Does Automated Marketing Improve Your Efforts_

Does Automated Marketing Improve Your Efforts?

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Traditional marketing efforts are evolving as we move further into the digital space. Automation is beginning to take over all aspects of a business — including the marketing field — and help professionals streamline their everyday processes. Marketing automations are empowering companies of all sizes to increase their efficiency.

Of course, today’s unanticipated surge in automation begs the question: Does automated marketing improve your marketing efforts or does it lead to the same results?

For most businesses, marketing automation can be transformative in all the best ways. We’ll explain four ways it can help improve your operations, alongside tips for incorporating marketing automation into your business.

Enhance the Customer Experience

Marketing automations have transformed the customer experience (CX). By implementing automations and artificial intelligence (AI), companies can drive better experiences by anticipating customer needs and personalizing the content they see. For example, dynamic content on websites can change based on user behavior, including the pages they choose to click on and the length of time they spend on your site. When you set up dynamic content, the words, images, and videos customers see are perfectly relevant to their needs.

As your automated marketing efforts help you enhance the relevancy of your campaigns, your audience members will connect more with your content.

Improve Your Marketing Workflow

On a traditional marketing team, the process between campaign ideation and execution is often riddled with human error and unexpected delays. When you want to eliminate bottlenecks in your marketing team’s processes, you need to develop an error-free workflow that gives team members enough time to complete their tasks. Marketing automations can help you do just that — even before you officially start bringing a campaign to life.

For example, let’s say your team is discussing a potential content marketing idea over Slack. You’ve identified the need for a specific blog post, but the meeting is still going on. When you set up automation using Zapier, a workflow automation tool, you can instantly create a task from your Slack message by reacting with a designated emoji. This way, you never forget about key action items from your brainstorming sessions. Plus, your team members can instantly get into action as soon as they log off your call.

In this sense, automated marketing can help you improve your marketing efforts by keeping your team at peak productivity and ensuring every great idea is acted upon.

Dedicate More Time to Social Media Strategy

One area of marketing in which automations are common is social media. On top of automatically publishing posts at the right times, social media marketing tools can help you instantly track your social media performance, generate captions from your videos, and much more. By automating your recurring tasks in smart ways, you can keep your audience engaged without having to dedicate too much time to any platform you’re on.

When you automate the most mundane parts of your social media marketing, you can focus on building an effective strategy for the channel. Social media apps are becoming increasingly popular, so staying on top of new trends and algorithm changes is essential for improving your marketing efforts. Instead of letting your marketing fall flat, you can become part of trending conversations and keep your business at the top of consumers’ minds.

Make More Reliable Marketing Decisions

Social media platforms aren’t the only marketing tools that can help you track your performance. Plenty of software — including email marketing tools like Mailchimp and website analytics tools like Google Analytics — automatically stores metrics about consumer behavior. Using these metrics, you can identify areas for improvement in your marketing assets. For instance, if you notice your click-through rate on your emails tanking, you can increase the size of your email template’s call to action button and update your email headline.

This is just the start of how automated marketing can improve your marketing results. When you pair your automated metrics tracking with predictive analytics tools, which measure the likelihood of a future event, you can gain insights that are far more accurate. Instead of simply generating your own insights based on the current performance of your marketing efforts, predictive analytics considers past patterns so you can reliably predict:

  •     The best times and dates to publish content
  •     The best-performing content formats
  •     How your customers uniquely react to certain phrases or visuals

With this knowledge, you can make smarter short-term and long-term marketing decisions for your business.

Incorporate Automation into Your Business

While some business leaders may be hesitant to implement marketing automations in their companies, the benefits far outweigh the cons. Automated marketing can improve your marketing efforts by personalizing the customer experience, speeding up your marketing team’s workflow, and helping you dedicate more time to strategy. Plus, since AI predictive analytics can help you instantly generate marketing insights, automation can be key to making better marketing decisions.


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June 10, 2022



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