How to Identify a Trustworthy Local SEO Agency for Your Real Estate Company to Rank Your WebSite and 10x Your Traffic, Leads and Clients

How to Identify a Trustworthy Local SEO Agency for Your Real Estate Company to Rank Your WebSite and 10x Your Traffic, Leads and Clients

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You already know that for your real estate business to scale, you need to leverage online marketing and gain those competitive insights to help propel your website to the next level.


You’ve done a few posts on social media and might’ve even started a blog because you’ve read that the best way to get free leads is by generating organic traffic to your website.

You lack a consistent, strategic plan though. You feel defeated because your competition is riding the search engine waves and collecting clients in their sleep.


You need to find a proven way to show up on Google’s first page if you’re looking for traffic to your website and leads that you can convert into buyers.

Here’s why ranking on Google for the right reasons will improve your lead generation.


So what are you really looking for? The result is sales, but… How would you get there?

Ask yourself this: why would people choose me (and my real estate company) over a dozen other realtors and agents in the city?

Because they have found you online, and they like you and trust you enough to buy from you. To get this right, you need to use Local SEO. Be patient though, trust-building and local ranking require time; everybody knows this, but too often we rush the process and commit costly mistakes.

There are two ways that you can perform local SEO and out-rank competitors in the local search listings battle. The first option is more expensive and riskier than the second, which is a choice too often ignored by DIY-ers and real estate marketers.

You can spend months learning the art and science of local search engine optimization, or you can use a trusted team to handle local SEO.

SEO experts can help you create a data-driven strategy so that you meet your KPIs and fulfill your brand vision faster, better and easier than you can do it on your own.

There are four significant advantages when working with a real estate centered digital marketing agency to help with local SEO. You will obtain:

  • Expert Skills (to help scale your marketing)
  • Veteran Experience (to prevent rookie mistakes)
  • Proven Strategy (to skip all the outdated or ineffective SEO practices)
  • Expert execution (so you can focus on the “closing” part of your business)

Working with a reliable SEO company enables them to focus on managing your local visibility, increasing local keyword rankings, and developing a strong brand presence. This is vital if you want buyers to trust you and refer clients.

Use the right Local SEO strategy to increase your traffic, leads, and clients by 10x.

Let’s be realistic; you won’t see results overnight, and only experts can get you the results that you need, in the least amount of time possible. That means an SEO company with a proven track record will help you with any lead generation and marketing challenges.

Because real estate is a competitive industry, organic local search will only provide results with long-term, consistent effort.

So, how can your business rank higher than the other real estate businesses that currently occupy the top page positions? The most straightforward answer is: you don’t! As this cannot be done within one month. 

Now consider this; you have a precise business plan. So, why don’t you have one for your online marketing strategy? After all, this will help build your online presence. Each business function should have a documented plan, especially one as volatile as a digital marketing plan.

By not having a search engine optimization strategy in place, you’re spending money, time, and a lot of effort in online marketing without having a way to measure if you’re doing the right thing.

How to Identify a Trustworthy Local SEO Agency

Working with a reliable SEO agency provides the opportunity to develop a search engine optimization strategy for the next 12 and 24 months.

Before any concrete planning happens, the SEO company that you would like to work with should take the time to get to know your business and audience through consulting.

Step #1 – Competitive Detective Research

Your SEO agency must begin with a market analysis. The SEO team will have to run an online analysis of the current real estate market in your area so that they understand and pick out your top competitors and customer target audience wants and needs.

This helps you and your team decide which online marketing strategy is the best for your business.

Why would you even care what your competitors are doing? Because you can then see who is performing well and what you need to do to out-rank and dominate them.

Reverse engineering their SEO ranks and best practices is more important than money in the bank as you should be able to get fresh leads and clients consistently with the right strategy.

Step #2 – Local SEO audit


A local website SEO audit is a vital part of your core SEO game plan, and it’s the second thing that the SEO expert team should perform to help your website with local ranks and fix any traffic leaking issues.

That understanding allows the agency to partner with your internal team to continue building and advance your real estate brand and presence across multiple platforms.

But what can a SEO site audit do for your business? A site audit shows you what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong.

Find out what local keywords work best for your website and who you’re competing against.

Wondering what speed your website loads at on various devices? A site audit will tell you if you’re website loads too slow, costing you leads when people click off.

Issues surrounding security are looked at and suggestions on where to spend more of your time and money to make use of other online marketing channels.

Step #3 – Local SEO Citations

As a local real estate with an online presence, you want to focus your keyword research and search engine optimization in the area that you’re based. When searching for a particular service, you’ll notice that Google suggests the more popular businesses in a specific area first. There is a reason why and a specific method of how these businesses get to the top of the list, through local SEO.


