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12 Local Advertising Tips for Boosting ROI Generation in Orange County

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What is the fastest way to reach local leads searching for your kind of business online?

Studies show that 90 percent of searchers do not make up their minds concerning a brand before beginning their search.

If you still think that local advertising involves marketing to a particular physical place, well, that won’t do in this digital era.

Also, if you rely solely on traditional media like newspapers and billboards alone, you will lose many potential customers.

Local advertising in digital marketing covers more than just a segment of the geographic market. In essence, it includes the current location of people who are likely to need your products or services. If you succeed in getting people to patronize your business, you will generate tremendous returns on investment (ROI).

However, generating such tremendous ROI is challenging without the help of the best advertising agencies in Orange County.

Our focus in this article is to show you how to leverage local advertising to boost lead conversion and generate ROI for your business.

Before we proceed, here’s an outline of the main content:

  • What is local advertising?
  • Merits of local advertising
  • The best places to advertise your brand
  • 12 Tips for an effective local advertising campaign

Let’s proceed.

What is Local Advertising?

Local advertising is a business strategy that involves targeting audiences around your business location with unique messages. It offers a unique opportunity to market your brand to your base, or your potential customers are more likely to be found.

If you are trying to grow your small business, you will need to set a reasonable budget for your advertising campaign or hire one of the best ad agencies in Orange County. Local advertising provides a cost-effective option for small and medium business owners to market products and services that serve the needs of people in a particular area.

Advancements in technology have changed our lifestyle, and this also affects how owners advertise their brands.

5 Merits of Local Advertising

Does your business stand to gain anything by advertising locally?

The following are five advantages of local advertising:

1. It Builds Customers’ Trust

When your target audiences click on your local search advertisements, it connects them to your business page. If you have provided vital information like your business name, address, phone numbers, store hours, client reviews, and pictures, potential clients will get to know more about your business.

The information you provide on your business page will tell your potential customers whether your business is trustworthy or not. Using local search ads can go a long way to build customer trust and boost conversions.

2. You Will Get More Visitors

Do you want more people to visit your business premises?

People could be around your business location but be unaware of the products or services you offer.

Online local advertising will make it nearly impossible for people to be unaware of businesses in their area. If people find you online, they will quickly get directions to your business address or go there directly to meet their needs. It’s a win-win for both the business owner and the consumer.

3. Better Market Penetration

Local advertising gives direct access to potential clients. You will get to know them better so you can improve your strategy to meet their needs.

4. It Gives You a Competitive Edge

Are you looking for a cost-effective way of outdoing your competition?

Local advertising allows you to compete at a local level. You will quickly gather the resources needed to outdo your direct competitors. With an optimized location on Google Maps, for instance, people will prefer doing business with you.

5. It Extends Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) Organically

Customer lifetime value helps to predict the net profit that your relationship with a customer will generate in the future. Hence, local advertising helps to build long-term relationships with customers and extends LTV.

The Best Places to Advertise Your Brand

Some of the best options for advertising locally are:

  • Google Ads
  • Yelp
  • TrueLocal
  • CitySearch
  • Citysquares.com
  • Business.com
  • SuperPages
  • Express Update
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Bing Ads or Microsoft advertising

12 Tips For An Effective Local Advertising Campaign

If you are keen on advertising your business locally, you need to find a method that works best for your particular type of business. In this 21st century, most people turn to the internet when looking for a specific product or service in their area.

These 12 tips can help you to position your business for improved leads and conversions:

1. Register your Business on Google My Business (GMB).

Google My Business is the best platform to register your business when you start your local advertising efforts. The three most important details to include when filling in your business details are business name, address, and phone number (NAP).

Others include your service offerings, photographs, videos, and even coupons. Also, be sure to include keywords that best describe your business in the description fields.

By doing so, people will find you quickly and get all the essential information about your business.

2. PPC Advertising

If you want to generate good returns on investment (ROI) from local advertising, you will need to incorporate pay-per-click (PPC) advertising in your advertising strategy.


(Source: Datarush)

Here are steps to follow:

  • Enable the location extensions of your Google Ads account.
  • Set up or update your Google My Business Listing.
  • Use location targeting and bid by location. Bid for the placement of your ads and ensure your ads are relevant. Also, make your bid quantity low and quality score high.
  • Optimize your primary keywords to relate to your location and incorporate them in your local ad campaigns. Good keyword research will reveal popular keywords in your area. Pick relevant, long-tail keywords to attract specific leads and reduce your cost-per-click (CPC).
  • Launch your ad.

You can see PPC ads at the top of search engine result pages (SERPs), just above the organic listings. You may need to hire a pay per click specialist to help in tracking local SERPs.

One company that benefited from the services of a pay per click specialist is Waste Control Inc.

Waste Control Inc, a waste and recycling services company, tasked the FlyingVGroup with designing a website that would inform and educate their audience. After doing this, FVG promoted the company and generated leads by running a detailed SEO and local PPC ad campaign.

