Editpad VS Quillbot

Editpad VS Quillbot: Which One Is Helpful In SEO Content Writing?

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Let’s hold a comparison between toolkits i.e. Edtpad and Quillbot. Indeed both 

platforms claim that we are the best one for content writing. And this claim mostly leaves the users confused to choose one of them.

Here we have come up with some solid points to hold a remarkable competition between Editpad and Quillbot. Since both are dynamic tools comprising different writing tools. And each tool possesses multiple features. We’ll cover all of their cutting edges in the below section. Let’s see which one wins the field.

Quillbot: A Bird’s Eye View


Quillbot is an online platform comprising multiple AI-powered advanced writing tools. Its provided tools are beneficial in SEO content writing. Its tools include

  • Grammar Checker.
  • Plagiarism Checker.
  • Paraphrasing tool.
  • Summarizer.

All the tools are accessible in free as well as premium versions. And most of them support more than one language.

Editpad: A Short Introduction


Editpad is one of the leading toolkits nowadays. It is widely used by bloggers, students and professionals. The reason behind this is the availability of multiple as well as advanced writing tools by the platform. Editpad also has some prominent writing tools that are comparable to that of Quillbot like;

  • Summary generator.
  • Paraphrasing tool.
  • Plagiarism Checker.
  • Grammar Checker.

Like Quillbot’s tools the above are also accessible in free as well as paid versions. Let’s hold a comparison between the Prominent tools of both platforms.

Paraphrasing by Quillbot and Editpad

1. Quillbot’s Paraphraser

The paraphrasing tool is the most popular tool of Quilbot in the field of writing. It functions on novel algorithms to precisely revamp existing content into fresh writing. While rephrasing it harnesses many techniques to polish the quality of content. Moreover, the paraphrase makes the below changes to make the writing SEO-friendly:

  • Remove plagiarism by reorganizing the content.
  • Revamp sentences to diversify their structure for better engagement.
  • Alternate the repetitively used phrases/words with their equivalent words (synonyms).

It supports four English variants i.e. Australian, Canadian, American, and British. Moreover, it comes up with both free unpaid and paid versions.

Practical Example:

To make our sample content SEO-friendly, we passed it through the rephrasing tool.  The tool reorganized it and gave us output with a better tone and novel terminology.

A Part of Our Input:

“You should express vivid descriptions, keep writing comprehensible, read a lot, and don’t hesitate to share your work for proofreading.”



“It’s important to read a lot, write, use vivid descriptions, and don’t be afraid to send your work to someone else for editing.’



2. Editpad’s Paraphraser

Editpad’s paraphraser comes up with cutting-edge features to accurately repurpose or restate the input given to it. Its working mechanism is armoured with two advanced applications of AI i.e. NLP and ML.

NLP works for the detection of input language, tone and core message. After understanding the given writing ML comes into play. This application finds the alternate words, structures and voices for the input to replace most of its original text. As a result of the previously mentioned advanced work, the tool automatically enhances its SEO in the following ways:

  • Removing Keyword stuffing with the utilization of synonyms.
  • Make content easily readable and engaging for an audience.
  • Make writing get rid of all types of duplications.

Practical Example:

We used the tool to polish the same text as in Quilbot’s tool.


Don’t be afraid to create clear instructions, keep it easy to understand, read a lot, and make your work available for proofreading.”



The tool made the text SEO-friendly by enhancing its clarity. Moreover, it can naturally adjust the Keyword frequency and embedments of LSI keywords.

Leading Features Table: Editpad VS Quillbot

Editpad Features Quillbot
1000 👍 Words Limit for fee Version 125 ❌
Four 👍 Free-to-Use Modes Only Two ❌
Only English Variant 👍 Supported Languages 17+ Languages
Free & Paid 👍 Availability Free & Paid 👍
No ❌ Option for Synonyms Limit Yes 👍


Summarizing by Quillbot and Editpad

1. Quillbot’s Summarizer

Quillbot summarizer is utilised to limit the length of content pieces by making them condensed and concise. The tool works for the generation of an “Abstractive” type of summary.

The tool’s free version comes with 1200 word limit and the premium with a maximum of 6000 words. To make your writing SEO-friendly, the tool makes it concise and information-rich. Moreover, you can write SEO-friendly abstracts, extracts, conclusions as well and introductions for your content.

Practical Example:

To check we summarized a para of 61 words with tool. We got the below 23 words of summary.

Output Summary:

“Global warming, caused by human activities like fossil fuel burning and deforestation, is a pressing global issue requiring immediate attention and collective action.”


quillbot summarizer

2. Editpad’s Summarizer

Editpad’s summarizer acquires the capability to enclose a flood of words into a cup.  Since it doesn’t use any additional phrases during summarization the outputs gained are always around the original content.

Utilizing the summarizer, you can create SEO-friendly meta tags, titles, concise introductions and conclusions. It will help you remove any insufficient details from the writing.

Practical Example:

This time we summarized a para of 126 words and got a super concise summary of only 15 words.

Output Summary:

“The impact on biodiversity, human health, and the overall balance of our planet is alarming.”


editpad summarizer

Detailed Table: Editpad VS Quillbot

Edipad Features Quillbot
Both Free & Premium versions 👍 Accounts Availability Free & Premium versions 👍
No Limit for both Free & Paid Versions 👍 Words Limit 1200 for free users & 6000 Premium ❌
11 Languages 👍 Language Support English only ❌
Two summarizing modes;


AI Summarizer 👍

Summarizing Modes No modes ❌
No ❌ Keywords Selection Yes 👍

Plagiarism Checking by Editpad and Quillbot

1. Quillbot’s Plagiarism Checker

Quillbot’s plagiarism checker is helpful for SEO content writing by detecting plagiarised text pieces. After the detection, it illuminates the text by making it red.

