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Reddit Digital Marketing: A Complete Guide for 2024 Marketers

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Are you looking for an under-harnessed channel to market your business online?

In February 2024, Reddit went public and now has more than 267.5 million weekly active users.

“Front page of the internet,” is a term widely associated with one of the world’s most famous but underused online platforms.

The front page is where the main stories that will capture the most attention are displayed. That is the first thing people see before opening a newspaper or magazine. It is also one of the things that will determine how a newspaper sells.

Reddit is to the internet what the front page is to the newspaper. We are sure this is not the first time you have heard of Reddit. You may even be on the platform but don’t know how to use Reddit Digital Marketing in Growing Your Business.


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If you are interested in learning any of these, then you are reading the right article.

Let’s browse through the content:

  • What is Reddit?
  • What is Reddit Premium?
  • How Does Reddit Work?
  • What is Karma on Reddit?
  • How Does Reddit Karma Work?
  • Why Reddit Is The Most Important Social Channel That No One Is Talking About
  • Things You Should Know Before Leveraging Reddit For Your SEO And Marketing
  • How Do I Use Reddit For Marketing and Leverage It For SEO?

We have a lot to show you. Let’s proceed.

What is Reddit?

Do you spend a lot of time online?

You might have heard of this online forum once or twice.

As you should know by now, Reddit is a social media platform. Therefore, almost everything you do on other mainstream social media platforms is possible on Reddit. The only difference is that when it was created in 2005, Reddit came with an additional modified package called “Subreddits.”

Subreddits are platforms on Reddit that users create to attract like-minded people. There are over a million subreddits with topics as diverse as you can imagine, and the number is increasing every day. In June this year, users created over 87 thousand subreddits with various unique issues, and this figure is rising.


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Reddit may not be famous like other social media sites where people come to show off. Still, when you talk about social media sites where serious people do business, Reddit is the best.

Reddit has over 73.1 million daily users.

As of February 2024, Reddit has an estimated 1.2 billion monthly unique visitors. That’s an increase from 1.1 billion monthly unique visitors in February 2023.

The website generates most of its revenue from its ad business, which means that many people quietly utilize it to grow their business.

However, to enjoy Reddit’s full advantages, you’ll need to try Reddit Premium.

What is Reddit Premium?

Reddit digital marketing is more efficient when you subscribe to Reddit Premium. Benefits include:

  • VIP treatment
  • Exclusive access
  • Ad-free browsing
  • Powerup
  • Premium awards
  • Exclusive avatar gear
  • Custom app icons
  • Members Lounge
  • Welcome gifts
  • Monthly coins


(Source: Online Tech Tips)

The paid Reddit Premium subscription auto-renews every month or year, depending on your package. It costs $5.99/month, but you can save 30% by subscribing for $49.99/year.

How Does Reddit Work?

This social media platform is a platform where users, called Redditors, submit a post, then other users upvote or downvote it based on how they feel about it. The more upvotes a post gets, the more it is made available for other users to see. If a particular post keeps getting a downvote, it will not be available for many users until it eventually disappears from users’ views.

Your upvotes and downvotes will determine the number of Karma you will get.

What is Karma on Reddit?

Karma concept created by Reddit that involves competition. This competition is the forum’s way of rewarding users who have a good number of upvotes. Every Redditor has a Karman score based on the user’s comments and content submitted.

The quality of these comments and content brings either an upvote or a downvote.

How Does Reddit Karma Work?

The more a Redditor gets an upvote, the more their Karma scores go up. You don’t get any price award for the number of Karma scores from Reddit, but your Karma score will get users to trust you, your comments, or your content.

Why Reddit Is The Most Important Social Channel That No One Is Talking About

We know you will be stunned if we tell you that Reddit is the 3rd most visited social media platform in the United States since 2018. Only Google and YouTube are ahead of it. In addition, Reddit is ahead of both Facebook and Amazon, which ranked 4th and 5th positions in 2018.

Reddit users spend more than 15 minutes on average per visit, which is twice as much as most users of other social media platforms. In addition, it is known as the number one social media platform for managed service providers worldwide.

Here are 4 reasons why Reddit is an essential social channel:

1. The Quality of Content on Reddit

Reddit is not the dumping ground for content. Instead, it sorts posts and comments by their upvotes and downvotes. Content with a high score is pushed to the subreddit’s front page for all Redditors front page for all Redditors in the subreddit to see.

So, whatever you see is legit.

We have said before that Redditors are serious-minded people who don’t want to showcase their lifestyles. They don’t have time to talk about what car Mr. A has bought or why Mr. B divorced his wife. For them, it is strictly business. The type of subreddit you join determines your interest, and any content on that subreddit is quality content.

On other social media platforms, you will need to search for a particular piece of content, but it’s not like that on Reddit. People of like minds are in one subreddit and every day, you are fed the type of content you want without wasting time searching for it

Most importantly, the content you’ll get is of high quality.

2. No Censorship

Oh yes! You heard us right! No censorship.

Because of how the platform is organized, people are willing to reveal more about their interests because they are anonymous.

Reddit gave censorship to the moderators of each subreddit. If you have a problem with a particular issue or subject, you don’t have any business joining the subreddits. People of like minds join the same subreddit.

