Best Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses

Best Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses

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In today’s article, we’ll share the top email marketing software that we think will be the most useful for your company’s business. But, before we dive in, I would like to explain what an email marketing platform is.

What are Email Marketing Platforms?

Email marketing is the third most popular marketing channel marketers use to get more leads.

Email marketing platforms are tools that allow you to build your contact list using forms and landing pages. Then you can set up email campaigns to send to subscribers. After that, you can measure their performance and improve future campaigns.

Other email tools offer access to complementary features like live chat, chatbots, and CRM to manage your marketing campaigns in a panel that puts email first. Regardless, a tool with solid email marketing features is good enough to help you build your audience and increase sales when used correctly.

To compete against the more prominent companies and be more efficient, small business owners need to use software that will help them manage their business.

Small business owners can use various software that can be grouped under different categories. Some of the categories are accounting software like QuickBooks or G Suite, marketing tools such as Magento, and project management tools like Basecamp.

In this article, we will focus on the best email marketing software. Let’s dive in.

The Best Email Marketing Software in 2022

You need to get your email software right, but you also need to find the best platform that fits your needs and wants. There are many tools to choose from online, but we have narrowed the list down to the only email marketing platforms that matter :

1. GetResponse

GetResponse is one of the most respected email marketing platforms globally, and for a good reason. GetResponse is a trusted email marketing service that helps small and medium-sized businesses to grow their customer base. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools, including an integrated CRM, landing pages, and robust email campaigns.

Thanks to this platform, you can accelerate the development of your business, from generating leads to increasing online sales.

The platform also has one of the most advanced email features on the market, such as newsletters, autoresponders, automation emails, and more. You’ll also be able to create automatic funnels using landing pages and paid ads to get the most out of your email campaigns.

GetResponse – Functionalities

GetResponse is a comprehensive set of email marketing tools. Customers can choose from a range of functionalities, such as:

  •     An email marketing package that makes it easy to plan a strategy get to know campaign recipients, and build lasting relationships with them
  •     Landing Page Wizard – Market research shows that approximately 70 percent of B2B companies use landing pages to generate new leads and increase conversion rates; pro tip: by using GetResponse’s native page builder, you save money on Unbounce or some other dedicated landing page builder you’d have to buy to create a landing page
  •     Marketing Automation – i.e., the ease of designing complex, multi-layered campaigns with the ability to monitor subscriber actions in real-time, among other things,
  •     GetResponse offers a webinar builder which enables marketers and entrepreneurs to build webinars more efficiently
  •     Autoresponders – automatic response messages that can be tailored to subscribers’ needs and interests
  •     Forms and surveys
  •     Address database management tools,
  •   Statistics and optimization – tracking customer behavior allows you to optimize the campaign in terms of expectations of specific groups of recipients,
  •   Drag and drop design tools, including messages and landing pages,
  •   Account and campaign management tools,
  • Integrations – users can choose from over 100 pre-built API integrations, and they can also create their applications using the public API,
  •   Enterprise Services – a package that includes standard GetResponse solutions and additional options such as dedicated infrastructure, complete personalization, professional consulting, etc.


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GetResponse – Pros and Cons


It’s very user-friendly. It has some features that make it special among other solutions in the market when it comes to user-friendliness:

  •     Drag and drop editor
  •     No coding skills required
  •     Split testing and A/B testing capability

It also has numerous integrations with other services like WordPress, Shopify, etc.

As long as you are happy with the “Basic” plan, GetResponse is cheaper than many of its major competitors (significantly so in some cases) while offering as many, if not more, features than them.

The discounts you get when you pay for a year or two upfront are incredibly generous – you’ll be hard-pressed to find similar deals with any of its major competitors.

You get advanced features when it comes to marketing automation.

The flexible approach to data segmentation makes managing your lists easy – in this respect, it surpasses many competing products.

Getresponse’s webinar functionality is excellent and a unique selling point – I have not seen this feature in similar products.

The ‘conversion funnel’ feature is potentially helpful for small businesses that want to manage all aspects of their social media ads, sales funnels, and e-commerce activities under one roof.

