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How to Use a Customer Relationship Management System for SEO?

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Business leaders need to have a digital presence to increase brand visibility and make more sales. Marketing teams have multiple platforms, tools, and channels to promote their brands and create awareness. Businesses with a digital presence will help businesses to grow at a faster rate and achieve company goals.

The best social CRM tools help businesses to digitize customer relationship management. Having an efficient digital presence will help businesses to penetrate a new market with ease. In this blog, we’ll cover how businesses use CRM tools to create an efficient SEO strategy for their organization. 

How Do You Create an SEO Strategy with Customer Relationship Management Software? 

CRM software is a boon to all marketers to enhance their processes and make the most out of them. We have jotted down a few points that will help you to use the CRM tools to enrich your SEO strategy for your business.

Understand the Target Keywords:

Keywords are the most crucial aspect of digital marketing or SEO strategies. Because digital marketers target a few sets of keywords that users can search on all digital platforms. These user searches will lead your business to the right prospects. The best way the marketers can spot the right keywords is to put themselves into the customer’s shoes and think. You as a marketer need to think as a layman about what all can a user reach to look for a solution like yours.

Moreover, marketers can keep a track of all the frequent keywords used by the customer during all interactions. The best CRM software  will help businesses to keep a track of all the interactions. The top CRM tools will help to spot the frequent keywords used by the customer during all the interactions. 

Track the Performance of the Platform:

Digital marketers have various tools, platforms, and channels available in the market which they can use. They need to design and execute a campaign or strategy on all the relevant platforms as per their requirement. It will be a tedious task for your teams to execute campaigns on all the platforms and track them manually.

The best CRM software will help you to design a separate campaign for each channel and execute it. Moreover, the top CRM tools will help to gather the results and evaluate them to understand the performance. The cloud-based CRM solutions will give you an overview of each channel’s performance in detail. As a result, digital marketers can continue with the channels that help to gather qualitative leads at a cheaper price. Moreover, based on the results the marketers can optimize the strategy on the poor-performing channels. The best CRM software with analytics will help the marketing teams to make strategic data-driven decisions. Therefore, the marketing leaders can make an effective SEO strategy that perfectly suits your business goals.

Customer Segmentation:

Customer segmentation is a crucial step for every organization to have efficient marketing strategies. It is a very challenging task for business leaders to do customer segmentation manually. The top cloud-based CRM software will help to gather the customer data and segment it.  

The best CRM tools will segregate the data based on age, gender, location, purchasing rights, and other parameters. As a result, the marketers can create a separate campaign for each customer segmentation and execute them with ease. The marketers that design and execute a separate campaign for each customer segment will have a higher conversion rate. Because you can design a personalized campaign for each segment as per their requirement.

Spot the Purchase Trends:

It is essential for business leaders to know the purchase trends or patterns to make the most of their organization. Manually keeping a track of all the purchases and spotting the trends in them will be a difficult challenge. The online CRM software will keep a track of all the purchases and maintain a record of it automatically.  

The top CRM software will have advanced tools like AI, ML, and analytics integrated into the system. These tools will help the business owners to spot the purchase trends or patterns based on the previous history. Understanding the purchase history will help businesses to create an SEO strategy that will deliver better results. The best CRM software will even accurately predict the future sales for your business. As a result, you spot that the sale of a particular product might go down in the future. You can design an SEO strategy that helps businesses to increase the sales of that product.

Monitor the Social and Digital Footprints of the Customer:

Customers today have easy access to social media and other digital tools to explore the market. These tools can be accessed from anywhere and play a major role in influencing the customer’s decision. Moreover, the social and digital footprints have valuable data for business owners about customer preferences and likes. The best social CRM software will help to track the digital and social footprints of the customer. As a result, the top CRM software will help to create digital marketing and social media strategies based on the customer’s likes. The businesses that track the digital and social media footprint will help to have a better conversion rate.

Better Blogger Outreach:

Bloggers must have a better outreach in order to reach more people. The best CRM software will help to design and execute an email marketing campaign that will help to increase brand visibility. Moreover, the CRM tools will help the bloggers to reach their readers with ease and increase their subscribers. The top CRM tools are a perfect tool to design and execute an email blog campaign within a few clicks. The businesses can tie up with various bloggers to increase brand visibility and penetrate a new market base.

Nurture Leads:

One of the most essential tasks which businesses have to execute is to nurture the leads. Because a customer has to a long journey from data collection to being a customer. Digital marketing is one of the best ways to nurture leads to convert customers easily. Once you gather your customer’s data, you can create a social media or digital marketing strategy to nurture leads. For instance, you can start placing ads targeting your data to make your customers aware of your products or services. The best digital marketing strategy with CRM software will help you to nurture the leads efficiently.

Businesses need to have a positive brand image to penetrate a new customer base with ease. Moreover, the customers have social media and other digital platforms that they use to explore your services. Furthermore, they use these tools to put positive and negative reviews about your business based on their experience. For instance, if the customer is happy and satisfied with your services, they will put a positive review about your services. But if the client has a bad experience, he will not leave one single platform to defame your services and products.

The best CRM software will track all the channels and the comments for your brand. The top social CRM tools will help to spot the negative reviews on all the platforms. As a result, the team can act or react to the comment to resolve the customer grievance. The online review management will help to keep a track of all the reviews and ensure all of them favor your brand image.


All business owners need to have an effective digital marketing strategy that supports their business goals. The top CRM software will help to integrate all the tools that will help you to have an impactful digital presence. Technology Counter helps business owners to select the right CRM tool that helps to create an effective digital marketing strategy.


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January 6, 2022



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