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Content Optimization Tools: How To Refresh Old Content Pieces With Clearscope

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Is your content falling short of your expectations? Creating great content is just the beginning. To stand out in today’s digital landscape, you need to make sure your content is optimized for both search engines and your audience.

That’s where content optimization comes in. By refreshing your existing content with strategic tweaks to its structure, language, and keywords, you can boost its performance in search rankings and social media shares, and make it more engaging and valuable to your readers.

In this post, we’ll explore one of the top content optimization tools available: Clearscope.

With Clearscope, you can easily analyze your existing content, get insights on how to improve it, and achieve better results with your content marketing efforts.

Let’s dive in and discover how you can refresh your old content pieces with Clearscope, and take your content marketing to the next level.

What is Clearscope?

So, what exactly is Clearscope, and how can it help you with content optimization? Let’s break it down.

Clearscope is a content optimization tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help you improve your content. It was founded in 2016 by two SEO experts, Bernard Huang, and Jay Wightman, to make content optimization more accessible and effective for businesses of all sizes. Clearscope has many features and benefits that can help you optimize your content for search engines and your target audience. Some of its most notable features include:

Keyword analysis: Clearscope analyzes your content and suggests keywords and phrases that can help you rank higher in search results.

Competitor analysis: it compares your content to your competitors and provides insights and recommendations for improving your content to stand out.

Content score: Clearscope provides a score based on how well your content is optimized for a specific keyword or phrase. This helps you gauge how successful your content will be when you publish it.

Content briefs: it generates a content brief for your chosen keyword or phrase, which includes recommended subheadings, topics, and phrases to include in your content.

By optimizing your content with Clearscope, you can make sure that your content is well-structured, easy to read, and focused on the right keywords and phrases.

How Clearscope works is quite intriguing. It works by analyzing your existing content and identifying every opportunity for optimization. It then uses AI and natural language processing (NLP) to suggest changes to your content, such as adding or removing keywords, changing sentence structure, or improving readability.

The best part is that you get these recommendations within seconds of imputing the command, a pace that an SEO expert can never compare.

Another exciting thing is that Clearscope’s AI is constantly learning and improving, so its recommendations improve over time. Most of all, it also integrates with various content management systems, including WordPress, HubSpot, and Google Docs, making it easy to use for businesses of all sizes.

There are many SEO tools out there. That’s why we’ll dive deeper into why you should use Clearscope for content optimization and how it can help you achieve your content marketing goals.

Benefits of using Clearscope

Clearscope offers a range of benefits for content optimization. First and foremost, it can enhance your content’s search engine ranking, resulting in increased traffic, leads, and sales. Additionally, Clearscope can help you create more engaging, valuable content that generates social media shares, backlinks, and brand awareness.

Clearscope can save you time and effort by streamlining the content creation process. It suggests improvements and provides content briefs, allowing you to create high-quality content faster and with less guesswork. This frees up your time to focus on other aspects of your business, such as customer service or product development.

Clearscope can improve your content in various ways, including identifying and targeting the right keywords and structuring your content to make it more readable and engaging for your target audience. It can also differentiate your content from that of your competitors by analyzing their content and proposing ways to make yours more unique and valuable.

Many companies across diverse industries have used Clearscope in their content creation, and they’ve seen impressive results.

For example, Uberflip, a content experience platform, improved its content’s search rankings and quality using Clearscope, resulting in a 300% increase in organic traffic and a 65% increase in engagement from its target audience.

Similarly, NerdWallet, a personal finance website, optimized its existing content using Clearscope and witnessed a 140% increase in organic traffic and a 10% increase in user engagement.

Through AI-powered analysis and optimization, Clearscope can help businesses of all sizes and industries achieve their content marketing goals. It can help you create more effective and engaging content that resonates with your target audience, leading to better overall performance.

Your turn. How can you replicate these results for your business? You can use the tool to create all the fresh content you need on your website. But what would you do if you have a lot of existing content that needs revamping?

How to use Clearscope to Refresh Old Content

Using Clearscope for content optimization is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Clearscope:

1. Log in and Select “Refresh Content” from the Dashboard.

Once you have logged in to your Clearscope account, you will see the dashboard. Select “Refresh Content” from the menu to start the process of refreshing your existing content.

2. Enter the URL of the Content you Want to Refresh.

Clearscope analyzes the existing content and offers recommendations to enhance its quality. To get started, input the URL of the content you wish to refresh into Clearscope. The platform will analyze the content and provide suggestions to improve its quality based on your target keywords and phrases.

