The 50 Best Marketing Podcasts for All Business Owners

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What are you doing to boost your SEO strategy and grow your business online?

Recent Edison Research reveals that 78% of Americans are familiar with podcasting, with more than 5 in every 10 Americans having listened to podcasts regularly.

(Source: Statista)

What makes podcasts such a viable digital marketing tool?


When you produce some of the best marketing podcasts regularly, you’ll grow an audience of loyal people from different parts of the world. Your audience will be so committed to following up on every episode and sharing the knowledge gained with others. It is this level of loyalty that makes podcasts so appealing as a digital marketing tool.

What Are Marketing Podcasts?

Marketing podcasts are audio programs that you can subscribe to on your mobile device and listen to whenever you like. They comprise a series of spoken words and audio episodes focused on a particular topic, in this case, marketing. There is no predetermined length, style, format, frequency, or production level for podcasts and the topics range from surface level, to in-depth, to interviews, and more.

Podcasting began as an independent way for people to pass their message and build a community of like-minded people.

Since podcasting got popular in the early 2000’s, digital marketers use the method as a creative tool for delivering content to a wider audience. According to Statista, the number of Americans who listen to podcasts has grown by 3% since 2020.

We now have 222 million (78%) of Americans who are familiar with podcasts, out of which 104 million (over one-third) are regular listeners.

(Source: Buzzsprout)

Why Should Podcasting Be Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Are you still doubting the efficiency of podcasts in improving your businesses?

Podcasting offers many benefits to digital marketers and companies. This marketing tool is not only the rage these days, but it is a great way to grow your business as well. Podcasts do not use any visual elements (unless they are video recorded) and are quite easy to consume.

Let’s look at the top ten reasons you should incorporate podcasts into your digital marketing strategy.

1. They Are Very Creative

Podcasts do not need to follow federal law guidelines for content. All you need is to be creative with both your content and commercials. Even the ads are special and do not sound like traditional promotional messages.

2. You Can Reach your Target Audience Faster

With podcasts, you can share relevant information and knowledge with the right audience. There are so many people interested in your content and you can find them on platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iTunes, and many others. When you find them, maintain them by posting podcasts regularly for them to listen to and build confidence in your brand.

3. Podcasts Will Engage your Audience

Podcasts are one of the most engaging forms of content. People listen to podcasts while engaging in other activities, thereby making podcasts a very convenient and popular marketing strategy.

Your subscribers will get your podcasts downloaded automatically on their devices so that they can listen to it whenever it is convenient.

4. Great for SEO

Podcasts offer lots of SEO benefits to small, medium, and large-scale businesses. To make your podcasts SEO-friendly, it is important to include a transcript in each episode. In addition, ensure that you include long-tail keywords to increase the chances of driving more traffic to your site.

Adding keywords to your podcast titles and subheadings increase your chances of getting quality traffic and ranking high in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Another way to increase traffic to your site is by including links to your website in your transcript. In addition, you can get backlinks if your podcast is rich in content and drives a lot of listeners.

5. They Are Very Versatile

One of the best things about podcasts is that they are very versatile. You can share new themes and cover a wide range of topics to keep your content evergreen. By doing this, your target audience will always look forward to your podcasts.

In addition, you can convert your podcasts into blogs or share them directly on social media channels. Likewise, you can convert your videos and podcasts into blogs.

6. They Allow You Connect Better With Your Audience

Podcasts are often conversational so your audience can easily go along with what you are saying while driving, eating, walking, or just sitting quietly. So, when you have a story, experience, or message to share with your audience, use podcasts for maximum impact.

By doing this, you will develop a deeper connection with your listeners and they will look forward to subsequent episodes.

7. You Can Target a Particular Niche

Most podcasts are centered around a particular topic or theme. As a digital marketer, you can use podcasts to discuss your products and services with your target audience.

Your digital marketing strategy will benefit from podcasts that target a certain niche in each segment. There is a wide variety of content you can create for drawing attention to your products and services while keeping your audience interested in your brand.

8. You Can Easily Build a Community Around your Business

Want to convert your audience into loyal customers?

Research has shown that about 80 percent of podcast listeners listen to most or all the episodes they are subscribed to.

Building a community around your brand takes trust and a level of commitment. Podcasting makes this easy when you create and discuss content that meets the needs of your audience. More so, these shows are easy to remember and relate to at any time.

9. It Sets You Ahead of Your Competitors

The competition for visibility online is fierce, no matter your niche. Creating the kind of content that will attract a large audience takes lots of time, effort, skill, and consistency.

How do you set yourself apart from the competition?

Use a strategy they haven’t discovered yet.

Exploring podcasts as a digital marketing strategy has the potential of giving you the online visibility you seek. You can stand out from your many competitors and establish your brand.

Combining podcasting with your other digital marketing strategies will go a long way in keeping you ahead of your competitors.

10. It Establishes You as an Authority in Your Industry

Podcasting allows you to share your opinion and knowledge on topics relating to your industry, which is similar to what you do when writing a blog.

A high-quality podcast will attract people who need answers to listen and gain knowledge about relevant topics.

In addition to your knowledge and insights on relevant topics making you an authority in your industry, interviewing experts on your shows will also help to build trust and loyalty in your brand.

50 of the Best Marketing Podcasts to Listen to Online

Are you unsure of which podcasts to subscribe to for relevant information?

There are MANY podcast creators online, all aiming at building a large listenership to share knowledge with and convert into loyal customers.

But not all marketing podcasts are worth your time.

So, what podcast should I listen to?

From the wide variety of listening options available online, we’ve hand-picked 50 of the best marketing podcasts for 2022 that you will enjoy listening to and gain a lot of knowledge from.

Without further ado, here you go:

1. 10x Talk

10x Talk is a great podcast for business owners who are eager to discover the untapped business potentials of their business. In the provocative and persuasive episodes, they share insights that will help you thrive in an ever-expanding and developing “Abundance Multipliers” in the global economy of the 21st century.

