The 6 Best SEO Audit Tools for Small and Medium Business Websites

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Does your website ranking need a boost?

According to a recent study, a 1-second delay in your website’s loading time can result in 11% fewer page views, a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, and a 7% loss in conversions.


(Source: Host Reviews)

How do you determine what’s wrong with your website?

SEO auditing is a serious business that takes a lot of time and skills. Fortunately, there are several tools designed to automate the processes of SEO auditing, especially when you have so many web pages or websites to audit.

Unfortunately, there is no one on-page SEO audit tool that does it all. Instead, you may have to work with more than one tool, depending on the data you need for performing your SEO analysis.

Both paid and free SEO audit tools are available online and are readily accessible to anyone interested in it.

All you need to do is find the best tool for SEO audit.

Before we delve deeper, let’s look at a quick outline:

  • What Is An SEO Audit?
  • Why Do You Need a Website Audit?
  • How To Find The Best Tool for SEO Audit
  • What SEO Tools Should My Marketing Team Be Using
  • What Should I Expect During My First Website Audit?

We have a lot to cover in regards to auditing your business SEO. Let’s get started.

What Is An SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is a thorough examination of your website’s strengths and weaknesses. Any commercial SEO audit aims to provide actionable insights that will lead to improvements in rankings and traffic.


(Source: SEO Eaze)

Why Do You Need a Website Audit?

A website audit is important because it gives you insight into where your traffic comes from and how much money you’re making off each visitor. It also shows you how visitors interact with your site and what they look for while browsing around.

It’s not enough just to create a beautiful-looking website; you must ensure that it works properly too! A poorly performing website could cost you more than $1 million in lost revenue every year.


(Source: Weblizar)

How To Find The Best Tool for SEO Audit

How do you find the best SEO audit tool for your business?

There are a couple of things to consider when looking for the best tool for SEO audit 2022.


Source: Wishdesk)

So, if you are not sure which tool is the best for auditing your website, here’s how to find out:

1) Understand What an SEO Audit Is All About

An SEO audit can be defined as a systematic process used by search engine optimization professionals to evaluate the effectiveness of their site’s content and link building strategy. 

It involves analyzing various aspects of a site, such as its structure, links, keywords, backlinks, etc., which helps determine whether they are adequate to rank well in Google.

2) Choose Your Audits Tool Based On The Data Needed For An Effective SEO Analysis

The first step towards finding the right SEO audit tool is understanding what information you will require from them. There are two types of audits – manual and automated. 

Manual audits involve human intervention, while automated ones don’t. As a result, they usually take longer but provide better results because humans tend to look at things differently.

Automated audits use software programs to analyze different factors related to SEO. They also help identify potential issues before they become problems. However, these audits aren’t perfect either; some errors might slip through unnoticed.

3) Check Out Their Features and Functionality Before Buying Them

Once you know what type of audit you want, check out the features and functionality offered by each tool. Some offer only essential functions like keyword research, page speed testing, URL shortening, etc.

Others include advanced features like competitor tracking, social media monitoring, etc. These features make up for the lack of basic functionalities.

4) Compare Prices Of Each Option To Determine Which One Suits Your Budget Well

Once you’ve narrowed down your options based on the above criteria, compare prices among the top contenders. This way, you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

5) Read Reviews From Other Users Who Have Used That Specific Software

This point should come naturally after reading reviews about other similar products.

6) Test Different Tools To Get A Better Idea Of How They Work

You can test multiple tools simultaneously if you wish. Just remember not to overdo this since doing too much could affect your overall performance.

7) Make Sure That You Can Use Those Results With Any Search Engine Optimization Service Provider

If you’re looking for someone else to perform SEO services for you, you must ensure that those results are easy to implement in any service provider’s system. Otherwise, you won’t benefit fully from using the tool.

8) Consider Using Multiple Tools At Once If Necessary

Sometimes it may be necessary to combine several tools to achieve maximum efficiency.

9) Don’t Forget To Look Into Free Trials As Well!

Free trials allow you to try out new tools without spending anything. So why not?

10) Keep Updating Yourself By Reading Blog Posts Or Articles Written By Experts

There are plenty of blogs written by experts who share valuable insights regarding SEO. Take advantage of them whenever possible.

What SEO Tools Should My Marketing Team Be Using

Which one is the best tool to do SEO audit for your website?

The following list includes 6 of the best SEO audit tools available today. Hopefully, one will suit your needs perfectly.

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a powerful SEO platform that helps marketers track backlinks, discover influencers, monitor competitors’ keywords, and build links faster.

One of the best SEO audit tools you will ever come across is the Ahrefs Site Audit tool. This tool forms one of the five SEO tools the software offers. The other four tools are Keyword Explorer, Rank Tracker, Content Explorer, and Site Explorer tools.

With this Ahrefs SEO Audit tool, you can crawl your website on both desktop and mobile, schedule automatic site crawls, find and fix pre-configured SEO issues. You can also choose custom filters, get actionable recommendations for improving the discovered SEO issues, and get your result in real-time crawl logs.


Sign up for Ahrefs Webmaster Tools to get free limited access to the Site Audit and Site Explorer tools. You can upgrade to the premium version at a starting monthly fee of $82 and a maximum of $999 per month.

2. SEMrush

SEMrush SEO audit tool offers comprehensive search engine optimization, content marketing, link building, PPC management, and competitive intelligence solutions.

