thus, quality leads are more likely to patronize businesses, and content marketing is one of the best ways to generate high-quality leads.

Good content generates higher leads than PPC with higher conversion rates.

2. Content Marketing is Not as Expensive

Aside from the cost of writing your content for marketing, there are no other expenses to spend to market your crypto business with content. As soon as your content is optimized for search engines and published, it will continue to go up in rankings, getting more leads as it earns clicks.

In some cases, you only have to update some information in the content after some time to keep it ranking in search results.

PPC, on the other hand, is expensive. It is challenging to keep paying for PPC marketing for your crypto business because you’ll get billed for every click you get and you probably will want to have an expert PPC team managing the campaign.

3. Content Marketing has Longer Relevance

Content marketing is an excellent marketing tool for your crypto business if you need long-time relevance.

The more content you publish, the more it remains relevant. So, you get more value for your content no matter how long it lasts, and you don’t spend more money to keep and maintain it.

On the other hand, if you are marketing with PPC, you will need to take down your ad sooner or later or discontinue paying, leading to the disappearance of your ad. Hence, it won’t stay relevant for a long time.

If you are looking at a more extended online presence for your crypto business, you would be wise to look into content marketing.

Content marketing is a marketing tool that has almost six times the web conversion rate. Therefore, it is a very effective marketing strategy, so it is the preferred marketing strategy for crypto businesses.

While PPC is also another method of marketing where a marketer can place an ad on strategic sites, it is costly compared to content marketing. PPC may get you on top of SERPs in a shorter time, but is the cost worth it for someone who wants to grow his crypto business?

Why bother when content marketing can get you better results? 

Why Content Marketing and SEO Strategy Are Vital for Any Crypto Business

Content marketing helps crypto businesses grow but takes it to a whole new level when combined with an SEO strategy. SEO uses keywords to increase the traffic on your web, while content marketing uses relevant information to drive clients. When these two are combined, you’ll have a powerful tool for growing your crypto business.

SEO is like fuel, while content marketing is the vehicle. If you don’t fuel your car, you will have to keep pushing it before it moves. You may get to your destination, but after how many hours?

If you want to achieve faster growth in your crypto business through content marketing, then SEO strategy is the fuel you need to add to achieve it.

Do you want to grow your business using content marketing and SEO strategy? 

Then, you need to know the three most important benefits of content marketing combined with SEO strategy:

1. There is a Sure Return on Investment (ROI)

Content marketing, when combined with SEO strategy, helps to bring more web traffic and leads. The results are always different whenever you optimize your content for search engines. As web traffic increases, the chances of conversion also increase.

The visitors converted through these combinations are very important for your crypto business. These people are most likely to be new customers. Content marketing alone can generate three times higher leads, costs less than other marketing methods, and is 62% less expensive.

You have higher leads, fewer expenses, and more return on investment (ROI) when you use SEO strategy in your content.

2. It Helps Increase Your Customer Base

Google, for example, performs crawls on every piece of content that’s on a site to determine the type of visitors to bring to your site.

Using SEO on your content helps Google have a clearer idea about your crypto business and all the benefits of doing business with you. Hence, Google connects you to the next client this way.

Great content and SEO will get you to the top of search engines and make you a winner when increasing your customer base. The reason is that your SEO strategy will get them to click on your content, and your content will give visitors good reasons to spend more time on your site.

Your visitors will also be likely to return to your site whenever they look for information on the crypto business. The more often they do, the higher your chances of converting them into loyal customers.

But that’s not even the best part!

Many people share content, and the chances of recommending friends, colleagues, neighbors, and family to your business also increase since they have come to trust your crypto business. Doing this will rapidly grow your business and make you a trusted crypto brand.

3. It Makes Your Business Outstanding Among Other Competitors

As mentioned earlier, there are many crypto businesses out there competing for the same customers that your crypto business needs. Every crypto investor knows that their crypto business is not a monopoly business; hence, customers keep looking for the most outstanding crypto investment opportunity.

