5 Successful Real Estate Marketing Ideas

5 Successful Real Estate Marketing Ideas

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There is boundless potential to market real estate, especially with the aggressively competitive online platforms that the digital age provides. However, as with any digital marketing pursuit, the real challenge lies in establishing your online reputation for the right target demographic.

Both business real estate agents and homeowners alike recognize the cutthroat competition that lies out there. That’s why it is really not much of a surprise that the demand for professional online marketing support has increased.

To be honest, getting online leverage, even with professional help, will take time and consistent effort. However, this doesn’t mean that there are no ways to hasten the process on your own. And that’s what we’re going to share with you below.

Building a Professional Website

Having a professional website for any business pursuit is a must to survive in the digital age. It is one of the steps that you’ll realize early if you’re learning how to start a business. The same goes for anyone who intends to sell property online.

We also recommend establishing an efficient lead generation platform in order to make the most out of your online visitors and boost conversion. Don’t worry, we’re going to talk more about this in a bit.

There are a variety of free website builders out there with drag-and-drop templates that can help you easily create a professional website, especially if you have an eye for design and the skill to create quality content.

Otherwise, we suggest hiring a website developer (preferably one that specializes in designing real estate websites) to yield more stunning and efficient results.

If you’re looking to rationalize costs, freelancers are a great way to get great web development results. Freelancers across the world offer their services on job marketplaces like UpWork and Fiverr. Just take your pick and sign up for their services as needed.

Create a Lead Generation Tool

As promised, let’s talk about creating lead distribution tools. Lead generation is the marketing process of converting prospective consumers into paying clients. There are a variety of ways to do this, but here, we’re going to look at the methods we found to be the best fit for real estate digital marketing.

  • Landing Pages. So you have a professional website? That’s great. Now, the question is, how are you leveraging your web pages to convert your online visitors? That’s where landing pages enter the picture.

There are different types of landing pages, but we recommend starting with the following:

  • Book-an-Appointment Landing Page
  • Community Landing Page
  • Listing Landing Page

Remember, each page must be equipped with a tool that can capture emails to boost engagement and help with follow-ups, as well as a specific call to action directing what your online reader needs to do next.

  • Virtual Tours. Let’s face it, open house events are a big investment, in terms of time and resources. Furthermore, they might not even be possible today, with social distancing rules in place. Virtual tours are a great way to offer the best aspects of an open house minus the effort. Creating 360-virtual tours is a sure way to showcase your property online and present it to your potential clients as if they were already there, viewing the house in person.

Don’t limit yourself to posting your virtual tours on your own website. Share them on social media, upload them on video-sharing platforms, take advantage of getting that out there, not just to showcase the property, but to boost your online reputation as well. Many real estate listing platforms now offer support for 360-degree virtual tours: make sure to post your tours there as well to maximize visibility.

  • Strategic Email Marketing. It’s not enough to send monthly digests and promotions to your mailing list. You need to formulate dynamic emails that are personalized to the receiver and again, equipped with specific calls to action. Build an email marketing strategy that centers on: bringing new users into your subscriber/mailing list, offering tangible value, and moving leads further down the marketing funnel.

Hire a Real Estate Photographer

Gone are the days when taking your own photos was “good enough” for your real estate listing. Even smartphones today are equipped with powerful cameras, capable of great image quality. That’s why “good enough”  photos just won’t cut it anymore.

Instead, consider hiring a professional real estate photographer. This can be a substantial investment, but you’ll get top-quality images that stand out wherever you post your listing.

Get Social on Instagram

Here’s a great way to get more value from your photos: use them on social media! Every social media platform has its own merits and disadvantages. Instagram, though, is particularly useful for real estate digital marketers.

With over 500 million active users, you have a very large potential audience. Second, as a visual platform that highlights photography and short video clips, Insta is ideal for promoting properties through photos and video content. Instagram’s location search feature is another relevant addition, meaning people who live nearby can access listings that are actually relevant to them.

Focus on Brand Awareness

Most of the methods we have shared with you are geared towards short-term goals一more specifically, on how to reach clients and sell a property as soon as possible.

And while that’s great for homeowners, real estate agents might find this lacking to sustain a more long-term marketing strategy. That’s where brand awareness gets essential. When you focus on brand awareness, you aren’t just seeking to reach clients who are ready to buy right now.

Instead, the goal is to make your target demographic aware that your real estate business exists, and that you offer standout service. When the time does come, they will specifically remember you, come back, and hopefully even refer you to other people.

Focusing on brand awareness puts you ahead of the game and ensures the future success of your business. In this long term, this is what drives leads and helps you grow your real estate business.

Thank you so much for reading 5 Successful Real Estate Marketing Ideas. We really appreciate it! If you have any questions about our article, or can suggest any other topics you think we should explore, feel free to let us know.

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Written by Mike Austin

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January 15, 2021



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