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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is the best way for businesses to get their product or service in front of customers. It is important that someone with expertise in pay-per-click advertising strategies and techniques manages your campaign.

Flying V Group manages over $1,000,000 in advertising budget and has the expertise you need. We go through a meticulous process to make sure that your campaign is optimized, targeted, and conversion oriented.

Let our experts make sure you are getting the ROI you expect from your advertising campaign and start to grow your business quickly.

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Pay-Per-Click Brings the Traffic


Local paid search advertisement campaigns to bring in local customers.


Advertise your product or service on a national level with our experts.


Use the most powerful social media network for specific demographic advertising.

of PPC visitors are more likely to purchase something than organic visitors.

of clicks go to the top three paid ads on the search results page for a keyword.

increase in brand awareness was seen by those running search ads.

increase in all traffic types to a site from display ad network campaigns.

Drive Relevant Traffic and New Customers to Your Business.

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We Plan for Conversions

We analyze landing pages on your site and make sure that they are optimized for conversion. Our research finds optimal keywords customers are searching for and we target them and make sure they land on your site.

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Ads Written by Experts

We structure your PPC campaign using campaigns, ad groups, and ads. This allows for robust reporting and optimization. We then create amazing ad copy because the content is extremely important when determining the quality score of an ad.

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Open for Optimization

Once we have completed the prior steps, we will then implement the campaign and handle everything from here on out. We keep an eye on your campaign 24/7 and are constantly tweaking bidding and budgets to ensure maximum ROI.

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Numbers Mean More than Feel

We monitor the campaign and make adjustments to the strategy based on analytical analysis of the numbers. If something is not working, we change it. We install tracking codes onto your website and give you advanced reporting as often as you would like.

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Ready for a PPC Campaign that Delivers?

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Plain and simple, these guys get it done. Flying V Group helped my business turn the corner through their marketing efforts. Their knowledge and expertise on how to grow and market a business turned things around for me. I am excited to get to work with them again in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Pay-per-click advertising is a great investment because it is extremely measurable. We will know instantly whether the campaign is successful based on things such as click-through-rates, conversion rates, quality score, and ad circulation.

It is important to make sure that you have an expert managing your valuable advertising dollars.


Develop Winning Google and Facebook Ads with Our PPC Management Services, Irvine CA

There’s a Reason Why Industry Leaders Use PPC Marketing – It is the BEST

PPC is the most efficient and lucrative digital marketing resource that businesses of all sizes must invest in to generate relevant and targeted traffic to their website every time and all the time. PPC can be highly efficient particularly when time is a constraint and you want quick results. With the right PPC campaign partners, you will be able to lower your cost-per-click and boost your conversions. You may wonder why you should invest in PPC when you have SEO and other digital marketing solutions? It’s because the amount of time and effort that goes behind other digital marketing services can be reduced to half with PPC ads on Google and Facebook.

Why PPC Marketing is Something Worth Considering?

  • Flying V Group PPC can increase ROI by up to 80%, at least 20% more than organic traffic
  • The chances of visitors purchasing your products/services increases by 50% with PPC
  • Running ads on Google increases brand awareness by 60% - 80%
  • If Google loves your campaign, you can expect at least 71% more clicks on your ads
  • Display ad network campaigns can boost traffic by a massive 300%
  • PPC is effective and provides spot-on targeting and results

If Your Existing PPC Marketing is Not Monetizing, the Problem Could be Your Landing Page

PPC marketing fails when your landing page is not placed properly or is not engaging enough.

As an online business owner, your biggest concern will be directing relevant audiences to your website and then converting them into a phone call or form submission. Flying V Group PPC marketing solutions assemble a creative campaign that brings your potential customers to you (the ones that are actively searching for you) with a limited advertising budget. We Develop Winning Google and Facebook Ads with Our PPC Management Services, Irvine CA.

Meticulous Landing Page Optimization is On Place

Landing pages are difficult to produce, maintain, and monitor, but we have an expert team that specializes in landing page creation. We plan for conversions and, therefore, analyze existing landing page(s), research keywords, discuss with our content strategists and design experts to write and implement structured PPC campaigns.

We don’t stop at this; once implemented, we monitor the landing pages 24/7 for weeks at a time and tweak bids and budgets based on the results. We also ensure that you are live 24/7 by debugging and fixing broken links.

We Have Everything You Need in One Place

  • We utilize rule-based automation that increases the efficiency of the campaign
  • For customer convenience, we manage multiple accounts
  • We focus on data-driven analysis and monitoring
  • We install tracking codes for conversion report generation
  • Our campaigns are written by expert ad copywriters
  • We provide the most compelling CTA's that are placed in the right place on the site for engagement

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Gi Automotive Group services brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and Bentley.

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Hines Hampton LLP handles construction litigation for companies like Nationwide Insurance.

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OC House Cleaners is a startup company with completely automated service scheduling.

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Animal Blueprint Company has been named the best gift for animal and dog lovers.

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To inquire* about our services,
please fill out the form below.

To inquire* about our services, please fill out the form below.

*Please note, due to the high volume of inquiries, Flying V Group requires a $2,500 per month investment and a six (6) month minimum agreement for digital marketing and advertising services. Thank you for understanding and valuing the partnership between our businesses.

*Please note, Flying V Group requires a $1,000 per month investment and a six (6) month minimum agreement for digital marketing and advertising services. Thank you for understanding and valuing the partnership between our businesses.