  •     The reporting features are comprehensive
  •     Getresponse transparently reports on deliverability rates, publishes the data on its website, and provides deliverability statistics for e-newsletters sent
  •     All Getresponse plans include a landing page builder that lets you quickly run A/B tests, potentially saving you a lot of money
  •     Custom DKIM is available on all plans
  •     Help is available in many different languages
  •     It integrates well with Google Analytics and other measurement tools

You can try all Getresponse features for free for 30 days without having to enter your credit card information.


  •     You can use the Facebook pixel with the Getresponse landing page feature, but not in a GDPR-compliant way. The drag-and-drop interfaces for creating landing pages and forms are complicated and need improvement.
  •     Data collection forms that allow users to turn them on and off on mobile devices could be improved. For example, there is no two-factor authentication when logging in.
  •     There is a strict limit of 500 webinar participants.
  •     No phone support is offered (unless you have a “Max” subscription).
  •     Many Getresponse integrations include a third-party synchronization tool like Zapier.


GetResponse is a platform that is appreciated for its simplicity and intuitive operation, friendly interfaces, and professional support. It features a high level of automation, and people can configure individual tools quickly and efficiently. The program is ideal for companies and organizations looking for functional solutions.

2. ActiveCampaign

If there is one email platform anywhere near the most versatile of them all, ActiveCampaign should be on the podium of the list.

As one of the most sophisticated email tools on the market, ActiveCampaign gives you the ability to create and execute automation and drip campaigns for your business. It also lets you leverage omnichannel features like social media, live chat, and more to create a consistent marketing strategy that delivers a positive brand experience to every customer.


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Important Features

  •     Send broadcasts to and configures for segments in the list
  •     Create email automation workflows to put your business on autopilot
  •     Manage contacts and score them as leads and customers
  •     Implement personalization of your website, so users see content relevant to them
  •     Use machine learning to send the best email variants at the right time.

List of Prices

For $29/month ($25/month billed annually), you can send unlimited emails to 1,000 subscribers, create automation, and access chat and email support. Higher plans starting at $70 / month ($49 / month, billed annually) for the same number of contacts give you access to premium features like CRM and sales automation, machine learning, and more.

You can first sign up for a free trial and try out the features before opting for the paid plans.

3. Constant Contact


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Constant Contact is a full-featured email marketing software capable of multiple functions such as social media integration, real-time reporting, drag and drop editing, and many more.

If you struggle to send bulk emails, this tool is what you need, and it also provides services for website management, such as a website builder, logo design, and eCommerce tools.

With more than 600,000 customers, Constant Contact is one of the fastest-growing and largest email marketing software providers worldwide. It allows you to easily manage your email template, contacts, email list, marketing calendar, etc.

As you may already know, promoting your business through emails can be stressful and time-consuming; however, Constant Contact has made it easier to reach out to many people and promote your business.

Constant Contact email marketing software is one of the best ways of reaching out to a large number of people to inform them of your services or business.

Features of Constant Contact

  • Each account gives you access to unlimited emails, a free image library, easy tracking and reporting, built-in social media sharing tools, Facebook ads integration, list segmentation and an eCommerce integration for Shopify.
  • Constant Contact offers In-person live seminars across the United States.
  • Their email plus accounts also come with unique features like surveys and polls, email automation, online donations, drip campaigns, coupons and subject line A/B testing, which helps you send targeted emails to maximize your open rate.
  • Constant Contact offers one of the best customer support services with live chat, emails, phone calls, community support, and a library of essential resources.


  • Drag and drop editing: quickly create beautiful and uniquely branded emails with drag and drop editing.
  • Mobile optimization: create an email campaign that is accessible and can function on any device without difficulties
  • Customizable templates: save time with hundreds of templates that can be used easily and with great flexibility to create and send emails.
  • Google ads
  • E-commerce integration

Pros and Cons of Constant Contact


  • Great market segmentation
  • Easy, intuitive and customized email lists
  • Quick and simple campaigns
  • Unique and excellent subject line generator
  • Easy to use interface and reporting
  • Integrate with different tools and systems


  • It is expensive
  • Frequent glitches within building design
  • Difficult monitoring parameters
  • Unverified reporting

Constant Contact Pricing

Constant Contact operates on two packages with different prices and offers. They are discussed below.

