The Importance of High-Quality Photos in Digital Marketing Campaign_ 10 Reasons (1)

The Importance of High-Quality Photos in Digital Marketing Campaign: 10 Reasons

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People perceive visual information 40% faster than written text. So, a combination of motivating text and a high-quality photo can bring fantastic results, encouraging people to choose a particular product or brand. Drawing consumers’ attention to a specific offer is easy if you show them professional pictures and photos. Currently, companies actively use marketing strategy images to turn prospects into returning clients, which means higher conversion in the long run.

In the modern world, an image is not only used for decorative purposes but also serves as an efficient means for achieving various marketing goals:

  • Makes a person notice a product advertised, lures him/her to interact with a brand and later suggest this company to relatives and friends;
  • Creates a good reputation for a company.

Of course, the importance of images in present-day marketing is undeniable and other reasons to invest time and money in such content are described below.

1. Draws Attention to Products/Services

A single photo can hardly cope with such a difficult task, so you need to create a coherent collection and regularly update it with new images. Make sure all photos are thematically related so that the audience can grasp this connection and be interested in your activity for as long as you want.

Marketers should do their best to spur interest and maintain it for a specific period of time. However, this doesn’t mean sharing only dramatic and vibrant photos, as pictures demonstrating a pristine beauty and essence of a specific phenomenon can cause a lasting impression.

Conclusion: you need to concentrate on the overall aesthetics if you want to get new clients. The main thing is to define a highlight of your brand and build your strategy around it. This mainly refers to taking and sharing photos that highlight the advantages of your company. You should present such imagery in all available communication channels.

2. Ramps Up Engagement and Sales

Professionally edited marketing strategy images are sure to catch buyers’ eye, which automatically generates more engagement. This method works for most popular platforms, be it blogs or online stores. If you always fill your website with coherent, high-quality images, people see you as a dependable seller and are inclined to make purchases more often.

It is related to our inborn attraction to beautiful and flawless items, so no wonder you can significantly level up your business by complementing your product with posh images.

Brands that underestimate the importance of images in their marketing campaigns never become successful. Their more thoughtful competitors always cooperate with skilled retouchers who make the needed correction so that photos of products look arresting. If you can’t clearly discern the difference between trashy and great pictures, you should study visuals used by McDonald’s, Chanel, Nike, and the like.

3. Makes Brands Recognizable

According to research, it takes the human brain just 1/10 of a second to understand a picture. When it comes to reading and sussing out 200-250 words, we have to spend about a minute. If you have photos with proper lighting settings and detailed representation of a product from different angles, you can be sure such images will reveal the essence of your brand. Besides, they will make people notice and instantly recognize your brand among thousands of alternatives.

When it comes to adding photos to a website, some companies choose the quickest way and upload files from stock platforms. However, this is the wrong thing to do if you want to get an uptick in conversion. In fact, if you use unique, winsome photos, the conversion rates will ratchet up by 35%. Besides, sharing only original images can increase the level of trust among buyers.

4. Induces to Take an Action

It is common for people to click the link below a photo or a phrase they like, thus being transferred to another resource. This method is frequently used by companies that rely on imagery in marketing with the aim to expand their client base. If you have a beguiling photo and a clear CTA – make sure to use it to your advantage.

Most Internet users respond to call-to-action phrases only if they are complemented with ravishing images instead of words only.

5. Finishes Product Representation with a Visual Component 

The importance of high-quality photos in digital marketing campaigns becomes even more noticeable when it comes to businesses that rely heavily on product images. For example, if you own an e-commerce website, much of your prosperity depends on how captivating photos you share and what image optimization approaches you use. Since people can’t touch and hold products advertised, you need to “fill this gap” by providing them with very detailed zoomable photos to affect their purchasing decisions.

A professionally edited photo allows users to scrutinize the smallest items and figure out whether the product suits them. If you skip the image editing stage, you risk getting photos with screwed colors, cluttered backgrounds, and visible imperfections.

