6 digital marketing strategies to boost lead generation on your FinTech website

6 Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost Lead Generation on your FinTech Website

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With funding for fintech touching a whopping $137.7 Billion in 2019, there’s a lot of noise in the market. For fintech stock organizations, start-ups and otherwise, standing out of the clutter with a great digital marketing solution is a vital need.

It’s easy to get sidetracked with technology-based digital marketing solutions: there are so many options! What really matters is implementation: building a digital marketing strategy that’s geared toward success, leveraging solid fundamentals to deliver tangible, time bound results. Let’s take a look at 6 top strategies you should follow if you’re running a digital marketing campaign for your fintech product. Read on to find out how to succeed!

1. Write Content that Connects FinTech to Everyday Life

At this point, we’ve all heard the expression “content is king,” a few too many times. However, there’s a good reason so many digital marketers focus on authoring great content. Fintech is an emerging industry built on challenging, complex technology. You need great content to explain fintech and to explain your product or service’s value in a way that customer can relate to.

Your target audience is consuming content of all kinds across platforms at increasing rates. If you don’t create content that stand out, they’re consuming your competitors’ content, they’re learning more about your competitors’ solutions, and you’re losing potential leads. It’s as simple as that.

Every piece of fintech content you create needs to be engaging. Write content that connects your fintech product to the everyday life of your customers. Think up scenarios, deep dive into your personas and deliver material that matters to your audience. Be specific. Solve key problems that your audience faces through your content. Be creative and be authentic.

2. Use Long-Tail FinTech Keywords

Doubling down on your keyword research is a great strategy to stick to. Long-tail is the operative word here. When the competition increases, so does the competition for page ranks and bids for the hottest of keywords.

Long-tail keywords tend to have lower search volumes because they’re very specific. This means fewer hits overall. However, ranking high on long-tail keywords means ranking high on searches for solutions to problems people have right now. Focus on long-tail to direct your content to a denser, but more engaged audience.

Be smart with long-tail keywords. If you’re an e-wallet provider, use keywords such as secure e-wallets or “top e-wallet benefits,” to pitch your solutions to the people who need them.

3. Build and Refresh Evergreen FinTech Content

There’s never a bad time for explainers, whiteboard videos and more educational content. This is especially true with fintech, an area many people struggle to fully understand. Create new follow up material or refresh content or media you may have already created. The key is to make it simple and make it effective.

You might be skeptical of the idea of giving away content for free. If something you’re sharing adds value, shouldn’t it come with a price tag? Not necessarily. To engage leads, you need them to understand your product, understand the benefits of working with you, and to build a long-term relation. Content helps to build that trust.

The content you create is also critical in answering ‘what’s in it for me’ for your audiences. This really connects them to your product or service and can lead to your next customer! In Fintech, a dynamic industry where standards, norms, and product categories change by the month, refreshed material can help leads stay updated, and understand what they need right now and six months down the line.

4. Email Marketing Isn’t Dead!

What if we told you plain old cold email marketing is alive and kicking? While newer digital marketing solutions have their place,  a solid email lead-gen campaign remains a marketing favorite with good reason: it’ll deliver results IF you do it the right way.

Email marketing has a role to play in almost every stage of your customer lifecycle, from identifying new leads to nudging long-time customers towards new products. It’s a great way to get your content across to your potential customers. Use it wisely to move leads along your pipeline, from interest to decision making to action, and even to generate some advocacy.

How do you design an awesome email marketing campaign? Segmented lists, a personalized approach, context, and timing all matter. Sit down with your sales team, build a coordinated narrative and implement different campaigns for audiences at different stages of the sales cycle.

5. Build an Active Social Media Presence

For an industry that is jargon-heavy, dealing with complex issues, it’s important to have an active social presence that breaks down the narrative and solves your audiences’ problems through content in a language they understand, on platforms they’re comfortable engaging with.

Social media is a great tool to reach the right audience, facilitate content discovery, generate leads, and to listen to your target segment. It is important to be regular and contextual with your social media presence too. You don’t need to do really elaborate posts every time. Share content that will be of interest to the audience. Make it less salesy and more about building a relationship

6. Videos Tells Stories

Your audience is increasingly consuming videos. According to a Cisco study, by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of internet traffic. Compared to 2017, that’s a 15-fold increase.

Videos are a wonderful way to tell your story. They help you engage your audience, educate, and entertain, all at the same time.

Are videos costly? They can be, but they don’t have to be. Start small and think about what you can do with the resource you have available: A good phone, good lighting, a microphone, are all you need to create videos that engage your audience.


Marketing a fintech product is a challenge, but it’s not an impossible quest. By deploying these six fintech digital marketing strategies as part of an integrated, objective-oriented campaign, you’ll get the results you need.

Still have questions? We’re experts in digital marketing with a deep understanding of emerging technology like AI, Blockchain, and more. We leverage this experience to deliver digital marketing solutions that reach your fintech audience and generate results. Let’s chat!

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December 9, 2020



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