The series is hosted by Joe Polish and Dan Sullivan. Together they teach listeners the 10x multipliers to grow their business.

Joe Polish is a marketing expert and president of Piranha Marketing Inc. He founded the Genius Network and GeniusX and created the Genius Network Interview Series. Through his expertise, he has helped to build thousands of businesses and generate huge amounts of money for his diverse clients.

Co-host Dan Sullivan is an entrepreneurship expert with lots of experience dating back to 1974. He focuses on coaching people to be more confident and stay unmanipulated by internal and external forces. Listening to the founder of is inspiring, liberating, and refreshing.

Where to Subscribe: Stitcher and Apple

Our Top Picks:

2. Affiliated by ClickBank

Affiliated is ClickBank’s official affiliate marketing podcast and teaches listeners how to grow and scale their business using affiliate marketing.

Hosted by senior business development manager Thomas McMahon and business development manager Kyle Kostechka, Affiliated is a bi-weekly podcast that shares helpful insights on different affiliate marketing strategies for all manner of businesses. After subscribing to this podcast, you’ll get weekly deliveries of each podcast in your inbox without fail.

Thomas McMahon helps brands leverage affiliates with amazing results. At ClickBank, he managed his pipelines from lead generation to scale, surpassing goals and generating revenue. The Bachelor of Arts graduate teaches listeners how to bridge the gap between themselves and their customers.

Meanwhile, co-host Kyle Kostechka specializes in managing acquisitions, growth, selling products online, and affiliate marketing. The business development manager teaches lessons he has learned over the years in a manner that is conversational and easy to grasp.

If you want to grow your online business to scale beyond 7-figures, you should subscribe to this podcast.

Where to Subscribe: Spotify, Apple, and Podbean. Also, you can also listen to their podcasts on Google Podcasts.

Our Top Picks:

3. Authority Hacker Podcast

Authority Hacker is another valuable podcast for marketers who need more knowledge in marketing.

Marketing veterans Gael Breton and Mark Webster share their marketing experience with their audience with advice on how to grow their business and create awesome websites. In addition, the podcasts provide practical steps on how to have a successful website and the ideas for creating blog posts.

These highly inspiring podcasts provide knowledge on running authority websites and blogs.

One of the brains behind the podcast and editor-in-chief, Gael Breton,  loves to test the latest SEO tools and tactics in his spare time. He has featured on many podcasts and webinars on different reputable platforms including SEMRush and Ahrefs. Gael has also spoken at several conferences and prestigious organizations including Harvard Business School and Oxford University.

Mark Webster, the co-founder of Authority Hacker, is a systems expert specializing in scaling the tactics developed by small-scale experimentation to the enterprise level. He is keen on efficiency and organization, which he puts to good use as he oversees content creation, customer support, hiring, and outsourcing for the Authority Hacker.

By subscribing to Authority Hacker, you’ll get new podcast episodes every week debating better marketing methods and challenging societal norms on marketing.

Where to Subscribe: Spotify, Apple, YouTube, Podbean, and Soundcloud.

Our Top Picks:

4. B2B Growth: Your Daily B2B Marketing Podcast

Sweet Fish’s B2B Growth podcast is a daily series for B2B marketers. This popular podcast has more than 2,000 episodes with more than 4 million downloads. Content shared on each episode is practical and easy for listeners to follow and implement in their businesses.

The podcast, which is centered around marketing, business, and careers, uses a practical and tactical approach to break down B2B content-based networking for easy understanding. James and his team are also very transparent and will help any business owner achieve success.

James Carbary hosts the podcast, alongside brilliant co-hosts like Dan Sanchez. You will enjoy the short solo episodes as well as the interesting discussions with the different guests that come on the show from time to time.

Where to Subscribe: Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google

Our Top Picks:

5. Billy Gene Is Marketing Offends The Internet

If you are interested in raw and offensive business advice, Billy Gene Is Marketing Offends The Internet is for you.

The advice you’ll get from this show may trend towards offensive or brutally honest. Despite the podcast’s racist, inappropriate, sexist, or sometimes trending elements, it has a high rating on most sites and has new content for listeners every day.

The host, Billy Gene Shaw, doesn’t care which business owner or entrepreneur he offends as he teaches some of the best practices in paid traffic and social media marketing of the 21st century. He collaborates with other digital marketing geniuses to create content that appeals to business owners who need help turning their social media clicks into customers.

So far, Billy Gene has featured and interviewed top internet marketers like Tai Lopez, Russell Brunson, and Grant Cardone, among others.

Meanwhile, Billy is also the creator of The School of Genius, a high-level online social media marketing program that helps people to get more customers and boost their business.

Where to Subscribe: Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, Podtail, and Google Podcasts.

Our Top Picks:

6. Build Your Tribe | Grow Your Business with Social Media

Chalene Johnson and her son, Brock Johnson, host the Build Your Tribe podcast to offer valuable business advice primarily for entrepreneurs. They discuss topics relating to branding basics, social media content, hashtag strategies, and other strategies for leveraging business online platforms.

Build Your Tribe podcast is a great show for seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs alike. Expert guest interviews are also a crucial component of the show and quick episodes are included to teach actionable steps for business growth.

In the show, New York Times Best Selling Author, Serial Entrepreneur, and Business Coach Chalene Johnson and Story-telling Strategist, Speaker, and Part-Time Entrepreneur Brock Johnson share top tips for building social media, growing an email list, boosting automated sales, creating extra streams of income, and developing digital marketing strategies.

Where to Subscribe: Apple, Podbean, and Spotify.

Our Top Picks:

7. Content Creatives Podcast

In Content Creatives Podcast, Maddy Keineker and Emma Cortes share tips and valuable lessons on how to navigate the influencer world. These two content creators and bloggers dive into all the tools you will need to execute a working content creation for your social media channels.