Also, established businesses are always in trouble because several smaller ones want to compete with them. In contrast, small companies trying to establish themselves have new competitors with more resources now and then trying to take over their customer base.

Every business owner has competitors!

Most customers looking for a crypto business to invest in are looking for an outstanding crypto business with a good track record. However, they know that someone will not knock at their door to give them that information.

So, where do they go? 

The web.

With a good content and SEO strategy, you become outstanding among the millions of people doing the same business because you build what we call EAT awareness. EAT stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust, and the best way to build these three things and give your customer confidence in your service is through content and information. Your crypto business may be as small as David, but you will see it slaying big Goliath crypto businesses that are your competitors.

If you run an already-established crypto business, content marketing and SEO strategy will help you remain on top.

How do you go about growing your crypto business using content marketing?

How to Start Your Crypto Blogging Campaign

According to HubSpot, blogging is the preferred inbound marketing choice for 55% of marketers, and the chances that their marketers will get a return for investment (ROI) is 13 times higher than those who are not using a blog.


(Source: Orbit Media)

In case you are wondering how you can start up your blog, here is how.

1. Research Your Niche and Update Your Keyword Database

Since you are looking to grow your crypto marketing strategy, your SEO content writing should concentrate on that. When you do this, it helps to bring people who are only interested in your crypto business.

Keyword research is also essential. Your keyword database should reflect your Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and other cryptocurrency-related offerings as a cryptocurrency company or platform.


(Source: Ivivity)

Many tools help you achieve this, such as Google’s Keyword Planner and Ahrefs Keyword Explorer.

2. Run Competitor Research

You need to find out what strategies your competitors are using and use that information to your advantage.

What form of organic traffic are they using on Google? 

How competitive is their choice of keywords?

Using this information, you can find low-competition keywords to improve your rankings.

3. Optimize Your Content for Long-tail Keywords

Research reveals that 70% of all online searches contain long-tail keywords.

Usually referred to as “the holy grail of SEO” by content marketing experts, long-tail keywords are vital if you want your crypto-related content to rank in search engine result pages (SERPs).

When people look for crypto companies and platforms to trade with, they will type in queries specific to what they need. Unfortunately, the search volume for such questions is often lower, hence the need to optimize your crypto-related content for long-tail keywords with several converting variations.


(Source: Digital School of Marketing)

4. Have Good Content Creators

Having good content creators is critical, like every other point mentioned above. A blog without content is like a train without an engine. What drives your blog is the content, and you should get the best people for that.

5. Blog Regularly

You need to continue creating relevant, rich content that will benefit your target audience. Cryptocurrency is a broad and trendy subject that many people like. Therefore, you need to blog regularly – at least once a week – and tailor your content to meet users’ search queries and optimize it for search engines. Constantly updated sites are seen as more relevant and up-to-date in Google’s eyes than sites that have not posted in some time.

6. Design Your Blog

In design, your blog should be inviting and have the ability to keep visitors. Of course, the type of content you have is a sure way to keep visitors, but your design should attract and keep them interested in reading your content.

7. Host Your Blog on the Web

Publishing your blog on the web is the next step.

Some companies can help you do that at a small price. Also, you can host your blog for free if you decide to use software like WordPress.

8. Launch and Maintain your Blog

Launching your blog helps people to see your content. With this final step in place, your crypto marketing has officially begun. You can track and analyze how you are making progress and update your blog based on that from time to time.

The best tracking tools to use in 2021 include SEMrush, Ahrefs Rank Tracker, SE Ranking, and Mangools SERPWatcher.

How Can We Help?

Your cryptocurrency-based company or platform needs an effective crypto content marketing strategy to thrive in such a competitive market.

At Flying V Group, we utilize cutting-edge digital marketing strategies that will help to promote the cryptocurrency products and services that your company or platform offers. We deploy subject matter experts to help our clients produce world class content that drives incredible exposure to our clients’ projects. Contact us.


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