Their efforts yielded these results:

  • 177.78% increase of users in five months.
  • 52.63% increase of contact-us goal.

Another case study is A Life for Seniors – offering personalized senior living options for seniors.

FlyingVGroup was to handle their SEO and PPC advertising campaigns. The result is mind-blowing:

  • 235% increase in website traffic
  • 64.75% increase in website leads
  • 35.23% decrease in cost-per-acquisition (CPA)
  • 8.9% increase in average work position

3. Target Google Local Search Ads

Google AdWords campaigns are a great way to reap the benefits of local advertising.

You should run a competitive AdWords campaign to target more local customers, increase your conversions, and boost your ROI.

4. Ask for Ratings and Reviews

Good reviews and high ratings can go a long way to boost the credibility of your business and increase your online presence. So ask customers for top ratings and reviews for your products and services.

5. Use ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact Us’ Pages

When prospective customers visit your ‘About Us’ or ‘Contact Us’ pages, they should get more relevant information about your business. Targeting local terms in these pages can go a long way to make your potential customers feel connected to your business somehow.

Also, optimizing these pages for search engines will make them pop up when users are looking for your type of business.

6. Make Use of Location Extensions

You can make your local ads pop up in different location-specific searches if you have potential customers distributed in other locations.

Local extension features are great for advertising your business locally because you can add distance, the time it takes to get to your location, a map, an address, phone number, and a call button. By clicking on your location extension, prospective customers can quickly get more information about your location and connect with you.

7. List your Business in Online Local Directories

There are many online local directories you can use to advertise your business: Yelp, Business.com, CitySearch, etc.

Listing your business in directories will attract links and boost your ad’s ranking in SERPs.

8. Enable Google Maps to Show Local Search Advertisements

One of the best ways to attract potential customers near you and convert them is by using local ads on Google Maps. You need this if your business depends on local patronage.

9. Email Newsletters

How do you encourage your current customers to stay loyal to your business?

Engaging your current customers can look like a big deal if you do not know the right tool to use.

Email newsletters are a cost-effective way to keep your customers or visitors reminded of your brand. For example, a newsletter sent once or twice every month could offer helpful tips, promo information, coupons, or relevant information.


(Source: Business2Community)

You can encourage people to sign up for your email newsletters by offering discounts or digital materials.

10. Advertise on Social Media

Social media is another powerful tool you must harness to advertise your business locally in this digital era. Keeping your Facebook, Google+, or Instagram accounts updated shows that you are serious about growing your brand. It also improves your rankings and makes tracking local SERPs easier.


(Source: Broadband Search)

11. Get Involved in Threads

Popular threads like Reddit and Quora provide another opportunity to advertise your brand online locally. Just ensure you are subtle in your approach. Address questions on the subject matter first before low-key adding your ads to avoid getting adverse reactions from community members.

12. Leverage SEO

An SEO-optimized website mentioned on your Google My Business page can increase visitors to your site and boost your rankings in search results. Pay attention to your web design and blogging to attract the attention of your local audience.

Content marketing works for local advertising as you can include your long and short-tail location-specific keywords in your content. Likewise, blogging and SEO go hand-in-hand if you are intent on getting noticed locally. More so, many SEO analytics tools will tell you which SEO tactic is working and which ones you need to improve.

Content marketing has to do with creating and distributing online content using blog posts, videos, infographics, social media posts, etc. It can help stimulate your local audience’s interest in your local business without being too obvious about promoting it.

Some benefits of incorporating blogging in your local advertising campaign include:

  • It establishes the authority of your brand
  • It yields compounding ROI
  • It helps to reach audiences that avoid ads
  • It attracts targeted leads and brings in organic traffic
  • It is a lucrative way to launch a new product or service
  • It is a great way to nurture your qualified leads in the marketing funnel or customer life journey.


(Source: Best-Digital Marketing Services)

Let’s look at this case study of how an SEO company Orange County generated tremendous ROI for its client, Trident Capital Partners.

Trident Partners, a company specializing in providing bridge financing to real estate entrepreneurs and investors, tasked one of the leading advertising agencies in Orange County, FlyingVGroup, with creating and marketing a comprehensive website. In addition, the marketing plan needed to be customized to involve local SEO and local PPC advertising.

FVG SEO and PPC specialists worked tirelessly and achieved the following results:

  • 125% increase in organic sessions
  • 34.25% increase in website conversion rate
  • 22.75% increase in organic website visitors
  • 12x increase in website ROI

What’s the Next Step To Take?

Local advertising is only ultra-effective when you formulate strategies with your local audience in mind. A well-executed and unique local ad campaign will help to boost business patronage and increase your ROI.

FlyingVGroup, one of the leading advertising agencies in Orange County, has a team of local advertising experts ready to help you create a local advertising campaign that is tailor-made for your business. Contact us today to learn more about our local advertising services.


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September 14, 2021



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