By following their tips and strategies, you will successfully build your online community and know your value as a content creator. In addition, you will get the best practices in marketing, sales, and business for content creators.

So, if you are an aspiring content creator looking to discover, grow, and own your brand, Emma and Maddy can help. All you need to do is subscribe and listen to their podcast. Before long, you will figure out who you are and how to build your online presence and brand.

Where to Subscribe: Spotify, Apple, Tune In, Stitcher, and iHeartRadio.

Our Top Picks:

8. Content Inc.

Content Inc. from Content Marketing Institute (CMI) Podcast Network is designed to teach entrepreneurs and startups how to develop a loyal audience using content.

Joe Pulizzi, the godfather of content marketing and founder of Content Marketing Institute, is a recipient of the 2014 John Caldwell Lifetime Achievement Award and an influential writer.

He uses the Content Inc. podcast to share personal anecdotes and important lessons learnt from others. For him, creating and selling products and services is not the only way to grow an online business.

Hence, the creator of this incredible resource shares different strategies that small businesses and startups can use to build an audience using content first before selling products and services to them.

Each episode lasts for about 5 to 10 minutes every Monday, during which you can get one inspiration idea for your business. You’ll also learn how many successful entrepreneurs have used content to create a very lucrative business.

After subscribing to and listening to his podcasts, you would have learnt enough to start experimenting content creation on your own.

Where to Subscribe: iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Castro FM, and Stitcher.

Our Top Picks:

9. Digital Marketing Podcast with Tim Cameron-Kitchen

Join Exposure Ninja Tim Cameron-Kitchen as he takes listeners through some of the best ways to increase your site’s visibility and boost sales generation. In the Digital Marketing Podcast, you’ll also get actionable tips and real-life stories from special guests.

As Tim interviews some of the best digital marketers in the world, it will be clear which strategies are more effective in digital marketing.

Tim Cameron-Kitchen is an entrepreneur, public speaker, and digital marketing author of five bestselling books. He teaches digital marketing strategies like SEO, Pay Per Click, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Web Design that converts more clients, among others. In addition, he founded Exposure Ninja, a digital marketing agency that was named 2018 SME Marketing Provider of the Year at the SME 2018 Midlands Enterprise Awards.

Listen in on each episode and become a smarter digital marketer.

Where to Subscribe: Stitcher, Apple

Our Top Picks:

10. Duct Tape Marketing

Listen in as John Jantsch shares tips and strategies from his business marketing success system. Duct Tape Marketing podcast is designed to teach digital marketers a less stressful but effective way of marketing their brand.

The podcast, which has been active since 2005, comprises interview sessions with influential digital marketing experts, thought leaders, and authors from different parts of the world. In addition, you’ll hear your favorite marketers and entrepreneurs as they share their stories, experiences, tactics, resources, and business secrets on the show.

Duct Tape Marketing host John Jantsch is one of the top small business marketing experts in America. The 61-year-old writer has authored three bestsellers – Duct Tape Marketing, The Commitment Engine, and Referral Engine. He specializes in dishing out small business advice and has delivered many keynote speeches on the subject.

Join tens of thousands of the podcast’s loyal listeners as John and his savvy industry experts talk about different aspects of digital marketing and some of the most effective strategies for getting more customers and increasing returns on investment.

Where to Subscribe: Stitcher, Apple, Android, and Podcast Addict,

Our Top Picks:

11. Epic Success Podcast

Epic Success is an amazing podcast where host Dr. Shannon Irvine shares her knowledge on mastering life and business with listeners. Each episode is value-rich with a nice blend of science and faith that will make you smarter, stronger, more integrated, more faith-filled, and happier.

Together with her guest experts, Dr. Shannon reveals so many actionable strategies and steps for achieving Epic Success. Her systems are proven to help listeners reach their goals, master shortcuts to time management and productivity, master mindset & habits, achieve leadership prowess, and master motivation strategies.

She teaches listeners to trust God as they journey towards achieving their Epic life and businesses.

As a business entrepreneur, each episode will teach you to build success pathways in your mind using the power of neuro achievement. You will learn how to think, act, and scale in life and business.

Dr. Shannon Irvine is a coaching business mentor and founder of iTunes’ top 100 business podcast, Epic Success. She has a Ph.D. in neuropsychology and enjoys sharing her years of experience, knowledge, and wisdom with anyone willing to listen.

Where to Subscribe: Stitcher, Apple, Spotify, and Podbean.

Our Top Picks:

12. Everyone Hates Marketers

Everyone Hates Marketers is a very interesting podcast hosted by Louis Grenier. Marketers and entrepreneurs who are tired of shady marketing will love this marketing podcast.

He uses the podcast as an avenue to share ethical marketing tactics with his audience and makes his dislike for shady marketing very clear. The content lead has good taste in genuine marketing and doesn’t hesitate to provide his audience with rich content.

The focus of the podcast is to help listeners get more customers, leads, website visitors, and profit through actionable marketing tactics. Guests like Sujan Patel and Nir Eyal come around occasionally to share their marketing experiences and useful tips.

Host Louis Grenier brings his ten years of marketing experience to play in this contrarian marketing podcast, in which he refers to himself in the third person.  He has made huge flops while launching products and services and has learned from those mistakes.

The moody French guy now stands out as the founder of Everyone Hates Marketers – a podcast with over 1 million downloads in less than four years.

Where to Subscribe: Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, and Site.

Our Top Picks:

13. Go-To Gal Podcasts

In Go-To Gal podcast, host Jaclyn Mellone and her guests deal with topics that interest marketers and entrepreneurs striving for success in their businesses.

Female entrepreneurs are the primary target of these podcasts and the show is centered around mindset, strategy, and tactics. Topics cover personal brand building, creating equitable and inclusive businesses, and so much more.

Jaclyn Mellone is a strategist, coach, keynote speaker, and founder of the Go-To Gal podcast. She aims to position her clients and audience as the go-to authority in their industry by restructuring their business models, reframing their mindset, and revamping their marketing strategies.

