How to Make Your Business Life Better w- Kristyn Lawson

How to Make Your Business Life Better w/ Kristyn Lawson

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In this episode of The Sage Executive Podcast, join our host Robb Fahrion with his guest Kristyn Lawson, the President and Founder of PSM, to learn more about how she makes life better for her clients and her team. Preferred Sales and Marketing (PSM) is a dynamic team that offers strategy, support, and solutions to emerging brands, category disruptors, and organizations. Kristyn is also the CEO of Krissy Farms, which focuses on producing healthful food for the food industry. Make sure to enjoy the episode!

Making Life Better with Kristyn Lawson! Watch the episode now on The Sage Executive Podcast!

Making Life Better 

As a leader, Kristyn likes to have a positive impact on her friends and clients. She values the position she has because it gives her more opportunities to make life better for people. Kristyn has so much gratitude and appreciation for everything. She said, “Operating with a sense of gratitude and appreciation, it elevates everything from the ideas to the opportunities.” With her joyful and humble personality, she is easily approachable! Her business Krissy Farms and PSM has paved her way into fulfilling her goals.

“Operating with a sense of gratitude and appreciation, it elevates everything from the ideas to the opportunities.” – Kristyn Lawson. Watch the episode now on The Sage Executive Podcast! 

Celebrate Even When You Lose

Losing can be very difficult to accept and experience, especially if you poured your heart and soul into a particular plan or goal. It can be extremely discouraging, that’s why a lot of people do not like to fail. Kristyn said she celebrates even when she loses, trying to have a joyful heart and seeing the good in everything. This is inspiring because the more you lose, the more knowledge you gain. You’ll be able to use those experiences as a tool to make yourself and your business better. Even though losing is not fun, there are still reasons for you to celebrate. Having that kind of mindset will help you in tough situations.

The more you lose, the more knowledge you gain. Watch Kristyn Lawson’s episode now on The Sage Executive Podcast!

About Kristyn Lawson:

Highly regarded sales executive with an unprecedented proven track record in the fresh foods, beverage, and produce industry with branded and private label programs to conventional retailers, club accounts, mass, discount, C Store, and specialty/natural channels. She is known for brand building and a successful category disruptor in North America. Excels in developing strategic sales plan, product development, brand story, pricing analysis, implementing go to market plans, and managing execution. Instrumental in increasing revenue while meeting profit goals directly and in a collaborative effort.

Supportive in developing creative marketing programs utilizing multiple consumer and retailer focused platforms with data support like Nielson/IRI and SPINS. With an extensive network of key industry professionals across the United States and Canada, Kristyn has enjoyed a robust track record of success with the partners that she serves. Kristyn Lawson is a strategic thinker. Her vast experience and track record in strategic planning and growth have yielded extraordinary sales growth for emerging brands and varietals and took legacy brands to new heights.

In leadership, Kristyn serves her team with a collective vision, steadfast principles, and unwavering enthusiasm while focusing on the objectives. She is experienced in establishing, mentoring, and motivating brokerage and sales teams with an unsurpassed track record of pioneering new business from the ground up and a vast expansion of core business with attention to the bottom line.

Outline of the Episode:

[01:02] Preferred Sales and Marketing (PSM) team’s focus in the industry.

[01:31] The best thing about being a leader is having the ability to create a positive impact.

[02:11] Company engagements are like dating and marriage.

[02:59] Great things happen when you have gratitude for your team and clients.

[04:36] Who does Kristyn Lawson acknowledge as a leader?

[05:27] Win or lose, find a reason to celebrate.


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kristyn lawsom psm marketing and sales

Robb Fahrion: Hi, everyone! This is Robb Fahrion with The Sage Executive Podcast, where top executives share their sage advice, six questions, and nine minutes because the wise speak in few words. We have a really exciting guest here today that we are fortunate enough to have on our show. So let’s get right to it. First and foremost, in a few sentences, tell me how who you are and what you do.

Kristyn Lawson: Hi, Robb, its Kristyn Lawson, and I’m the President and Founder of PSM, Preferred Sales and Marketing. I’m in the food industry, and we have a focus on fresh produce and vegetables and ready to eat foods too, that are healthy and good for you, Guacamole Queens.

Robb Fahrion: Oh, there we go. I love guacamole, one of my favorites. All right, second question, moving forward. What’s the best thing for you about being a leader?

