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How Do You Market A Video Production Company?

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The sudden surge in video production has taken the technological world by storm. All kinds of businesses now employ video marketing. Whether they use it for educational purposes, to share product information, or express humor, video’s a great content medium.

Since a lot of people are watching video content – and especially on social media –  video production companies see immense potential. Big companies like Coca Cola, Subway, McDonald’s, and more have all used video production services to create advertisements for their brands. But as a budding video production company, how do you make yourself known in the midst of all those popular businesses and inform people watching this?


This is where marketing comes into play. There are a lot of ways for you to market your video production company, but we’ve identified these 5 to get yours started:

  • Create a culminating video
  • Build your video production company website
  • Show off  your specialties
  • Focus where you’re going to market
  • Create engaging content

Create a Culminating Video


Create a video where you’re featuring your best work and who you’ve worked for. This can double as a portfolio so that you have something to show potential clients.

Since this culminating video will be one of the first things that your potential clients see, think of it as a trailer that gets a client’s attention and leaves a good impact. This should then show your greatest strengths when producing video content. Include snippets of your finest work and don’t be afraid to show a little diversity in formats, in case you can do mixed media.

Since this acts as an introductory video, it shouldn’t be a very long video. Cut it short at 2-5 minutes.

Build Your Video Production Company Website