So, how do your competitors rank high for local keywords and Google Maps? The answer to this is citations. These are not links but rather references that contain information about your business such as Name, Address, and Phone( aka NAP) on local review sites, directories, and business listings.

Google then scrapes third party business directories and listings to determine which websites appear for geo-targeted searches.

Your SEO partner should be able to perform this tedious (and repetitive) task on your behalf, saving you time, and money.

A common mistake that real estate businesses make is that they outsource these tasks to multiple vendors. The result being inconsistency in the info, which can cause more harm than good because NAP info must be consistent.

Here’s a curated list of more than 200 US citation sources and directories that are helpful for your real estate website. Work your way through it, using the same information about your business at each listing location.

Top Real Estate Citation Sites

Here are some of the top real estate citation sources. Please note that some of these services require a paid membership:

These articles are an excellent resource to find other citation sites:

Mistake to avoid:

Don’t register with a dozen business directories at once. Focus on a few of the most relevant and highest authority sites each week. Otherwise, Google may suspect that you want to manipulate rankings.

Step #4 – Take advantage of SlideShare


Slide presentations work well with local SEO as you’re able to place links and local citations inside your content. These present a “buzz” or a unique source of reference about your business as search engine algorithms analyze them.  What makes them so unique is that the links don’t have to point to your website only — directing your audience to your social media platforms assists with extra traffic and engagement.




Step #5  – Attract motivated sellers & buyers

Selling a piece of real estate is easier when you attract motivated buyers and sellers. Leveraging on this can only happen when you do this properly by using the right approach.

Highlight motivated seller leads in featured blog posts on your website to help sell your properties faster.

You may also want to reward fast action takers with some relevant goodies that you or other 3-party business partners can provide your clients with.

Examples: travel discounts, low-cost family trips, etc.

To attract the right leads, create an individual blog post highlighting the home and mentioning the area where the property is listed. Make sure that you mention the features and make descriptions compelling enough to attract the ideal target audience.

Strive to make this the most comprehensive and buyer-driven page on the Internet, or you risk ending up lower in the search results because prospects will prefer content which is better and more insightful than yours.

Once you’ve done this, when someone searches for homes in your targeted area, your blog post shows up if the content is captivating enough and includes the right on-page SEO practices. So, using relevant keywords and LSI terms, images, and internal links to other pages on your website will help you reach that coveted spot in local search results.

This drives traffic of interested buyers who want a home in your areas, increasing the chances of it being sold. Let’s say that a piece of real estate doesn’t sell, then your visitors might be interested in other listings, increasing the chances that buyers view other homes for sale via your website due to internal linking.

As motivated sellers are keener to sell their home fast, you must take the opportunity to highlight everything that they need to solve their most burning needs.

Let buyers know that even if they are undecided about what to do, they may want to act quickly; otherwise, someone else might snatch the offer before them.

However, use caution in this approach. Overly aggressive sales techniques may lead buyers to question your honesty.

This method gives you an unfair competitive chance to reach a wider audience for such listings while bringing in more ultra-targeted traffic.

Use the right Local SEO tools with caution


Most real estate professionals fail in their local SEO agency strategy and  packages by merely ignoring the basics. They jump directly to the SEO tools and more sophisticated tactics without laying the foundation first. Be ahead of your competitors (by at least 90%) just by spending some time on the basics.

The first tool to use is Whitesparks Local Citation Finder.

This tool gathers phone numbers of top-ranking sites, searches for these phone numbers, and finds citation sources listing the top ranking sites for local seo agency. 

Use this 3-step process to navigate this software.

Step 1: Click on “submit your business” link

Step 2: Complete your website information

Step 3: Sort your citations by Rank, and Domain Authority

You may also want to test-drive another favorite local SEO tool among real estate business owners, Moz Local.

As in the case of Whitespark’s Local Citation Finder, Moz local is a nifty tool that helps people in your area find your business.

Step 1: Click on “Enter your business” and enter the business details.

Step 2: Enter the zip code for your business

Step 3: Click on “check my listing”

Your business details will appear with a link to your business.

Step 4: Click on the link to your business where data will appear, providing you with a score to your business.

You’ve read so far because you care to attract quality local leads on autopilot. Local organic traffic is the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Make SEO a fundamental part of your marketing strategy. Gaining an edge over your competitors by creating a well-documented local SEO strategy, making use of today’s best and easy-to-understand tools, and teaming up with a top-notch digital marketing company is by far the best way to achieve your business goals.

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