The Right Way to Build A Crypto Marketing Strategy: 4 Key Steps

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The incredible growth of the blockchain and crypto marketing industry over the past few years, despite all the hiccups and setbacks, has been mind-boggling.

With applications from finance to food, blockchain technology has proven beyond a doubt that the future is essentially decentralized. The total value locked in DeFi, spread across different chains and protocols, stands at a whopping $50.52 billion now. Blockchain drives innovation in major logistics, healthcare, media, insurance, and telecommunications companies. The technology has even marked its presence in charity through initiatives like the Milk and Butter tokens, one of our favorites!

As the number of people captivated by cryptocurrencies increases, so does the number of ventures in the industry. Every day, new projects are spawned into the market. This makes it increasingly hard for people to find the right projects and for projects to find the right audience. Along with that, the complexity and intangibility of the industry make it harder for potential investors to understand the actual worth of blockchain services.

There have been umpteen examples of projects that raised millions of dollars through crowdfunding methodologies like ICOs, STOs and IDOs. However, many of them failed spectacularly because they either were rug-pull ventures or could not develop what they had planned. Another very important factor in their failure was that they were unable to communicate well with their community.

A stunning example of a project that failed to live up to the hype it created is TaTaTu, touted as the “Netflix Killer.” TaTaTu’s initial coin offering (ICO) was among the biggest of 2018. Film producer Andrea Iervolino raised over $575 million from the public, including royals like Lady Monika Bacardi, Hollywood A-lister Johnny Depp, and institutions like BlockTower Capital. While they used “blockchain” in their communication and created a hype around it, their marketing efforts were soon revealed to be dubious when it was found that the project was never based on blockchain and crypto.

It was soon clear that people who invested in TaTaTu, in the beginning, did it thinking that they would be buying a token that would work on a decentralized platform and could be traded. But the token that was offered at $0.25 a piece is now trading around $0.01 and a majority of the ICO participants are left holding worthless bags of shitcoins (excuse our French).

Before we begin, we asked Anndy Lian, the Chairman of BigONE Exchange, a cryptocurrency exchange, the following question:

How does marketing play a role in cryptocurrency’s social confidence and inevitable success or failure?

Here is what he had to say:

“Blockchain and crypto marketing in general are filled with fluff. The fulfillment of these deliverables are not managed properly. Token buyers must try to differentiate from what is realistic vs pure hype.

Always remember, if it seems too good to be true, walk away. Do your own research and speak to credible sources for their opinions.”


Anndy Lian

Twitter: @anndylian

– Anndy Lian, best selling book author, Chairman to BigONE Exchange and Chief Digital Advisor to Mongolia Productivity Organisation commented.

To Anndy’s point, as a marketing agency, we are constantly put in a position to make a decision whether to work with certain projects or not. We perform intense investigation into any project prior to working with them, like we would with any client.

How Do You Get the Right Message Across?

Content marketing addresses most messaging challenges that crypto and blockchain companies face. This is exactly why well-targeted content marketing is one of the most implemented marketing strategies in the blockchain and crypto industry. It helps projects gain traction while tackling user challenges. 

So what can you do to create good content and use that content to drive your leads through the sales funnel?

Here are four cryptocurrency content marketing tips that can help get your business on the right track while maximizing the value of every lead generation opportunity.

1. Know Your Audience

Whether it is money or time, nobody wants to invest in things that don’t add value to their life. This is no different for a reader.

Being a relatively new industry, most of the end clients in the crypto industry are also beginners. As we have our eyes set on the mass adoption of blockchain technologies, we can expect a large influx of newbie investors to the industry over the next few years.

These newbies Google topics to understand how this newfangled technology will yield them profit. But what do they see? A flurry of jargon. Of course, jargon can help to show the reader that the project is competent, that you know what you are doing. But, at the same time, it also intimidates them. This is the reason why you should remove jargon from your sentences if you can afford to. Bring down the verbal complexity of your content without shying away from technical topics so that even the guy next door can explore crypto!