Based on the plagiarism results driven by the tool, you can take steps to make it unique. However, the plagiarism checker of the Quillbotr is available only in the premium version.


quillbot plagiarism

2. Editpad’s Plagiarism Checker

Editpad’s plagiarism checker is also effective in recognizing plagiarism from inputs. Unlike Quillbot’s checker, it comes with a solution for removing the issue. For this, the checker has built an integration with a paraphrasing tool. Additionally, the tool comes with an option to create citations of the source of the detected texts.


editpad plagiarism

Side by Side Comparison Table

Edipad  Features Quillbot
Yes ✔️ Percentage Of Plagiarism Yes ✔️
Free & Premium ✔️ Availability Only Premium ❌
Yes ✔️ Citing Option No ❌
Yes, minimum 5 ✔️ Detect Short Content No ❌
Can support more than 20 Languages ✔️ Multilingual  English Only ❌


The above was a comparison between the prominent online SEO writing assisting tools of both platforms. But, Editpad’s supply of tools doesn’t at at this point. There are several other tools offered by this platform. In the below, we discussed some of them that are also helpful in SEO content writing.

Some Additional Tools Offered By Editpad to Help In SEO Content Writing

1. Title Generator

The tilt generator of the Editpad can generate unique as well as compelling titles for your SEO content. Whether it’s a blog, article or any other online content. It is capable of generating 15 titles immediately at a time thus giving you plenty of options/choices to pick a suitable one. Moreover, if the first-time-driven results are not up to your recommendation, you can get newer titles by re-running the tool.

Another SEO-related help provided by the generator is the natural adjustment of your focus keyword in the title.


title generator

2. Blog Outline Generator

The blog outline generator functions to immediately craft the best matching as well as optimized content outlines. The outlines created from the tool are SEO friendly since they are descriptive, keywords enriched and optimal length.

You will only have to make the small effort of pasting the title into the input bar and pressing the “Submit” button.

Practical Example:

“How to Create a Bright Lifestyle: Developing Good Habits for Growing Up.”

They took immediate steps and gave us well-crafted content outlines. As shown below;


outline generator

3. Conclusion Generator

For SEO content writing it is useful to create a conclusion that is brief and concise. It should reflect all the essence stated in the content. Writing such an SEO-friendly content conclusion is not a soft cake to swallow. Sometimes it becomes a headache to close their content precisely in the conclusion.

In this scenario, it is a wise decision to get help from the automatic conclusion generator. You will need to paste the crafted content into the input box and get the final words.

Practical Example:

We dragged a content without conclusion into the generator. After running the conclusion creator, we got an SEO-optimized conclusion.


conclusion generator

4. Character Counter

To write SEO-friendly content multiple things are written with character limits like Titles, meta tags, Headings, Sentence length, etc. Instead of manually counting the characters for those things, you can deploy the character counter to do so.

Practical Use:

To check the number of characters, you only need to drop the text into the tool. The tool will tell you about the characters with and without spaces. Additionally, it will tell the time to read the whole content. 


character counter

5. Readability Checker

Readability is one of the vital factors in determining the SEO of content. For better SEO content it is essential to have good readability. There is no way to check your content for readability manually.

However, the readability checker by Editpad will help you in this regard. The tool checks the readability of a given content and gives it a specific score based on its easiness and hardness to apprehend. The score given by the tool is based on the “Flesch-Kincaid readability test”.

Content with a higher readability score will be easier to read and vice versa.

Practical Example:

To test the efficiency of the readability checker, we checked our sample content. The checker gave us a very comprehensive report for readability.


readability checker

6. Extract Text From Image

In the scenarios, when you have some useful content in the form of images and want to include them in the content. At such points, you shouldn’t do manual typing but prefer the help of the Text extractor by the Ediptad.

Using the text extractor, you can easily drive out the text from the images. In this way, the text extractor will be helpful for accurate and quick image-to-text conversion. After that, you can copy the output and include it in your writing.

Practical Example:

We extracted the below text from the image:



extract text from image

7. Grammar Checker

For better SEO and UX (User Experience), content must be free of confusing issues like grammar and spelling. Editpad’s grammar checker is efficient at underlining and removing grammatical issues.

Practical Example:

We dropped a text into the Editpad’s grammar checker with some issues regarding its grammar and spelling. When we ran the tool, it underlined all the errors. Moreover, it gave us some suggestions to correct each error.


grammar checker

Which One Is More Helpful In SEO Content Writing: Editpad Or Quillbot

Based on the above-detailed discussion, we have concluded that Editpad is more helpful for SEO content writing than Quillbot. Due to the following reasons, we took this unbiased decision:

  • Every prominent tool of Editpad is more Dynamic and versatile.
  • All the tools offered by Editpad exceed in features than Quillbot.
  • Every tool is available in a free version. 
  • There are multiple additional writing tools offered by this platform that are not by Quillbot.

That is why there is no hesitation for us to announce the Editpad is more helpful. However, it doesn’t mean that Quillbot is a useless or outdated platform. But, it is helpful in its place for many other writing fields.

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