The Core Package:

Constant Contact core package starts at $9.99, and it aims to help you reach the right prospects, build your customer list and keep your customers engaged through the following techniques:

  • Contact management
  • Email marketing
  • List growth tools
  • Reporting
  • Support
  • Social posting

The Plus Package

It has a starting price of $45.00, and it aims to take your growth to the next level and convert more customers within a short time. The plus package offers the following:

  • All the features in the core package
  • Email marketing automation
  • Dynamic content
  • Surveys, coupons and polls
  • Customized popup forms

Customer Support

In every business or organization, excellent customer service is one of the most vital requirements for the success and rapid growth of the company. Customer service or support is essential for email marketing software providers because technical difficulties or errors are often unavoidable. Constant Contact is always available when your customers have difficulties or questions while using their services.

Constant Contact provides unrivaled customer support for their customers with different methods either via emails, phone calls, live chat, etc.

4. Mailmodo


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Mailmodo is a tool you can use in your business to create and send interactive emails that let users take action instantly right inside their emails. 

For example, you can fill out forms, book meetings on Calendly, complete checkout, etc., right from the email received from a company without opening another page or tab.

More people are inclined to start and complete a process when provided with a call to action button they can click rather than the regular static emails.

You can provide a web browser experience and curate better marketing strategies within an email.  

The typical customers of Mailmodo are Freelancers, small businesses, large enterprises, and mid-size businesses.

Features and Services

Mailmodo, email marketing software, has numerous features and services they offer; some of them are listed below.

  • Activity dashboard and tracking, alerts/notifications and autoresponders, campaign analytics, management, planning, scheduling and segmentation.
  • Conditional logic, database and management; content management, conversion rate optimization and tracking, customer segmentation and surveys.
  • Customizable branding, fields, forms, questions, reports and templates.
  • Data analysis tools, data import/ export, drag and drop editing, drip campaigns and dynamic content.
  • Email campaign management; email distribution, marketing, reminders, templates and tracking.
  • Engagement tracking, feedback management, lead capture, generation and management.
  • List management, mobile-optimized emails, mobile survey, monitoring, multi-campaign, offline response collection and pulse surveys.
  • Question branching, piping and library.
  • Reporting & statistics, response validation, search/filter, social media integration and promotion.
  • Survey builder, survey/poll management, surveys & feedback, template management, third party integrations, visual analytics, web forms and workflow management.

Pros and Cons of Mailmodo


  • Easy setup.
  • Better customer engagement with the in-male interaction API.
  • There is no code, drag and drop editor to create AMP email templates that automatically generate an HTML fallback.
  • Customizable templates library of over 100 templates according to different use-cases.
  • Affordable pricing that doesn’t depend on the number of contacts, so you don’t break your bank while scaling.
  • GDPR compliant and also ensures deliverability
  • All-time available customer support


  • Lacks advanced AMP features like carousels and accordions and cannot include landing pages in their emails.
  • Abandoned cart or product recommendation widgets can complete checkout steps, but payment requires a redirect to a landing page.

Mailmodo Pricing

Mailmodo pricing is based on the number of emails sent monthly. So when you request their services, you will get more information on their pricing plans and custom and enterprise pricing information.

Customer Support

Mailmodo offers 24/7 customer support through emails, live chat or phone calls. As a result, their customers can easily reach out and get a response as soon as possible if any problem arises while using their email marketing software services.



Image Source is a flexible outreach automation platform. The platform suggests various tools for lead generation, data and contact management, email verification, email sending, and email tracking. is ideal for those who want to build good business relationships. Users can choose between different functionalities that the platform offers:

  • Creating and editing custom conveyors.
  • Management of sales transactions.
  • Easy working with your team;
  • Email address finder.
  • Email address finder with a specific company.
  • Email address finder with the help of social media site’s the link.
  • Website email address finder.
  • Finder of B2B leads.
  • Email address checker. Pricing

  • Small: 1,000 credits, 5,000 recipients. $39/month.
  • Medium: 5,000 credits, 10,000 recipients. $99/month.
  • Large: 20,000 credits, 30,000 recipients. $189/month.
  • Extra Large: 50,000 credits, 50,000 recipients. $369/month.
  • Extra-Extra Large: 100,000 credits, 100,000 recipients. $739/month.