6. Improves Google Ranking

Google is known to favor content that is unique and compliant with pressing demands. This is relevant for all types of media, marketing images included. It doesn’t matter whether you want to make a one-page website, an online store, or a large marketplace popular – you have to use top-quality photos to get a higher position on Google.

By improving your SEO reputation, you can manage your marketing finances more efficiently and surpass numerous rivals. Besides, if your page is ranked higher, your conversion automatically increases, while the cost per click of contextual advertising will decrease.

If you have a vague idea of how to use photos to improve search rankings, you should follow the recommendations presented below.

Use a proper image format. The most popular options are PNG and JPEG files. PNG guarantees better photo quality but at the expense of a large size. If this is crucial for you then JPEG is a perfect fit, allowing you to adjust both the size and the quality.

Remember to compress bulky photos. On average, 21% of a website’s total weight is made up of images used. Of course, this has a direct effect on the loading time and if that is unsatisfactory, you should compress large pictures. Fortunately, doing so is easy. You can either use Photoshop for direct compression or take advantage of a WordPress plugin, e.g., WP Smush.

Include keywords in file names. When uploading marketing strategy images to WordPress, you have probably noticed that the Alt tag field is empty. Don’t leave it that way as adding keywords to that area, you have more chances to interest prospects. This becomes even more important if you share unique content like statistics or infographics.

Shun photos used by other companies. Though the variety of stock photo platforms is fantastic, none of them features one-of-a-kind images. Of course, while starting out, you may settle for such content, but if you want to become associated with original and top-notch visuals, you have to take your own images.

7. Appeal to Emotions

Photos that leave people indifferent when they look at them are a total disaster for marketing campaigns. It is obligatory to take images that will inevitably reach buyers in an emotional way, thus, increasing the likelihood of them making a purchase. It is a well-known fact that most shopping decisions are affected by our feelings and emotions, so laser-focus on this human trait while choosing photos for sharing online.

8. Delivers a Message with No Words

Talking about channels of consuming information, we can confidently claim that most people belong to the visual type. In fact, almost 90% of data is perceived this way. Our brain can process images 60 000 times faster than text.

Knowing this, you should use the imagery in marketing to the full extent. However, the trick won’t work if you choose photos chaotically. It is necessary to select pictures with a traceable connection to your brand values and mission.

9. Brings More Social Shares

People like colorful and eye-pleasing photos no matter whether we are talking about social media posts or product adverts on popular marketplaces. This is our inherent strive for beautiful things that make us chase content with a visual component. If your marketing efforts bring no good, you should complement texts with professional photos and you’re sure to get higher sharable rates.

Tweets with photos get 150% more retweets than similar posts without pictures. Actually, people see no point in sharing information if it isn’t underpinned with matching photos. That’s the reality you have to put up with if you want to make your brand demanded.

10. Gives the Feeling that a Purchase Has Been Already Made

A good photo makes a person feel that he/she has already bought a product or ordered service. To evoke such an impression, you need to use real-life images depicting how a specific object can make our routine easier, more enjoyable, comfortable, etc.

For instance, a woman hesitant about purchasing a dress is likely to say “Yes” if she sees a model wearing this dress at a party and having a good time. Besides, some people even claim that such images motivate them to buy an item in order to take similar shots and share them on their accounts.

Wrapping It Up

There are spring up new advertising strategies all the time but some categories never lose their relevance. If you are going to develop a marketing campaign and want it to bring the desired result, you should pay special attention to images. The main thing here is to use high-quality photos that are in line with your brand and immediately let buyers grasp your philosophy.

With proper images, you can express a concept more clearly and vividly than with words. Your customers will definitely appreciate all your efforts.



Ann Young is a NY-based writer & photographer at FixThePhoto. Since graduating from New York University, she has been working in this position for over 10 years. Ann also shares her knowledge on how to use Adobe software for photo and video editing. Currently, she is performing data pooling on the importance of high-quality photos in digital marketing campaign.


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