Jaclyn loves to help experts at all levels and has spoken at several marketing conferences around the United States. Her podcast, which began in her living room, is fast gaining ground with over 500 subscribers.

Where to Subscribe: Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Castbox, and Google Play.

Our Top Picks:

14. Hidden Brain

Do you want to understand how your customers think?

Hidden Brain is a great podcast for business owners to understand themselves and the world around them.

Shankar Vedantam doubles as host and executive editor of the independent production company and podcast which was launched in 2015. He created the term “Hidden Brain” to describe different factors that influence and manipulate individuals to make certain decisions without their awareness.

Millions of people download the top-rated podcasts every week to learn more about social dynamics and relationships. Vedantam uses storytelling and science to help his listeners understand the unconscious patterns driving human behaviour and shaping our choices.

This podcast will help to shape the way you do business.

Where to Subscribe: Apple, Spotify, iheart, and Stitcher.

Our Top Picks:

15. How I Built This

How I Built This is another great podcast that features different entrepreneurs telling personal stories of how they overcame different hurdles to get to where they are currently.

Guy Raz, the show’s host, is keen on telling stories about how top companies around the globe got to the top and the innovators, idealists, and entrepreneurs behind these successes. You’ll learn how to get a successful venture started, launched, and built.

Described as “one of the most popular podcasters in history” by New York Times, Guy Raz has made a name for himself as an independent producer and award-winning reporter. He is also a radio and podcast host, creating and hosting different programs in fields like leadership, music, and kids’ education.

So far, the National Headliner Awardee has interviewed and profiled over 10,000 people, some of who are Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Bill Gates, Taylor Swift, among others.

Where to Subscribe: Apple, NPR One, Spotify, Google Podcasts, RSS Link, and Stitcher.

Our Top Picks:

16. How to Win

Peep Laja’s How to Win podcast tells stories of different strategies and tactics that several successful B2B SaaS companies and agencies employ to compete and win in highly saturated categories. New guests made up of executives, founders, and marketers come on the show every week to discuss how to build moats, grow audiences, scale businesses, and stand out from the competition.

The podcast is hosted by the founder of Wynter, Speero, and CXL, Peep Laja. He is a business builder with lots of experience in optimization and experimentation. Typically, his thinking, reading and writing center around topics like business, strategy, and optimization.

In How To Win, he shares in-depth knowledge on how your B2B company can win and outsmart the competition. Instead of acquiring companies or investing in small businesses, he prefers to build new businesses from scratch. These businesses eventually grow in revenue and number.

So, if you want to tap into his wealth of knowledge, you can subscribe to his podcasts.

Where to Subscribe: Apple Podcasts, Podtail, and Spotify

Our Top Picks:

17. I Love Marketing

I Love Marketing is a valuable resource for anyone who needs more knowledge about marketing a business.

Co-host Dean Jackson has loved marketing since he was a young boy and has always preferred it to doing a regular job. He now enjoys a life of freedom and fun using marketing.

Joe Polish is another host on the show who has loved marketing since he was 4 years old.

For over 15 years, Dean and Joe have been talking about marketing and, with the I Love Marketing podcast, they can now share their new marketing ideas with a vast audience.

At the weekly show, they discuss direct mail ideas, stick strategies, lead generation and conversion, getting referrals, email marketing, productivity, people, books, and psychology.

Every podcast episode is an adventure you will not like to miss.

Where to Subscribe: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podbean, and Stitcher.

Our Top Picks:

18. Let’s Talk Branding

Are you a brand strategist?

You can get better by joining Stef Hamerlinck on this amazing show as he interviews industry leaders on brand strategy. Every episode of Let’s Talk Branding is aimed at inspiring brand strategists to solve problems that stand in your way of becoming a creative strategist.

Belgium-based Stef Hamerlinck is a brand strategist, marketer, and designer. He critically explores anything relating to branding on his weekly podcast. The show features interviews with some of the expert brand builders in the industry, including Phil Barden and Byron Sharp.

Stef loves to lend his voice to anything relating to the branding industry and has appeared on Chris Do’s ‘Thefutur’, ‘Just branding’, among others.

Where to Subscribe: Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

Our Top Picks:

19. Leveling Up (Growth Everywhere) Podcast

Leveling Up (Growth Everywhere) Podcast features weekly interviews with marketing experts and entrepreneurs. The host, Eric Siu, uses the podcast as a medium to share digital marketing and entrepreneurship trends with listeners.

The show features interviews on Mondays, while Tuesdays to Fridays are meant for short segments called ‘Growth Bites’ episodes. These short segments cover topics like marketing, productivity, sales, hiring, among others.

Eric Siu is the chairman of Single Grain and an investor. In addition to Levelling Up podcasts, he also co-hosts the Marketing School podcast alongside Neil Patel. Although he was neither academically or socially successful in his youth, Eric was a very good eSports and poker player.

Eventually, he learned to channel his success in gaming into building a successful career in marketing.

Learn from billion-dollar company owners and best-selling authors on actionable tactics to make your business grow. Also learn the mistakes to avoid while marketing your business.

Where to Subscribe: Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Our Top Picks:

20. Local SEO Tactics and Digital Marketing Strategies

Local SEO Tactics is a great show for digital marketers and business owners. Intrycks’ Jesse Dolan and Bob Brennan co-host the podcast, enlightening their loyal listeners about new digital marketing strategies as well as local SEO tips and tricks that will guarantee amazing results.

Some of the amazing things you will learn include how to find your ideal customers online, rank at the top of search engine result pages (SERPs), generate qualified leads, and convert these leads into loyal customers.

Jesse and Bob understand the struggles that local entrepreneurs face in the real world. They put together this helpful podcast to share their experiences, proven methods, and actionable tips with local business owners. By implementing the tactics shared in each episode, you’ll be able to convert new leads and grow your business.

