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A Complete Guide to Facebook Law Firm Advertising

Reading Time: 10 minutes

Are you finding it difficult to boost your law firm’s ROI?

Facebook is the 2nd most used social media medium for lawyers and law firms with up to 60%. 

Law firms are, by definition, social. Attorneys develop professional relationships with potential clients, members of the community, and other lawyers. In reality, most lawyers rely heavily on referrals for a large portion of their business, and the social side of the work translates well into Facebook for lawyers.


(Source: Postcron)

We have put together this exciting read to show you the best Facebook audience insights tools and opportunities your law firm can capitalize on for your Facebook law firm advertising.

Here’s what we’ve got covered:

  • What types of law firms can Facebook ads work for?
  • How do you know if an ad is working or not?
  • Creating compelling ads for your target audience
  • What is the most effective technique to track the performance of your Facebook ads?
  • What are some insights on how law firms can better leverage their Facebook ads?
  • How hiring an ad agency can help scale your Facebook campaigns

Let’s dive in!

What Types of Law Firms Can Facebook Ads Work For?