Also, it is common to see brands give larger-than-life hype to their projects. This is a major turn-off. How do you promote your project without giving the impression that you are ballooning it up?

A great idea would be to back up your claims and assertions with relevant data and competitive analysis. This way, you position yourself as an authentic brand among the growing tribe of scammers and hustlers.

2. Strike a Fine Balance Between Uses and Use Cases

Startups in crypto and blockchain promise everything that has ever been built in the industry to users. They list out their functionalities and features in every article and document, rarely ever touching upon how users can benefit from these functionalities. They tend to assume that the reader already knows. In reality, the reader may not have a clue.

Focus on generating clear value, as opposed to explaining to the reader how the technology works. Businesses often focus on trying to educate users on how their blockchain-based solution works instead of how it can work for them. This is where the importance of knowing your audience comes into play. They are not interested in how it works; they want to know how it delivers tangible value and ROI. Tell your readers what your project offers—faster processing times, better security, lower costs, passive income.? These are the points to focus on.

As much as you should promote your functionalities, you should tweak your content marketing strategies to explain to users how to use your products and services. So, instead of going on and on about the technology that works behind your project, you can start talking about why the reader should try your product and how it will benefit them.

It is also a great idea to create basic informative content on a variety of topics in the industry and share it in the community. For example, you can talk about Bitcoin mining and how that works. Then, you can talk about how your ecosystem provides an eco-friendly alternative to proof-of-work consensus. This way, you help the reader get a clear understanding of the industry and, over time, your project.

3. Publish Your Content on Relevant Platforms

Where you publish your content matters as much as what you publish. Before you choose a publishing platform, it is important to define your content marketing goals. It could be branding, lead generation, engagement, or retention.

In-house blogs within your website or a Medium account would be a great place to start. Keep the community posted about your use cases, milestones, change of plans, partnerships, and other relevant updates. To create continuous engagement on the platform, it’s important that existing users stay in the know. Moreover, regular updates will help you create a rapport with your followers and expand your community over time. Two to three in-house blog posts every week should do. But don’t forget, consistency is key.

Along with that, get your articles published on websites and platforms that are considered authentic sources of content about the industry—CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, CCN, Bitcoin Magazine, etc.—to establish subject matter expertise. For PR-related content, you can also use popular sites like Yahoo! Finance.

Every time you create a piece, make sure you publish it across your social media platforms to drive traffic. Some of the most commonly used social media platforms for organic and paid promotions of crypto ventures are Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Linkedin, Instagram, and Discord. Be sure to target your audience by getting your post in front of relevant communities on each platform.

In a nutshell, you want a good mix of a regularly updated blog, thought leadership pieces, or guest posts on crypto community outlets and useful snippets on social media platforms.

4. Hire an Experienced Content Marketing Agency

Content marketing goes a long way beyond just writing articles. It is a mix of efforts to drive traction to your project through relevant content across the internet. It includes strategizing, planning, preparing, scheduling, and SEO. The internet already holds a massive amount of articles on crypto. If you really want to stand out and see a difference through content marketing, you must devote a significant amount of your time creating, publishing, and promoting your content. That requires skill, experience, industry-level insights, and laser-focused strategies.

This is where a good content marketing agency comes in. They will help you build awareness around your project, generate leads, grow your community, and optimize your visibility across publishing platforms. It’s also important that an agency properly understands the restrictions and compliance in the industry in different jurisdictions when it comes to ads and promotion.

This means your team has more time to focus on things that matter while still seeing tangible measurable results and ROI from your content marketing strategy that is running parallel.

If you are looking for a genuine content marketing agency with a proven track record, Flying V Group can give you a hand. We have a team of expert content developers and marketing professionals who understand the crypto space at the technical level. We have the know-how to weave value-focused content that your leads will actually use and act upon.

Reach out to us for a crypto or blockchain content marketing plan tailored to meet your specific requirements.

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July 1, 2021



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