If you don’t have an interest in a particular business, you don’t join a subreddit for that business.

Before joining any subreddits, you are told the rules and regulations guiding the subreddits. However, it is the moderators of those subreddits that ensure that they are followed.

So, whatever your business, rest assured that Reddit is one place you can market it. In addition, there are subreddits for people interested in your particular business.

3. Anonymous Redditors

Anonymity is one reason why people are not talking about Reddit. There are no faces, and Redditors’ posts are under false usernames. One can browse through content without interacting with users freely on Reddit platforms, even before registering.


(Source: Backlinko)

Things done on Reddit are not for drawing attention to oneself. You simply come, do your business if you are a business person, and quietly leave. Hence, it is not so popular among most social media enthusiasts.

4. Quality Content is Easy to Find and Share

If you are looking to do business on Reddit, getting the type of business you are looking for is easy because the content is grouped into subreddits. Therefore, there is no searching the entire platform to get the kind of content you are looking for.

When you talk about quality, Reddit is one of the best social media platforms to find the best quality content because only quality content is made available on the top of the subreddits.

Things You Should Know Before Leveraging Reddit For Your SEO And Marketing

Unlike other social media users, Redditors are serious-minded people. When a Redditor is on a subreddit, he is there because of what the subreddit represents, and they are protective of the subreddit community.

Several times, new users who try to use some subreddits have gotten other Redditors in the subreddit angry because of the type of content or comments they post on the subreddit.

Before we look at how to use Reddit for marketing, these are the two things that you need to know:

1. Know the Reddit Etiquette

Reddit etiquettes are sets of rules and regulations set by Reddit to guide Redditors on using the platform. They are called Reddiquette. If you use other social media platforms, some of these rules and regulations will not be new to you.

If you don’t understand the Reddit etiquette, ensure you go through it again. Understanding the rules and regulations will help guide your posts and comments, which, as explained earlier, affects your upvotes. And if you are looking forward to making a good Karma score, then you should know what is acceptable or not acceptable on the platform.

2. Read the Subreddit Rules and Regulations

Aside from knowing the Redditquette, every subreddit has its own set of rules and regulations, which is one of the most important things you need to note before using any subreddit. Some of these rules include the type of image, video, or link you can submit.

Some Subreddits wouldn’t mind your tone, while others might. Not following the rules and regulations means the moderators will delete your post, and if you keep defaulting on these rules and regulations, you will be permanently blocked. Be warned!

How Do I Use Reddit For Marketing and Leverage It For SEO?

If you are wondering how you can leverage Reddit for digital marketing, then you are one of the luckiest people because we are about to show you the 5 best ways to use Reddit for marketing and SEO.

1. Create a Reddit Account and Remain Relevant

If you want to use Reddit digital marketing, the first step is to create a Reddit account. It’s one of the most straightforward social media accounts you can open, so you won’t get stuck when you visit their website.

When you have opened the account, the next step is remaining relevant on the platform.

How can you be relevant?

To be relevant, you will need to be active on the Reddit community by posting links related to your business. You’ll also have to network with other Redditors by commenting on other people’s posts.


e. Having a mobile version

Because of the number of mobile phone users compared to desktop users, many business owners are considering optimizing their sites for mobile phone use.

f. Switching to a better server

Website owners often face bad hosting performance, which usually gives rise to wanting to switch to another host.

Website Migration Checklist

If you want to migrate your website because of the reasons mentioned earlier, you need to do some things before migration.

Here is our full-proof website migration checklist to guide you:

A. Be Positive, But Get Ready In Case Things Don’t Go As Planned

Migrating your site is like going for major surgery; everything may be going on smoothly one minute, but things could go wrong all of a sudden. So estimate the website redesign costs and brace yourself for that.

B. Let Your Users Be Aware Beforehand

Many things can go wrong when you migrate your website, so you must inform your users some weeks or months before the actual migration date. Also, be sure to tell them of a likely day you will be back.

By doing so, you will help retain your users as they will know why they could not access your site and the day that your website will be available. For example, many have switched to other websites because they tried to use them for some days, and they didn’t open; hence they thought the site no longer existed.

C. You Should Migrate At Night

Migrating at night is good because this is the likely time when traffic is low, and many of your users will not be affected. Also, since the server load is not so much at night, it will help Googlebot index and crawl your website faster after migration. However, if the nighttime is not your slow traffic period, any other low-traffic period will be acceptable.

D. Migrate Gradually

Trying to migrate the whole site at once is a bad idea. Don’t even try it, as everything may just crash. Instead, start by having a test sample after migration, then if everything is working just fine, you can then move your site piece by piece.

E. Redesign Your Website To Boost Traffic

Redesigning your website after web migration is a great thing to do for your business’s success because it helps bring a fresh look to your presence online and improves the user experience. In addition, this will go a long way in increasing customer conversion and traffic.

What’s the Next Step?

Redesigning your website is beneficial, but you need to make sure you do not lose traffic in the process. As a professional SEO California digital marketing company, we’ve provided a comprehensive website migration checklist to help ease your website migration and redesign process.

At FlyingVGroup, we can help you redesign your websites to a standard you can be proud of and provide other top-notch digital marketing services to improve your online relevance. You can see our web design case studies for yourself. Contact us today.


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