The duo aim to help listeners to make a great first impression, just like the name of their marketing agency – Intrycks – implies.

So, if you want to improve your website visibility in search engines, attract more local traffic for your business, and beat the competition, you’ll do well to subscribe to this podcast.

Where to Subscribe: Podtail, Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Our Top Picks:

21. Marketing Made Simple

Get practical tips for easy and effective marketing from the Marketing Made Simple podcast.

Dr. J.J. Peterson and April Sunshine Hawkins dive into the world of marketing with practical examples that will make it easier for you to understand how marketing really works. Each episode has the potential to transform the way you market your business and drive revenue.

The weekly podcast has Dr. J.J. Peterson as host. He created the Business Made Simple along with StoryBrand’s Donald Miller. Together, they both came up with the Marketing Made Simple podcast to help business owners and marketing teams.

Co-host April Sunshine is an educator with experience in social media marketing. She teaches marketing strategies like copywriting in a fun way that is easy to digest and implement.

In the podcast, you’ll learn how to convert your customers and help them win by marketing your products and services effectively.

Where to Subscribe: Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Google Podcast.

Our Top Picks:

22. Marketing School – Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Tips

Co-hosts of the Marketing School podcast, Neil Patel and Eric Siu, have a lot to offer as they bring you actionable digital marketing tips from their years of experience. The podcast, which is broadcast daily, has about 1,400 episodes and over 50 million downloads.

It’s a great podcast for startups and established businesses to learn the trends in SEO, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, conversion optimization, and a host of other online marketing lessons.

Listen to online digital marketing experts Neil and Eric as they dissect different topics that will benefit small, medium, and enterprise business owners. In 10 minutes with the duo, you’ll get the best actionable digital marketing tips that will take your business to the next level.

Where to Subscribe: Apple, Stitcher, Spotify, YouTube, Google Play, and Soundcloud.

Our Top Picks:

23. Marketing Trends

Marketing Trends, powered by Salesforce and Pardot, is loaded with interesting war stories of people who have worked their way through different hurdles to help build the Fortune 500.

This bi-weekly podcast brings you interviews with CEOs, CMOs, innovators, and other industry-leading marketers. You’ll hear directly from them which strategies work best and which ones are not so effective.

Marketing leaders can stay in the loop with the latest marketing trends Ian and Chad share in each episode.

You’ll enjoy the conversational way in which Ian and Chad discuss The Mission’s Marketing Trends podcast. They talk about their marketing background and all the lessons they’ve learnt along the way.

Tune in to the podcast for new ways to stay ahead of your competitors in this highly competitive digital space.

Where to Subscribe: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher.

Our Top Picks:

24. Next in Marketing

Dive into the latest trends driving digital marketing today with Mike Shields.

In AppsFlyer’s Next in Marketing podcast, you’ll understand how technology and data are changing the world of marketing and advertising. The podcast talks about ongoing shifts and reinvention of advertising and marketing.

Follow Business Insider and AdWeek editor, Mike Shields, as he steers people through constant change. The Shields Strategic Consulting founder has been in the ad business for more than 15 years. He advises companies on winning content strategies while serving as an analyst.

Mike is a digital advertising expert with experience in video, gaming, and marketing technology.

Where to Subscribe: Spotify, iHeart, Google Podcast, and Apple.

Our Top Picks:

25. Perpetual Traffic

Tune in to Scalable Media Network’s Perpetual Traffic Podcast every week and get effective strategies on how you can use paid traffic to get leads and sales for your small or medium-sized business.

Perpetual Traffic exposes you to the paid traffic strategies from DigitalMarketer and the real-life experiences of co-hosts Ralph Burns and Kasim Aslam. Interview sessions on the show with business owners like you will reveal their struggles and how they overcame them.

Paid traffic is an important aspect of any business’ digital marketing efforts. It puts your products, services, or message in front of your target audience for the purpose of getting more traffic and converting them into loyal customers.

The podcast will empower startups and experts with the knowledge required for making Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Google AdWords, and LinkedIn advertising work effectively for your business. Each shared strategy is tailored to encourage business owners to stick to the basics of marketing for optimum results.

Where to Subscribe: Apple, Spotify, Castbox FM, Podchaser, and Stitcher.

Our Top Picks:

26. Social Media Marketing School

Social Media Marketing School is a podcast that is used to teach marketers how to leverage social influence to grow their personal brands and business. Their podcast covers Facebook ads, email marketing, social media tactics, Instagram growth, and so many others.

The podcast is the best for marketing executives, business owners, content creators, and social media marketing agencies.

Jordan Platten is the host/instructor of the podcast. He is an author, speaker, English entrepreneur, and internet personality. In just 6 months of going into digital marketing, he was able to make 6 figures for himself. Today, he has generated millions in revenue.

There is nothing as good as following someone with proven results.

Where to Subscribe: Apple, Spotify, and Podtail.

Our Top Picks:

27. Social Media Secrets with Rachel Pedersen – The Queen of Social Media

Social Media Secrets  – The Queen of Social Media is a podcast hosted by Rachel Pedersen. She has been in the business of helping digital marketers, social media managers, and entrepreneurs leverage social media in growing their business from nothing to making thousands of dollars.

Rachel is a social media strategist, marketing consultant, and viral entrepreneur.

If you want to learn new things in these areas, then waste no time because you will get all you need following this podcast.

Where to Subscribe: Podtail, Podchaser, Spotify, and Apple.

Our Top Picks:

28. Socialette: Bite-Sized Online Marketing Podcast

Socialette: Bite-Sized Online Marketing Podcast is hosted by Steph Taylor. The beauty of this podcast is that it gives business owners and marketers the opportunity to ask all the questions they have regarding their business.

An online business owner herself, she is always ready to answer all of your business marketing questions with a deep dive into all details of online marketing, social media marketing, marketing strategies for business owners, and content marketing.

This podcast is for many people; sometimes it’s important we keep the interviews aside and answer the questions that have been going through the minds of the listeners. That is why the Socialette podcast is here.

