Why Consistent Posting On Social Media Is A MUST!

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If you are a new or existing brand, you cannot do without posting content to social media consistently. Here are 6 reasons why you should be using social media for your business!

Staying Aware in a Busy World

It would be stating the obvious to say that our world is busy. Not only is our world busy, but the social media world is competitive, fast-moving and always changing directions. It is imperative that your brand finds its place within this chaos. Posting consistently on social media will not only increase your brand awareness but also make you more visible to your customers. Post often, get in front of your viewers and do this more than your competitors. If people are seeing your brand more often than other brands, it is more likely they will remember you and recognize you more than your competitors. Once people see your post, they will share your posts with their followers who will then see it and share it, and so on. This simply increases your business’s opportunities and allows for exponential growth

Loyalty Matters

When people see your brand post consistently, a sense of loyalty to your brand starts to build with them. It helps you build deep relationships with your followers because they know in a way you will be there for them. Posting regularly will make your followers feel like they have a say in what your brand does and allows them to provide feedback. When people do provide feedback or engage, it is important that you respond and engage with them as well to build that loyalty.

Converting Customers

It is no secret that the majority of brands share the same goal, conversions. Posting on social media often will lead to increased conversions. The more your brand shares, the more people click on the links you share, and the more these people will convert. More posts → more traffic → more conversions. It’s that simple!

Top of Mind Marketing

Social media allows for you to show that your brand is relatable and relevant to your customers. Staying active and posting consistently organically keeps customers interested in your brand and helps you be memorable. Keeping your customers interested is so important in such a competitive atmosphere.

More Than Just Pretty Pictures

It is important to know that posting on social media doesn’t mean your profile will be just pretty pictures. When you post regularly on social media, you will get higher SERP rankings, or Search Engine Result Pages rankings. This means more links back to your site and more opportunities for people to visit your site. Higher quality traffic correlates with high organic search placement, and that is a WIN for your brand.

Social Cred

To gain more customers and grow as a brand, you must have credibility. People want to follow and buy from brands that they trust and know are high-quality and reliable. When you post on social media, people get to see what goes on behind the scenes, this makes them feel special. It is a chance for you to make them feel like they are a part of the brand. This along with good customer service and experience builds brand credibility.


Your business cannot afford to miss out on this cost-effective trend that all of your competitors are participating in. It costs nothing to create business profiles on all of the top social media platforms and post consistently on them. Flying V Group can help your business grow exponentially by posting organically and consistently on all of your social media platforms. Get in front of your customers, earn their trust, keep them interested, rank higher on search engines, and convert more when you post on social media often and consistently.

What’s the Next Step To Take?

Social Media Advertising is only ultra-effective when you formulate strategies and consistent posting. A well-executed and unique social campaign will help to boost business patronage and increase your ROI.FlyingVGroup, one of the leading advertising agencies in Orange County, has a team of local advertising experts ready to help you create a social media advertising campaign that is tailor-made for your business. Contact us today to learn more about our local advertising services.


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Written by Caroline Smith

September 14, 2021



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