Pros and Cons of


  • is a reliable solution for sending bulk emails.
  • creates profitable outreach to customers.
  • It is Affordable, with prices starting at $39.
  • Perfect solution for the fast growth of newly established businesses.
  • ensures automatic removal from the recipient list of those who have not signed up for the newsletter.
  • is easy to use and saves time


  • It needs an update.
  • There is no extension for some web browsers. Customer Support offers 24/7 customer support to all customers via phone calls, emails, and live chat; when using, if you encounter any problems or have any issues, you can contact their customer care freely at any time.

6. Sendinblue


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Sendinblue is an email marketing software provider that helps businesses grow customers and build relationships through SMS messages, marketing automation, email campaigns, transactional emails, Facebook ads, chats, retargeting ads and CRM.

Sendinblue is supported on multiple platforms like the web, android, iPhone and iPad.


  • Unlimited email marketing contacts.
  • A free plan of 300 emails per day.
  • Premium plans with advanced features such as sales CRM, live chat, Facebook ads integration etc.
  • An exceptional SMTP bulk email marketing.


  • Contact database and management.
  • Customizable fields from carts and templates.
  • Campaign analytics, management, scheduling and segmentation.
  • Data recovery, import and export.
  • Email campaign management.
  • Email distribution, management, marketing, monitoring, templates, tracking.
  • Landing pages and web forms.


Sendinblue pricing is based on emails sent rather than the number of contacts you keep in your account.

Sendinblue offers a free account where you can send 300 emails per day, making up to 9000 emails per month. As your business grows, you can move to higher and more suitable plans that will enable you to send up to 20,000 emails per month for as low as $25.

Pros and Cons of Sendinblue


  • It is affordable.
  • Sendinblue’s design is straightforward to understand and use.
  • Fast and helpful customer support.
  • Powerful and flexible automation features
  • Free account with almost all the features of a paid one.
  • Outstanding contact management capabilities
  • Constant improvement in the system


  • Limited ability to pull out results
  • Inconsistent SMS identification
  • poor software integration
  • The Media library is a bit disorganized
  • Sendinblue premium has a poor customer support

Customer Support

Sendinblue offers customer support via emails, live chat, FAQs/Forum, and phone calls.

7. Hubspot


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Hub spot is one of the largest and most well-known email marketing software providers with an easy-to-use CRM. Their services are free to start, and it has many powerful and fantastic automation features designed to help you grow your business.

Hubspot email marketing software provider has all the necessary tools and integration you need for marketing, content management, customer service, and sales.

With the native integration of HubSpot email marketing software, you can personalize your emails for each subscriber based on device type, list membership, country or any other custom information you might have on the individual subscriber.


  • Email marketing
  • contact management
  • landing pages
  • Forms
  • Live chat
  • Traffic and conversion analytics
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn ads


Hubspot services have different categories listed below, but you can find more details on their website.

Marketing Hub

Premium marketing software for growing traffic and leads.

  • Free features include email marketing, landing pages, forms, contact management, live chat, social media ads, traffic and conversion analytics.
  • Premium features include marketing automation, social media tools, SEO tools, video hosting & management, blog & content creation tools, analytics dashboards etc.

Sales Hub

Premium sales CRM for closing more deals.

  • Free features include Contact, deal & task management, quotes, email tracking/notifications, email templates & scheduling, live chat, document sharing, Gmail & outlook integration meeting scheduling etc.
  • Premium features include sales automation, email sequences, predictive lead scoring, multiple deal pipelines, customizable reports, signatures, advanced CRM, etc.

Service Hub

Excellent customer service software for first-class support.