3. Review the Analysis and Suggestions Provided by Clearscope.

Clearscope evaluates your content based on your target keywords and phrases, detects any inadequacies, and proposes enhancements to augment its appeal and value.

Clearscope will comprehensively analyze your content and offer suggestions to help you optimize it for your target keywords and phrases. The analysis will cover keyword density, topic relevance, and readability to provide you with a comprehensive view of how well your content is currently performing.

4. Prioritize the Suggestions.

We can expect Clearscope to present a series of recommendations for improving your content. It’s crucial to prioritize these suggestions based on their potential to boost your content’s performance significantly.

Clearscope’s list of suggestions may be lengthy, so it’s important to sort them based on their potential impact on your content’s performance. For instance, enhancing your title tag and meta description may have a more significant effect than refining your sentence structure.

5. Revise your Content using Clearscope’s Suggestions.

After prioritizing Clearscope’s suggestions, edit your content based on the recommendations provided. You should add fresh content, reword sentences, or restructure the content to enhance its relevance and readability.

6. Verify Your Changes using Clearscope.

After revising your content based on the recommendations, analyze your updated content with Clearscope again to ensure that it meets your target keywords and phrases and that the suggested improvements have been applied. This step will help you confirm that your refreshed content is optimized for both search engines and your intended audience.

7. Publish your Refreshed Content.

Once you have edited and optimized your content based on the suggestions provided by Clearscope, it’s time to republish it. Be sure to track its performance over time to see how it performs compared to the original version. This will help you determine if your changes effectively improved the content’s performance.

How to Get the Most Out of Using Clearscope for Content Optimization

As you’re already aware, creating high-quality content that ranks well in search engines is a time-consuming and challenging task. However, with the help of Clearscope, you can streamline the content creation process, save time and resources, and ensure that your content is optimized for your target audience and search engines. Here are some best practices and tips for using Clearscope to create content that resonates with your target audience:

Define Your Target Audience and Keywords

Before you start creating content, you need to clearly understand your target audience and the keywords and phrases they use to find information related to your topic. Use Clearscope’s keyword research tool to identify your topic’s most relevant and popular keywords.

Use Clearscope’s Content Briefs

Clearscope’s content briefs provide you with a detailed outline of the topics you should cover to rank well in search engines and appeal to your target audience. Use these briefs as a starting point for your content creation.

Analyze Your Competitors

Use Clearscope’s competitor analysis tool to analyze your competitors’ content and identify areas where you can improve your content to stand out from the competition. Analyzing your competitors’ content will also help you keep your fingers on the industry’s pulse and identify your most popular topics and keywords.

Use Clearscope’s Suggestions to Optimize Your Content

Clearscope will analyze your content and provide you with a list of suggestions to improve it. These suggestions include adding or removing keywords, enhancing the readability of your content, or reorganizing your content to improve its flow. Prioritize the suggestions that will have the most significant impact on your content’s performance.

Refresh Your Existing Content

Use Clearscope’s refresh feature to analyze and optimize your existing content. Refreshing your existing content can help you improve its search engine rankings and appeal to your target audience.

Measure Your Content’s Performance

What’s the point in optimizing your content if you won’t monitor how it performs? You wouldn’t know if the changes worked or not, let alone make the necessary changes. That is why after publishing your content, use Clearscope’s performance tracking feature to measure its performance in search engines and on social media. Use this data to identify areas where you can improve your content in the future.

By following these best practices and tips, you can optimize your content for search engines and your target audience and achieve your content marketing goals.

Concluding Thoughts

Clearscope is a powerful content optimization tool that can help you improve your search rankings, attract more traffic, and achieve your content marketing goals. By providing real-time optimization suggestions and detailed reports, Clearscope makes it easy to ensure that your content is fully optimized for both search engines and readers.

Throughout this post, we’ve explored the definition and features of Clearscope, as well as how to use it for content optimization. We’ve also seen examples of how Clearscope has helped businesses achieve their content marketing goals and tips for integrating Clearscope into your content creation process.

Content optimization is more critical than ever in today’s competitive digital landscape. By using Clearscope to guide your content creation, you can stay ahead of the competition and attract more visitors to your website.

If you’re not already using Clearscope, we highly recommend giving it a try. With its user-friendly interface, powerful optimization suggestions, and detailed reporting, Clearscope is an invaluable tool for any content creator. Why not try it and see how it can help you optimize your content and achieve your marketing goals?

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March 6, 2023



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