10 Must-See Reasons SEMrush Will Make Your Business Happy

10 Must-See Reasons SEMrush Will Make Your Business Happy

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Why do you think your competitors content is getting more traffic than yours? Is your content that bad? Maybe you are not doing everything right, but have you ever evaluated your competitor’s content strategies?

Okay, take a deep breath. I didn’t mean to scare you. Don’t get too worked up.

The good news is there are many interesting SEO tools that can help you evaluate your competitor and also can help you to create effective digital marketing strategies SEMrush free trial.

SEMrush is one of the most powerful tools available on the market today that is used by most leading brands across the world. Check out these 10 must-see reasons SEMrush will make your business happy and help you to sleep better at night!

What is SEMrush?

Whether you are doing keyword research, competitor analysis, tracking keyword strategies of competitors, running SEO audits on blogs, or finding out backlink prospects, SEMrush can manage any internet marketing related activities, all of them.

One of the most trusted SEO tools by prominent market leaders like HyattPayPalForbes, and Philips, SEMrush has a massive database of more than 46 million domains and 120 million keywords.

Now, without further adieu, the ten must-see reasons SEMrush will make your business happy:

1. You Will Be Able to Perform Incredible Keyword Research and Optimization

Keywords are the backbone of your content marketing plan because your customers use those keywords to search for you. SEMrush can find the best keyword phrases for you that can most likely help you get maximum search traffic. You get a remarkable set of keyword intelligence with the help of SEMrush, and you also get the assistance for keyword optimization and content marketing plans.

SEMRush provides you with a wide selection of keyword variations that are connected to root words. Secondary keywords are helpful in making you understand the online search patterns people use. You also get to know user behavior. On SEMrush you get access to the average number of searches for every keyword phrase each month. You can also see competition for every keyword.

2. You Will Actually Know What is Happening On Your Website

It is a rule of the thumb that before embarking on anything new or even analyzing what competitors are doing and how they are doing it right, you first need to look in the mirror. You need to check what you have been doing and understand why you have been doing it.

On SEMrush, you will enter your website address and will get an overview of both organic and paid traffic to your site. The summary will show you whether the traffic that you received was good or bad and the rank that you secure on Google rank pages. You will see all of this in real time. You get monthly SEO progress reports from SEMrush that you should use to to improve your presence.

3. You Will Be Able to Analyze Your Competition Before Making Content Strategies

On the internet, you will find millions of blogs and what is more interesting is many of them are not much different from yours. You will also see that your blog is not getting traffic the way other blogs with almost similar content are getting.

Here is when you will need to analyze your keyword strategy. SEMrush will help you analyze your competitors’ keywords for which they are getting massive traffic. Once you know the keywords that are giving good results, you too can work around those keywords and develop content around similar keyword phrases. SEMrush helps you look deep into your competition and target the traffic that your competitors get for the most effective keywords.

4. You Can Keep Track of Your Rankings and Not Just Your Competitors

With SEMrush you can keep track of your rankings on a regular basis. You will be able to see the progress made by your posts and also if they have under-performed on Google. You will get to see what worked and what did not over time.

Maybe one of your SEO-friendly blog posts fared very well on Google. So, you can use similar kinds of content and styles of writing and strategies for your future blogs. The idea would be to get the same amount of traffic for your future posts that can fetch even better rankings for you on Google.

5. You Will Know What Your Competition’s Competition is Doing

SEMrush does more than help you analyze your competitors. It allows you to examine your competitor’s competitors. It finds out all websites that are ranking well for similar keywords and gives you an exact estimate of the amount of traffic received for the top 20 keywords used by each of these sites. Knowing this information would give you an excellent understanding of other traffic levels and formulate a strategy that considers ways to improve your own traffic.

6. You Will Remember to Cherish Your Old Traffic

Many businesses would fail if they got rid of old clients when they acquired new ones. Similarly, when you start getting new traffic, you should not ignore your old traffic because it is your old traffic that enables you to hold on to that new position.

SEMrush not only helps you get new traffic, but it also helps you maintain your old traffic too. Your rank may improve due to your new traffic, but if you lose your old traffic, you may not be able to stick to your new and improved position.

7. You Get Better and Faster Advertising Opportunities with SEMrush

You can make money online by displaying ads on your blogs and websites too. It is a great way to monetize your websites and blogs by showing ads or participating in various company’s affiliate programs. However, you need to present useful content to become successful in affiliate marketing. Unless your content is helpful, informative, and exciting, you can’t make money from affiliate marketing.

SEMrush plays a significant role here. First, it looks at the keywords for which you want to promote your blog or website and then identifies a business that is ready to pay for affiliate programs. If the keywords the companies are looking for are a match with the keywords that you are ranking your website or blog for, SEMrush shows you those keywords in a user-friendly chart. SEMrush then connects you to those businesses.

SEMrush also helps you get these prospects faster than your competitors. You not only get the best advertising opportunities but also get them more quickly. SEMrush enables you to get all traffic and keyword related information about your prospects. When you have all the information in hand, it becomes easier for you to pursue them for ads on your blogs or websites.

8. You Will Find Useful Guest Blogs that Can Help You Get Better Results

Many websites accept guest blogs but finding the best one is not that easy. Guest blogs are one of the most effective ways to market your content that could be beneficial for your blog or website. You will need excellent guest blogging sites to post your guest blogs to get fast and good traffic.

SEMrush can do thorough research of the websites and blog sites that you have selected to post your guest blogs. SEMrush can find out the ins-and-outs of all such sites and help you find the one that gives you a fast and useful result.

9. You Will Be Saved from Critical Google Algorithms

Panda updates are used by the Google algorithm to filter out duplicate and poor quality content. If you knowingly or unknowingly post any such content, then your website or blog too can be badly hit by Panda updates. SEMrush helps you identify all such content by doing a thorough audit of your website content. The review can caution you to make corrections immediately and also work on all such gaps beforehand.

10. You Will Have Help Getting Backlinks

How many backlinks you get proves how good or bad your content marketing strategy is for your website. The primary goal of any site or blog is getting more and more incoming links. SEMrush can help you find out from where your competitors are getting backlinks. Understanding where competitors are getting backlinks can help you develop a more effective backlink strategy for your website or blog.

In this article, we have discussed the ten best reasons to consider SEMrush as your next best content strategist. If you are looking for a tool that can help you improve your content marketing plans, then look no further and implement SEMrush into your system. Whether performing an in-depth analysis of your competitors moves or helping you out from critical and unexpected Google algorithms updates, SEMrush is the best and most useful content marketing solution you can use today.

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February 5, 2019



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