  • Free features include live chat, ticketing, ticket creation bots, team email, reporting, meeting scheduling etc.
  • Premium features include customer service automation, knowledge base, multiple ticket pipeline, video creation, customer feedback, customer support, etc.


Content management software for building unique and professional websites.

CMS hub only offers premium features, including SEO and content strategy, blog and content creation tools, lead generation tools, innovative content, live chat etc.

Operation Hub

Like CMS hub, the operation hub also offers only premium features, including datasets, data sync, snowflake data share, data quality automation, etc.

Hubspot Pricing

HubSpot, email marketing software, is available for a free trial where you can add 1,000,000 contacts and unlimited users, and the Free access has no time limit.

Here are brief details of the paid plan for Hubspot email Marketing software.

  • Starter pack: starting at $45/ month. The starter pack features Ad retargeting, simple form follow up emails and landing page reporting.
  • Professional pack: starting at $800/ month. The professional pack features blogging, marketing automation, custom reporting and account-based marketing.
  • Enterprise pack: starting at $3,200/ month. The enterprise pack features adaptive testing, a sandbox account and multi-touch revenue attribution.

Hubspot Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use and constantly evolving.
  • Easy navigation and integration
  • Satisfying customer support service
  • It is not a sales focused or marketing focused email marketing software.
  • It offers excellent customer relationship management.


  • Merging contacts automatically can be challenging.
  • The cost of getting all the features you need, which is from the professional pack and above, is expensive, especially for small businesses.
  • No recurring task option
  • Their pricing is a bit rigid.

8. Omnisend


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Omnisend is an SMS and email marketing service provider with some powerful tools and integrations you can use to grow your business.

They offer one of the most unique and generous free marketing plans with powerful features like A/B testing, SMS and web push notifications, subscriber segmentation, performance report and even a pre-built automation workflow.

Other email Marketing software has restricted free plans, but it is not so with Omnisend, which offers almost all valuable features in their free plan, but as you grow your business and contact list, you will need to opt for a paid plan.

Omnisend effortlessly integrates with other website builders and eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce etc.

Features and Services

  • Email marketing: building and personalizing, outbound emails, email sending, email deliverability management and automated email responses.
  • Online marketing: landing pages and forms, mobile optimization and dynamic content.
  • Lead management: marketing lead database, segmentation, data quality management and online behavior tracking
  • Reporting & analytics: basic reporting, ROI analytics, web analytics, and revenue analytics.


Omnisend pricing operates on free, standard and pro packages discussed below.


This is the best option for small businesses and for exploring Omnisend. It is free and allows you to reach up to 250 contacts, 500 emails/ month, 60 SMS, and 500 web push notifications. The free package offers are

  • Professional email templates
  • A/ B testing
  • Popups and signups form
  • Sales and performance report
  • Customer support via email


This is a $16/month plan and allows you to reach up to 500 contacts, 6,000 emails, 60 SMS, and unlimited web push notifications. The standard package offers are listed below.

  • It offers everything in the free package.
  • Customer success manager (60,000 contacts)
  • 24/7 customer support and live chat.


This package costs $59/month, you can reach up to 500 contacts, unlimited emails, 3,933 SMS and unlimited web push notifications. The service includes

  • Everything in the standard package
  • Customer success manager ( 27,000 contacts)
  • 24/7 priority customer support.

Pros and Cons of Omnisend


  • Great pre-built email marketing automation workflows
  • Easy audience tagging
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to use the product selector
  • All-round good experience and user-friendly Easy.


  • There is a significant increase in price as your mailing list grows
  • Template restrictions
  • The mobile version has many limitations.

9. Drip


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Drip is a powerful and user-friendly enterprise email marketing software used by bloggers, digital marketers and eCommerce website builders.

Drip is unique and different from other email Marketing software is intelligent email segmentation, intelligent marketing automation, a visual drag and drop builder, and listing and testing features.

Features and Services

Drip has helped many small businesses take their business to the next level through email Marketing, and some of their many services are listed below.