SEMrush is an all-in-one digital marketing suite and one of the top SEO veterans today. It has over 40 intel tools for keyword research, rank tracking, competitor analysis, paid ad research, content optimization, social media monitoring, and so much more.

SEMrush’s Site Audit tool is a great resource for SEO auditing. It works by crawling through your website’s web pages to dig up problems relating to technical and SEO mistakes. These problems include website crawlability, SEO content, JavaScript and CSS errors, HTTPS security protocols, page loading speed, AMP implementation, meta tags, and internal linking.


SEMrush’s SEO audit is free for 100 web pages. However, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee of at least $99.95 for 100,000 page crawls.

3. Moz Pro

Moz Pro is a paid version of the popular Moz suite of analytics tools. This product has been specifically developed for small businesses and individuals who want to improve their online presence.

With this tool, you can manage the health of your website to find and fix issues quickly. This technical SEO audit tool helps fix common technical SEO issues preventing your site from getting high-quality traffic, ranking high in SERPs, and indexing by search engines.


Moz Pro offers a free trial, but its standard pricing costs $99 per month, while premium costs $599 every month.

4. Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is another great option for anyone wanting to improve their site’s visibility. Majestic SEO analyzes millions of page views per month across hundreds of domains.

It provides intelligence data needed to discover who is linking to your website to dominate your market.


The pricing starts at $49.99 per month.

5. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a free open source cross-platform crawler used for crawling websites. The software allows you to crawl through thousands of URLs at once.

It is one of the best tools for technical SEO site audits. Screaming Frog extracts data and audits for most SEO issues to improve your onsite SEO.


(Source: Hextrakt)

Some of the significant benefits of using this flexible site crawler include finding broken links, auditing redirects, analyzing page titles and metadata, discovering duplicate content, extracting data with XPath, reviewing robots and directives, generating XML sitemaps, integrating with GA, GSC, & PSI, Crawling JavaScript websites, visualizing site architecture, scheduling audits, and comparing crawls & staging.


You can download the lite version for free to crawl up to 500 URLs for free. But, to crawl beyond that, you’ll need to get a license at £149.00 per year.

6. SEOptimer

SEOptimer website SEO checker tool helps review the factors that make a website rank high to find problems that may be limiting your site. It also provides straightforward, actionable, and prioritized recommendations for improving your website.

This professional SEO audit tool can generate PDF SEO Audits for any website in about 20 seconds.

In addition, SEOptimer features a Meta Tag Generator, Keyword Generator, XML Sitemap Generator, Robots.txt Generator, and .htaccess File Generator.


SEOptimer SEO audit tool offers a 14-day free trial. The minimum pricing, however, is  $19 per month.

What Should I Expect During My First Website Audit?

The process of conducting a website audit usually starts with a phone call or email request. The person requesting the audit will explain why he needs one and ask you some questions regarding your current website.

If everything goes smoothly, then the digital marketing agency will schedule a meeting at the office to discuss further details on how to perform an SEO audit for your site. During the initial consultation, the company will go over all aspects of your project: goals, budget, target audience, competition, etc.

Once you’ve agreed upon a plan, they’ll start creating a detailed report outlining all issues found on your website.

They’ll use several different techniques to analyze your website, including but not limited to:

a. Google Analytics:

This free service allows the agency to track user behavior on your website. By using data collected through GA, they can tell which parts of your website work best and which ones don’t.

b. Page Speed Insights:

PageSpeedInsights helps identify potential problems with your website’s performance. These include things like slow load times, poor mobile-friendliness, missing resources, etc.

c. Mobile Friendliness Checker:

This tool tells you exactly how friendly your website is for mobile devices. We recommend keeping your website mobile-friendly since most people access the internet via smartphones and tablets instead of desktop computers.

d. Keyword Research Tool:

Keywords play a significant role in search engine optimization. They help determine which keywords to focus on when building backlinks, writing blog posts, designing landing pages, etc. In addition, a good keyword research tool lets you see how famous certain words are within Google searches.

e. Content Analysis:

To write high-quality articles, we need to understand who your ideal customer is. Content analysis helps us determine what kind of content would be helpful to them based on their interests and preferences.

f. Backlink Analysis:

Backlinks are links pointing towards your website from other sites. When someone clicks on these links, they send them directly to your page. Having lots of quality backlinks is very beneficial as it increases your ranking in search engines.

g. Social Media Audits:

Social media plays a massive part in today’s marketing strategy. It allows businesses to connect with customers and prospects online. However, if you’re not careful about social media management, you may end up wasting money by paying for ads that aren’t reaching anyone.

That’s where social media audits come into play. Using this information, we can suggest ways to improve your social presence and increase engagement.

h. Website Structure & Navigation Reviews:

Your site structure and navigation system affect whether users find what they want quickly and easily. For example, an excellent navigational design ensures visitors know where to click next without getting lost along the way.

i. Website Security Review:

Hackers love attacking websites because they offer easy targets. To protect yourself against hackers, we check your security settings and recommend keeping your website safe.

Hackers love attacking websites because they offer easy targets. To protect yourself against hackers, we check your security settings and recommend keeping your website safe.

What Are the Best SEO Audit Tools To Use in 2022?

This article contains some of the best SEO audit tools in marketing. You can combine two or more to help address issues that may be preventing your site from ranking.

It is possible to do your SEO audits yourself, but if you’d rather skip the formalities and just get started right away, feel free to contact us here!

At FlyingVGroup, we’ll leverage SEO best practices and SEO audit tools to boost your rankings in search engines.


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