Kristyn Lawson: Well, it’s really to have a beginner’s day a little better. So I like having a positive impact if that is with colleagues, customers, I’m really just starting our general community. I like having an impact on making life better for people, and so in my position, I’m glad to have that opportunity.

Robb Fahrion: Great, I love that always looking for ways as a leader to help others. I think that’s one of the best things I get out of it as well, so can totally relate. We hear from a lot of other executives that acquiring new clients nowadays is very difficult. There’s a lot of noise, a lot of competition. So it’s just curious what your thoughts are on a new client and new business acquisition?

Kristyn Lawson: Yeah, you know, I really think that it’s sort of like dating or marriage. And I, I just feel that when you have those engagements, sometimes you can really just like the company like the people, but unless you really have that synergetic magic, that seven cents, maybe you’re just not the right fit, and that’s okay. There are so many, so many opportunities where you can get that that great best fit and, and be great together. So it’s okay if sometimes it’s just not the right fit, and there’s a lot of good fits out there. So it’s okay.

Robb Fahrion: Definitely! That’s great advice. Moving on, question four. We’re doing great on time. What other piece of sage advice would you give to other executives like yourself?

Kristyn Lawson: You know, over the years, I really, one word sticks out, like glaring and its gratitude. And I just have so much gratitude for the people I work with for the people that I can mentor for my clients, for the customers that we serve, you know, having that level of appreciation. I think gratitude helps create vision amongst the team that feels like there’s an open forum because we’re, you know, everyone is when everyone feels appreciated. I think great things happen and blossom from that. And it also brings little, like chaos to order, because if you’re really operating with a sense of gratitude and appreciation, it elevates everything from the ideas to the opportunities, so gratitude, absolutely gratitude. It’s really the currency in my business.

Robb Fahrion: Great, yeah, I love that. Yeah, just being thankful happy to be there working, communicating having all just the regular blessings of everyday life even almost.

Kristyn Lawson: And you know today within the situation that we are in, it’s probably even more special than it than it ever has been because we all do have a lot to be grateful for so as we move.

Robb Fahrion: Awesome, yes, I love that totally agree with you. All right, question number five. Now, what other top executives like yourself? Would you like to acknowledge as maybe a leader and someone that you think would be a great guest on our show? For our viewers?

Kristyn Lawson: You know, I would like to send a big shout out to Jim Carso. And I have the pleasure of working alongside him more on a he’s heads up marketing teams and has a lot of marketing. And he definitely has a really admirable way about how he works with teams. He’s Fantastic, and he has a pretty nice resume. I think he lives in Colorado now after a recent new position happened that I’m sure he’s excited. Colorado’s great so.

Robb Fahrion: No doubt, no doubt. Okay, great. That’s awesome. And then finally some final question you’re doing great you’re making it through here. It’s a fun one. So after a win and it could be any type of way in business when personal win. How do you like to celebrate?

Kristyn Lawson: Oh, gosh, you know, this is so hard because I feel like I’m always celebrating even when I lose, I yeah, so I just kind of, you know, try to have a joyful heart and gosh, I do it all. I love golf, I love sunshine, good wine, great meals, and any of those kinds of things champagne, and I don’t know I kind of indulgence of everything. So yeah, and pet my dog. Right, so.

Robb Fahrion: There you go. Those are all perfect things for living in California. So you’re definitely, sounds like you’re in the right place.

Kristyn Lawson: Yeah, it’s a, it’s great. And yeah, we’re very fortunate. I’m very grateful, yeah.

Robb Fahrion: Awesome, well, Kristyn, thank you so much for being on! We really appreciate it. How can people find you? Whether it’s a website or LinkedIn, what would be the best way for people to learn more about you or more about your business as well?

Kristyn Lawson: Oh, great. I would love visitors on LinkedIn. Kristyn Lawson, Kristyn with a y. And LinkedIn or golly, but or my email, drop me an email Perfect.

Robb Fahrion: Yeah, we’ll be sure to include all those links in the blog post in the podcast as well. So, Kristyn, thank you again. And to all of our viewers, this is Robb Fahrian with The Sage Executive Podcast for more insights and to check out more episodes of The Sage Executive Podcast visit us at Thanks, everyone, and have a great day!


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