Feel free to throw in your questions.

Where to Subscribe: Apple, Podbean, Podchaser, and Spotify

Our Top Picks:

29. State of Demand Gen

State of Demand Gen podcast is a podcast where you get advice, innovative strategy, and tangible tactics that work best for today’s market from marketers who are not just talking but are doing it every day of their lives.

Unlike other podcasts that have a particular host, State of Demand Gen gives its listeners a variety of hosts in the online marketing business. Some of the hosts of the podcast include Christ Walker and Megan Bowen.

The digital marketing world is a dynamic one; what worked last year may not work this year, and what is working today may be out of date by next month. That is where the State of Demand Gen comes in.

If you are always looking for up-to-date information in the digital world, something that will work in the present market, then State of Demand Gen is definitely the best for you.

Where to Subscribe: Apple, Spotify, Podplay, and Refine Labs

Our Top Picks:

30. Stay Paid – A Sales and Marketing

Stay Paid – A Sales and Marketing podcast is very unique mostly because of its hosts.

Luke Acree and Josh Stike are great hosts who add flavor to the show in a way you can’t get anywhere else. They are high-ranking producers in areas such as finance, insurance, and real estate.

The podcast also has an amazing lineup of experienced guests who share their wealth of experience every week. Irrespective of the industry you belong to, they have a wide range of topics that you can easily implement.

Their target is to give listeners actionable sales and marketing advice that will help them live a life of freedom but only after making the right decision. Some of the topics they have covered include building a successful business from the ground, digital marketing and social media tactics, cold calling, and door knocking, and many more.

Try this podcast and thank us later.

Where to Subscribe: Apple, Podtail, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Our Top Picks:

31. The Affiliate Guy

The Affiliate Guy podcast is one of the few sources of affiliate marketing strategies, tips, and news that have helped many digital marketers and online business owners take their business to the next level.

Through the expert interviews, the host, Matt Williams, asks the tough questions and speaks about the best actionable strategies in each episode.

Do you want to learn how to boost your commissions, manage affiliate programs, and much more stuff on digital marketing? Then follow the Award-Winning Affiliate Manager with years of experience in affiliate marketing as he takes you through the journey of affiliate marketing in his podcast.

The actionable advice you’ll get from each episode will help to take your business to the next level.

Where to Subscribe: Apple, Spotify, Google, and Stitcher.

Our Top Picks:

32. The Analytics Power Hour

Analytics Power Hour is a great podcast for people who love topics like statistics, analytics, A/B testing, and so much more. The podcasts are casual and very educational.

The podcast has Michael Helbling, Moe Kiss, and Tim Wilson as hosts. They gladly share their thoughts about digital analytics using an open forum method, with each episode having a different topic. Experienced guests come around regularly to share insights with the audience.

Michael Helbling is the owner of AJL Analytics, Moe Kiss is in charge of Data and Analytics at Canva, while Tim Wilson is the Director of Analytics “Quintessential Analyst” at Search Discovery.

Where to Subscribe: Apple, Spotify, and Podbean.

Our Top Picks:

33. The Art of Marketing Operations

The Art of Marketing Operations is a podcast for people who are hoping to grow their business and marketing knowledge. Listening to the ideas and strategies of guests and hosts guarantees you’ll have what it takes to help scale, grow, and optimize your efficiency. The episodes are geared towards helping you make your business what you want it to be.

The podcast is hosted by Taylor, a passionate leader in the digital world who is interested in building business owners toward a better path. It focuses on innovative ideas and overarching themes, efficiency, data, and data analysis. This has helped most followers to drive growth and speed in their business.

So, if you want to understand all that marketing entails, go to your favorite podcast platform and subscribe to this podcast.

Where to Subscribe: Spotify, Apple, and Stitcher

Our Top Picks:

34. The Art of Online Business

The Art of Online Business podcast has everything that an online business owner is looking for. Every online business owner wants to count profits in thousands and millions. This podcast is the one-stop-shop for practical tips, actionable ideas, the right mindset, best case study, and so much more.

The podcast is hosted by Rick Mulready, an expert online marketer, business coach, lifestyle entrepreneur, and ads expert. He shares his path to building a million-dollar business through the art of online business in his podcasts.

Rick specializes in breaking down complex marketing strategies and ideas into smaller units for his listeners to easily understand. His own website has over 4.5 million downloads from online business owners of all classes, and is not stopping there.

No matter what you are looking for as per growing your online business, this weekly podcast has something easy for you that will give you the results you are looking for.

Where to Subscribe: Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, and Podbay FM.

Our Top Picks:

35. The Art of Sales with Art

The Art of Sales is one of the marketing podcasts with reliable information. The reason for this is that the host of the podcast, Art Sobczak, is himself an authority when it comes to sales. For 30 years, Art has practiced and taught sales through different mediums.

Through his newsletters, books, videos, online courses, keynotes, customized company training, public seminars, audios, etc, Art has been able to help business owners and marketers generate sales on a different level.

For Art, he believes that anyone can sell irrespective of the person’s job title. So if you are looking at making sales, the Art of Sales podcast is the best place to get authentic conversational sales and prospecting tips that work regardless of your experience.

The podcast provides tips that different personalities will be comfortable to work with and get the results they want.

Where to Subscribe: Apple, Podchaser, Spotify, and Podtail.

Our Top Picks:

36. The Blogging Millionaire

The Blogging Millionaire podcast is a show that focuses on blogs. Through their podcast, they have been able to expose millions of amateur bloggers to the secrets pro bloggers use to drive traffic and monetize the blogs.

The podcast is hosted by Brandon, an entrepreneur who has used his blog to make millions for himself. Less than 2 years Brandon was able to build his blog to have over a million visitors per month. Today, the blog has grown to over 50 million visitors every month.

