Involving Non-Techy Business Leaders in Marketing Campaigns

Involving Non-Techy Business Leaders in Marketing Campaigns

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Marketing teams work together to develop the brand identity of a company and form marketing campaigns and strategies that will help promote the company’s growth. These teams are filled with professionals such as social media managers, content creators, and copywriters.

However, while developing a marketing campaign often requires tech skills, there are many ways that marketing teams coordinate with and involve non-techy business leaders in the process.

Starting a Business Without Tech Skills

Not every entrepreneur has a high level of digital literacy and technical skills. Maybe their strengths lie in their ability to lead, think creatively, or create an organized and effective workplace.

For an entrepreneur without technical skills, it is important to take certain steps to make up for the lack of digital know-how. Entrepreneurs often hire website developers, lawyers, shipping companies, and digital marketing professionals to fulfill the necessary duties to keep the business running.

Hiring outside experts is a key part of growth as an entrepreneur. It requires a person to admit that they have limitations. Once an entrepreneur accepts this, they can lean into their own strengths, focus on company growth, and let other experts take the lead on the rest.

Hiring Marketing Professionals

Most entrepreneurs will hire marketing professionals such as digital marketers, content creators, graphic designers, and copywriters to develop a strong marketing plan for their business.

These marketing teams help a business to develop a strong social media presence through regular posting, strong brand awareness, and effective Facebook and Google ads. By posting consistent, engaging content on various online platforms, marketing professionals can develop client trust, deep connections with the public, and a recognizable brand.

Using Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is one of the top skills that entrepreneurs bring to the table. Making space for business leaders to contribute their ideas to the marketing team can help the business to go in new and interesting directions.

Business leaders can use their creativity to help the marketing team develop well-rounded client avatars (profiles of members of the target audience). They can also help with the development of the brand voice and promotional materials.

Involving business leaders in the creative process can also help to prevent burnout among members of the marketing team. If the marketing professionals working on a campaign are struggling to develop new ideas, then bringing in a business leader with a strong understanding of the company culture and brand story can have a positive impact and bring new energy to the team.

Promoting Digital Literacy

Many entrepreneurs choose to develop their own digital literacy over time. While it is always important to hire experts to take care of important tasks, an entrepreneur should take advantage of having these experts around! Learning new skills is a great way to help a business to grow.

One opportunity to develop new skills lies in the creation of a brand logo. The logo is an important but relatively simple piece of design, and with guidance and the use of online resources, even beginners can create a stunning logo. This logo should include an icon and a tagline. If the marketing team is already working with a specific color palette, then this should also be incorporated into the company’s logo.

The best way to build trust with a company’s target audience is to create compelling marketing materials and online content. Showing the public what a company stands for can create strong connections and high levels of brand recognition and awareness. By including business leaders in the creation of the company logo, marketing teams can ensure that this vital marketing material is a direct reflection of the values and beliefs of the leaders of the company.

Building a Brand Identity

The brand identity of a company is the central piece of all of its marketing materials. And the entrepreneur is one of the most important factors in that brand identity. By asking the right questions of an entrepreneur, a marketing team can develop a strong, compelling brand story and identity:

  •     What challenges have you overcome when building your business?
  •     What are five words that you associate with your business?
  •     What kind of leader are you?
  •     Describe your company culture.
  •     Where do you see your company in five years?

These questions (and more) are great ways to involve business leaders in the development of the brand identity. Those leaders’ values and beliefs have shaped the company over the years, and they should also shape the voice and identity that the company presents to the world through its marketing campaigns.

The Power of Cooperation

Entrepreneurs need marketing professionals. Their technical knowledge and understanding of the market are indispensable. But marketing teams also need entrepreneurs. A business leader’s understanding of the core values of their company can lead to the development of a strong, well-rounded brand identity.

By making space for those with digital skills, and recognizing the benefits that non-techy business leaders bring to the table, marketing teams can take their campaigns to the next level.


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May 11, 2022



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