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10 Ways Guest Podcasting Drives Amazing SEO Growth Potential Online

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Podcast guesting refers to the process of booking appearances on popular and established podcasts that operate in areas relevant to your organization. The use of podcasts as an advertising tool is gaining immense popularity because it generally serves an organization’s cause in a better way by generating more exposure in comparison to other forms of content marketing like blogging.

Guest podcasting is a very prudent strategy since it has been seen to have high conversion rates, which can be attributed primarily to its extended reach. The various benefits podcasting offers makes a compelling case for organizations to look for relevant opportunities to host guest podcasts.

The way to go about guest podcasting is to either hire the services of a podcast booking agent or make use of keywords to conduct the relevant search for a relevant podcast link on Google and iTunes. Going through social media like LinkedIn and Facebook are also good sources for industry-specific opportunities.

Try creating relationships with podcast hosts via social media and show them the value that you can offer to their show. If you are able to land a spot, then here are 10 ways guest podcasting drives amazing SEO growth potential online:

Most would agree that the best way to maximize your return on any marketing investment is to expand your outreach and tap into new audiences or customers. Guest blogging is an effective and efficient outreach marketing strategy, but it is hardly a match for guest podcasting which offers more comprehensive access to a newer audience.

Also, in case you are wondering about the higher efficiency of a podcast, the answer is pretty obvious. Since podcasting is all about listening and talking, you can connect at a more personal level with your audience. You can reveal your personality and be more successful in establishing an intimate and personal connection with your target audience.

2. Easier Than Guest Blogging

Guest blogging, no doubt, is one of the strongest pillars on which content marketing stands. However, writing high-quality guest posts that do an exceptional job of engaging both with the target audience and the search engine spiders is not the easiest of things to do. Spam content that is in guest postings is usually on the higher side. There are some quality, professional blog outreach services available and you can hire their services, but on the flip side, they come with a hefty price tag and may not have the expertise needed.

3. Guest Podcasting Boosts Your SEO

Diversifying the mediums you offer from a content marketing standpoint provides a natural boost for SEO. Additionally, placement of backlinks from your podcast host’s site will advance your website’s SEO strategy.

Podcast guesting is a more profitable and impactful way of generating backlinks rather than hiring any external backlink creating agencies who charge you crazy amounts and offer far less than what you can get with backlinks generated from your appearance on a podcast.

4. Enhances Your Credibility with Potential Customers

If there is another expert in your space that brings you on their show, then they are adding proof to your authority on a particular subject or topic. The endorsement is genuine and acts a great credibility builder. The audience is more likely to pay attention to someone whom they believe is the go-to expert on the topic and knows a thing or two about their specific industry.

The trust and confidence your audience has in you is likely to get better with the increasing number of podcast appearances that you make. You can also use your in-depth knowledge to act as an influencer by identifying yourself as a helpful resource to your target audience and industry peers.

5. Grows Your Social Media Presence

The inherent nature of podcasting makes them an excellent medium that will complement your already existing social media presence. Audio content is easily shareable and more widely shared overall. With this being the case, there is a greater likelihood that your brand’s recognition will begin to increase.

Your audience can also benefit significantly from the expertise and knowledge of the subject given through the project. Your knowledge and ability to show value will help increase your brand awareness and that of your company’s. You can also continue to raise your profile or worth by regularly sharing the podcast content that is worthwhile and appeals to the need and requirements of your audience.

6. Generation of Leads from Your Listeners

Guest podcasting, as mentioned above, allows you to venture into new territories. New audiences invariably translate into golden opportunities to generate new leads. However, experts recommend that you should refrain from selling yourself directly on guest podcasts.

Instead of pitching your product or services directly, the better idea would be to establish your credentials as an expert. Remember that you are an expert sharing your knowledge, expertise, views, and insights on the subject matter. Your ideas and point of view should drive the leads to you.

7. Guest Podcasts Allow you to Create More Content

The audio file of your guest podcasts can be easily converted into text documents as well. This content is rich with information and could serve as an essential and informative resource for your audience. You can post this content on your website as well as other sites as a blog post. You can also transcribe it into an interview and post it on different sites. Also, place the audio of the podcast on your website by embedding it.

8. Two-Way Communication Benefits

A podcast going live is an immensely enjoyable and fulfilling experience. It offers a feeling of a mini-launch that results in a highly shareable piece of content. It is a win-win situation for both the anchors and the guests as the guests are happy to be interviewed whereas anchors are happy to have interesting guests.

As we know, podcasts are created and broadcasted differently than a blog post. Podcasts are audio broadcasts, but they often are presented as web content and video as well. The ability to be displayed into different formats and media generates added interest in them, and they are shared more frequently resulting in added tweets, discussion, and backlinks, which invariably leads to more popularity and traffic.

9. More Dwell Time on Your Website

Dwell time has recently been generating a lot of interest from SEO experts. While Google refuses to comment upon the importance of dwell time (which is the amount of time a user spends on a webpage) and its effect on rankings, SEO experts believe that there is a direct linkage between a page’s rankings and dwell time when looking at Google rankings.

So, what happens when you embed a podcast on your website? The answer is pretty simple. Podcasts are longer and the visitor is more likely to stay on the page for a long time listening to the podcast that they would reading a blog post. A podcast of around 15 minutes can easily be listened to while you are doing other chores as it does not command the attention of all your senses, unlike a video.

10. More Traffic through Valuable and Shareable Content

Being a podcast guest is not only extremely valuable for the reasons listed above, but it can also generate lots of business. However, be sure to refrain from indulging in direct sales on your interview as it can do more harm than good. You are on the podcast because you are considered to be an expert whose primary job is to share your own experience and offer an honest opinion about what you know.

As mentioned above, you are going to get leads on your own without a direct sales pitch if the viewer listening to your podcasts finds what you have to say informative and educative. Your job as a guest expert is to share your story and educate the listeners and not to toot your own horn.

If listeners like what you say, there will be no lack of qualified leads for you. Apart from the benefits of guest podcasting mentioned above, being a guest on a podcast holds other advantages as well such as better online reviews, a chance to develop a personal connection, more audience access, and much more.

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Written by Robb Fahrion

Robb Fahrion is a Co-Founder and Partner of Flying V Group. Robb has helped over 350+ companies build their businesses online and is responsible for building Flying V Group into one of the premier marketing agencies in the United States. Robb and his team have managed over $10M in marketing budget and continue to accelerate the growth of clients' businesses. A love for business and competition is what fuels Robb to create dynamic marketing plans to help his clients grow exponentially.

January 15, 2019



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