The Blogging Millionaire is a podcast dedicated to guiding bloggers down the path of becoming masters in WordPress, search engine optimization, internet marketing, blogging, email marketing, content marketing, email list building, conversion optimization, website engagement, and many more things needed by bloggers to drive traffic.

Are you a blogger? Do you want to take your blog to a different new height? 

The blogging millionaire will not only teach you how to drive traffic to your blog but will show you how to make millions through your blog.

Where to Subscribe: Podchaser, Spotify, Stitcher, and Apple.

Our Top Picks:

37. The Business of Marketing

The Business of Marketing podcast is a podcast that brings around C-level leaders who give insight on how the C-suite works together with marketing.

Some of the topics you will likely hear in the conversations during the podcast include how to create cross-functional teams, uphold purpose, build employer brand, establish clear communication, drive technology adoption, develop talent for the future, and invest in customer-centricity.

The podcast is presented every week by Adweek and SAP. The main focus is to give a deep dive into how CMOs work collaborating with their C-suite partners to drive business transformation.

For marketers and business owners who are interested in CMOs and C-suite, The Business of Marketing is the best podcast for you. Just subscribe and enjoy.

Where to Subscribe: Spotify, Apple, and Stitcher 

Our Top Picks:

38. The Digital Marketing Podcast

The Digital Marketing podcast is undoubtedly one of the best digital podcasts in terms of audience reach. This podcast has listeners in over 190 countries.

For over 11 years, they have been in the business of providing free adverts through their weekly digital podcast. Because of their global reach, they are able to bring in global experts in the digital world during their podcasts.

With their latest news, techniques, tools, and strategies, they are able to give millions of people both entertaining and informative digital marketing ideas.

The podcast is hosted by a digital marketing specialist, Ciaran Roger, and produced by an award-winning speaker, author, and chief executive officer of Target Internet, Daniel Rowles.

Wherever you are in the world and you want the right information on digital marketing to help your business, Digital Marketing Podcast is a click away.

Where to Subscribe: Apple, Spotify, and Podbean

Our Top Picks:

39. The DigitalMarketer Podcast

The DigitalMarketer Podcast is a podcast produced every week by DigitalMarketer. The host, Jenna Snavel, who is herself a product content marketing manager, helps digital marketers through the journey of digital marketing, going a step further in discussing all that every digital marketer needs to take their business to the next level.

The DigitalMarketer Podcast invites key players in online marketing to expose and bring to light things that other marketing podcasts fail to talk about.

In addition to exposing digital marketing secrets, they also, through their podcast, help listeners, business owners, and online marketers understand how to go about implementing the best marketing strategies in helping their business grow.

The best part of this podcast is that they are not just interested in helping just seasoned online marketing experts but also those who are still wondering how to join the digital marketing moving train.

Are you in any of these categories? 

The DigitalMarketer Podcast will be happy to help you out in every way possible as long as it concerns digital marketing.

Where to Subscribe: Apple, Stitcher, Spotify, and Podbean.

Our Top Picks:

40. The Marketing Book Podcast

The Marketing Book Podcast is one of the most recognized marketing podcasts by both Forbes and LinkedIn. They have been recognized as one of the top sales and marketing podcasts.

The Marketing Book Podcast interviews authors of new sales and marketing books every week. The podcast is hosted by Douglas Burnett, a seasoned marketing agent, and Madison Avenue Ad-man.

If you are looking for a marketing podcast where you can trust the information being given, then Marketing Book Podcast is just the right show you are looking for. All the who is who in the marketing world appear on this podcast.

Where to Subscribe: Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, and Podbean.

Our Top Picks:

41. The Marketing Companion

The Marketing Companion is a podcast for people who are looking for entertainment while they get information on their marketing strategy. Who says you can’t get a good result when you mix business with pleasure?

Mark Schaefer, the host of the Marketing Companion, has found a way to help marketers and business owners derive pleasure through his entertaining podcast. Mark, alongside several other brilliant guests, has helped many business owners by providing timely advice and new marketing insights.

In addition, he has helped a lot of followers navigate the present digital world and get them prepared for the future digital world.

The Marketing Companion podcast is always on target when it comes to giving the best ideas on marketing. It is always interesting, and more importantly, it comes with fun. What a companion!

What’s stopping you from checking them out? 

Where to Subscribe: Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, and Podbean.

Our Top Picks:

42. The Marketing Millennials

The Marketing Millennials podcast is a podcast that has succeeded in making yesterday’s marketers today’s stars.

Do you want to be a star in your business?

The Marketing Millennial is hosted by Daniel Murray and Emily Fergason. They have mixed their podcast with fun and unfiltered conversation with the best when it comes to online marketing.

Daniel Murray, one of the co-hosts of the Marketing Millennials, is a man with many years of experience in online marketing. He is an expert in complex B2B marketing tech stacks like Marketo, Lean Data, Chili Piper, and Outreach.

He is currently the Senior Marketing Operation Manager at ServiceTitan and once did marketing at Oracle, SnackNation, Corrao Group, and ChowNow.

Where to Subscribe: Apple, Spotify, and Podtail

Our Top Picks:

43. The Marketing Ninja

The Marketing Ninja is a podcast that is hosted by Manuel Suarez. His interest is to help business owners expand and flourish their businesses through the knowledge of social media advertising that he shares in the podcast.

Suarez is a well-traveled person, delivering lectures in many parts of the world. He decided to share his knowledge and experience from many years of travel to help people become successful in what he views as the greatest marketing era throughout human history.

Through the Marketing Ninja podcast, Suarez has been able to achieve his overall goal and objectives.

The best thing about the Ninja podcast is that even after listening, you can send the host a text concerning any of the matters you didn’t understand or need clarifications on. It is not surprising that the host is the winner of ManyChat 2020 Top Producing Agency and ManyChats 2019 Most Engaging Bot.

Where to Subscribe: Anchor FM, Apple, and Spotify.