  • Campaign analytics, management, scheduling and segmentation.
  • Customizable field forms carts and templates
  • Email campaign management.
  • Email distribution, management, marketing, monitoring, templates, tracking.
  • Landing pages and web forms
  • Contact database and management.
  • Data recovery, import and export.

Pros and Cons of Drip


  • Drip has one of the best customer services
  • It offers the ability to run multiple domains as separate accounts
  • It saves money and time
  • Clean and appealing user interface
  • Easy navigation
  • Nice drag and drop templates
  • With drip, It’s easier to set up email campaigns and keep in touch with them.


  • Poor reporting capability
  • Drip can be overwhelming to many users
  • Difficulty with automation
  • Low picture quality in some emails
  • The workflow may get stuck sometimes.

10. SendPulse

A lesser-known name than Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign but just as capable. SendPulse is a bulk email sender that even the most demanding users will find it worthy to be considered one of the best.


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SendPulse is a versatile platform that empowers businesses to create and send automated marketing campaigns via email, SMS, or messenger chatbots for platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. It offers a variety of tools to enhance user engagement, making it a comprehensive solution for modern marketing needs.

For example, you can set up automated email sequences, create landing pages, and send transactional emails, ensuring that your audience receives timely and relevant messages without manual intervention.

The ease of use and advanced features of SendPulse enable businesses to improve their marketing strategies and foster stronger customer relationships.

The typical customers of SendPulse include freelancers, small and mid-size businesses, as well as occasional big enterprises. 

Features and Services

SendPulse, an email marketing software, offers a multitude of features and services. Some of them are listed below:

  • Native CRM: track deals, assign follow-ups, and manage customer contact information. 
  • Activity dashboard and tracking: Monitor the performance of your campaigns in real-time.
  • Multichannel Autoresponders: Automatically respond to customer actions with pre-set emails, SMS notifications, and WhatsApp chatbot messages. 
  • Campaign analytics: Detailed insights into the success of your email campaigns.
  • Management and planning: Tools to schedule and segment your email lists.
  • Conditional logic: Personalize emails based on customer behavior.
  • Conversion rate optimization: Tools to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  • Customer segmentation: Target specific groups of customers based on various criteria.
  • Customizable branding: Tailor your emails to match your brand identity.
  • Drag and drop editing: Create beautiful emails without any coding knowledge.
  • Drip campaigns: Automate a series of emails to nurture leads over time.
  • Email distribution: Send emails to your entire list or specific segments.
  • Engagement tracking: See how your customers interact with your emails.
  • Lead capture and management: Subscription forms, pop-ups, landing pages. 
  • Mobile-optimized emails: Ensure your emails look great on any device.
  • Survey and feedback tools: Collect valuable insights from your customers
  • Template management: Access and customize a library of email templates.
  • Third-party integrations: Connect with other tools and platforms you use.
  • Visual analytics: Understand your campaign performance at a glance.

Pros and Cons of SendPulse


  • Easy setup and user-friendly interface.
  • Advanced automation features for personalized marketing.
  • Extensive library of customizable templates.
  • Affordable pricing with a free plan is available.
  • GDPR compliant and high deliverability rates.
  • 24/7 customer support through multiple channels.


  • Advanced features may have a learning curve for new users.
  • Limited customization options for some templates.
  • SMS and chatbot features can be costly with higher volumes.

SendPulse Pricing

SendPulse offers various pricing plans based on the number of subscribers and the features needed. They provide a free plan for up to 500 subscribers and a range of paid plans to suit different business needs. Paid plans start at $7 per month. Custom and enterprise pricing options are also available upon request.

Wrapping it up

When selecting which email marketing software provider to use for your business, it is essential to note their features, advantages, and disadvantages and what services they offer to choose which one best suits your business needs.

After reading this guide, you must now know that the importance of email marketing for your business cannot be overemphasized, seeing the numerous benefits that lie with the software listed above. You should get one of these email marketing software for your business now to ensure rapid growth and easy management.



Andrej Fedek is the creator and the one-person owner of the InterCool Studio. As an experienced marketer, he is driven by turning leads into customers. His goals always include White Hat SEO. Besides being a boss, he is a real team player with a great sense of equality.


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