Our Top Picks:

44. The Paid Search Podcast

The Paid Search Podcast is a weekly podcast about online marketing and Google ads. Every Monday, the paid search podcast releases a new episode on google ads and online marketing for the thousands of listeners eagerly waiting to hear what’s new in paid search marketing.

The podcast’s hosts are Chris Schaeffer and Jason Rothman. They are both Google AdWords experts and Google partners. When you want to know everything or anything about Google Ads, pay-per-click online marketing, and tactics on how to market your business effectively, they are one of the best duos for the job.

This podcast has helped not just business owners but also pay-per-click freelancers and digital marketing agency employees on the best ways to utilize the opportunities provided by Google AdWords.

For those whose marketing interest is in Google Ads and pay-per-click, we are happy to announce to you that Christmas has come early for you. Tune in and learn!

Where to Subscribe: Spotify, Stitcher, Podbean, and Apple.

Our Top Picks:

45. The Recipe For SEO Success Show

The Recipe For SEO Success Show is a podcast dedicated to search engine optimization. The podcast host Kate Toon is herself a well-known award-winning copywriter and SEO Consultant.

Also known as a copywriting superhero in many quarters, Kate Toon lives and breathes SEO and copywriting.

The recipes she shares during her podcast have helped many marketers expand their understanding of search engine optimization. There are only a few podcasts dedicated to search engine optimization and Kate Toon is one of the best hosts who knows how to dish out the correct recipe.

When you follow the Recipe for SEO Success show, we guarantee you good results from the applications of the things you will be learning.

Where to Subscribe: Apple, Stitcher, Podbean, Podchaser, and Spotify.

Our Top Picks:

46. The SaaS Podcast – SaaS, Startups, Growth Hacking & Entrepreneurship

The SaaS Podcast is a podcast hosted by Omer Khan. For 7 years, he has been helping early-stage SaaS companies and founders to grow their businesses through hundreds of podcasts.

The SaaS Podcast gives listeners close to 300 in-depth interviews with proven SasS founders and entrepreneurs. It aims at helping the entrepreneurs launch, grow, and scale their businesses with actionable examples.

One thing that makes this particular podcast unique is that it gives a detailed A-Z guide on how to start a new SaaS company. People who came across this podcast have benefited immensely from it because of how detailed it is in helping people build their businesses.

For all those who are looking for a podcast to listen to, to help build their business in any way, look no more because the SaaS Podcast is just what you are looking for and more.

Where to Subscribe: Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, and Podbean.

Our Top Picks:

47. The Smart Marketer Podcast

The Smart Marketer Podcast is hosted by the trio: Molly Pittman, Ezra Firestone, and John Grimshaw. This group doesn’t just talk because they want to be on a podcast, but whatever they say is something that they have applied in their different businesses.

As educators and veteran marketers, this trio has in many years trained thousands of business owners into building their businesses to multi-million dollar businesses.

The testimony of their podcast can well be spoken of by thousands of business owners who have been listening to their podcast and using the shared experience of these three in building their businesses through marketing.

The podcast is a bi-weekly one that blends tactical marketing advice with the personal experience of the hosts. You’ll get an insight into how these three were able to run their own businesses every day.

Where to Subscribe: Apple, Spotify, Podbean, and Stitcher.

Our Top Picks:

48. The Social Media Mindset

Social Media Mindset is a podcast aimed at helping business owners who want to use social media to market their business but are finding it difficult to do so.

In their podcasts, they interview stay-at-home mothers, industry experts, celebrities, and every other person that has any useful information. The whole idea of doing the interviews is to bring out the brilliance from their minds and break it down to the listeners who are looking for the best information on how to use social media to boost their business.

This podcast is hosted by Kyle Draper, a seasoned social media marketer with many years of experience. He strongly believes in leaving people better than he finds them.

Like he will always say, “The only thing you can control about social media is your commitment to keep moving forward.” 

Do you want your business to keep moving forward using social media? If yes, waste no time in subscribing because Social Media Mindset has proven to be one of the best for that purpose.

Where to Subscribe: Apple, Stitcher, Spotify, and Podbean.

Our Top Picks:

49. Today In Digital Marketing

Today in Digital Marketing is one of the few podcasts that gives people who have an interest in digital marketing a summary of all the things that have happened in the world of marketing.

The podcast is hosted by Tod Maffin every weekday and lasts for 8 minutes. Maffin is one of the forces when it comes to digital marketing. He has over 25 years of experience in digital advertisement, viral marketing, and social media content. In 8 minutes, he is able to give a rundown of the things that have happened in the digital marketing world and social media.

It is not surprising that senior marketers in their thousands trust, follow, and listen to these podcasts. If you are looking at getting all the information you need in digital marketing, Today in Digital Marketing is no doubt the best podcast for you.

Where to Subscribe: Spotify, Apple, and Stitcher

Our Top Picks:

50. Ungated Marketing Podcast

Ungated Marketing is one of the best marketing podcasts on Spotify. Every episode is packaged with an inspired actionable marketing tactic that is not just about strategy but results. You will be able to know what is working and not working in the world of marketing through all their marketing episodes.

If you are looking for actionable and tactical knowledge from experienced marketers with a quality conversation on how to go from the old and outdated marketing style to the new and up-to-date working marketing tactics, then look no more, because the Ungated Marketing podcast is the best for you.

Fernando Amaral is the VP of Marketing at Landbot and also the host of the Ungated Marketing Podcast. Amaral has over 15 years in online marketing and has helped many businesses achieve increased awareness and rapid growth through his inbound and outbound marketing tactics and strategies.

Where to Subscribe: Apple and Spotify

Our Top Picks:

The Right Podcast Can Turn Your Business Around

There you have it – 50 of the best digital marketing podcasts you should listen to in 2022. You can go through each of these top marketing podcasts and decide which offers the most value for your business.

If you are not sure which of these is the best marketing podcast for your business, let our SEO company Orange County know.

At Flying V Group, we offer top-notch digital marketing services with optimum results. Contact us today!


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