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7 Effective Tactics to Promote Your Video Content

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More and more businesses are using video content to create awareness, drive traffic, generate leads, and boost sales.

Research shows that more than 80% of all businesses now include videos in their marketing efforts. Moreover, most internet users watch at least one video through hand-held devices every day.

The ease of creating videos nowadays presents a new headache for businesses. Consumers are now quite selective about the content they watch.

So, without marketing your videos will be the same as the million others. Well, you’ll never be in that situation because here are 7 effective tactics to promote your content.


1. Combine Video Content with Email Marketing

Nowadays, customers find themselves surrounded by videos at all times. With so much visual content, your videos might get lost in the crowd.

One of the better ways to promote your video content and brand is by combining video with email marketing.

Both video content and email have a mutualistic relationship.

Video email marketing allows brands to introduce products/services, keep customers informed about the brand, educate about the product, show testimonial video content, share discount codes and promotional material, and much more.

Instead of waiting for the customers to come to the video content, video emails take the visual content to your subscribers.

Another good reason to include video in email marketing is that the move benefits both.

Research shows that adding the word ‘video’ in the subject box improves the open rate of the email by as much as 19%. Not just the open rate, the CTR jumps by 200 to 300%.

On YouTube and social media, customers might get distracted by so many options. By channeling video content through emails, you help the subscribers focus only on the video at hand.

This will ensure higher views, more shares, and better conversions. Studies also show that adding videos reduces unsubscribe rate of emails by 26%.

2. Collaborate with Influencers on Social Media

Here again, although video marketing and influencer marketing are two separately powerful tools, their combined use has proved to be more effective.

Influencers with a significant following help brands create engaging videos.

For brands, video influencer marketing appears as a logical choice because the strategy is backed by solid numbers.

One of the biggest reasons for marketers to use video influencer marketing is that consumers gain a better understanding of products or services from videos.

Furthermore, 8 out of 10 people agree they share videos they like with friends and others.

Hence, by tapping into the influencers’ readily available audience you’re triggering a chain reaction that’ll yield more views, shares, and conversions.

Bear in mind that a single positive word from the influencer in their video can create a better impact than a blog series or infographics.

Using influencers specializing in your niche-area guarantees you better returns than any other video strategy.

Unlike earlier, now it’s a lot easier for businesses to find influencers. Many social media platforms have special programs to help businesses connect with the right influencer that drives the sales.

Even with the tools and services that social media platforms provide to find suitable influencers many businesses have wasted their investment because of their wrong moves.

Here are four questions to ask yourself before you start looking for influencers.

  • Is the influencer’s content aligned with your message?
  • How responsive is the influencer’s audience? Do the followers share, comment, and respond in ways that you want?
  • Does the influencer create quality video content regularly?
  • What are the influencer’s sponsored to the regular content ratio?

Influencers with a smaller sponsored content ratio are trusted and considered more authentic by businesses and customers.

3. Invest Some Money in Paid Ads to Promote Video Content

Although more and more people are watching video content soon you’ll have to find new ways to promote your visual content.

For one, like you, most other businesses understand the importance of videos. Hence, businesses consider videos as an essential part of content marketing.

Each day millions of videos go online. They all have a common goal; to attract your attention. If you don’t want to miss out, then one effective promotion tactic is to use video advertisements.

Opting for paid video marketing puts your ad in front and center of the audience. You get to place the ad where your video gets instantly noticed and viewed.

Many big businesses have put video ads to good use. According to Animoto, video advertisement was the top method through which customers learned about a product that they purchased later.

Video ads can be used as teasers and promotional clips to market longer educational videos and events.

On Twitter alone, more than 700 videos are shared every minute. Plus, more sponsored ads on Twitter contain video content.

This shows that video ads do not just receive more views, they also encourage sharing the content with friends.

4. Include Live Videos in the Marketing Mix

The futuristic vision of some experts, years ago, has come true.

Live video is considered a leading technique to build, nurture, and engage the audience to achieve your marketing goals.

Not only that, live videos are quite effective in building trust between customers and brands.

Going live is a huge attraction to the customers. Live video marketing has worked across platforms. Since its launch in 2015, the popularity of Facebook Live has increased by 330%.


The huge popularity of live videos can be attributed to two vital characteristics of this method

In a live video marketing campaign, there is a real face-to-face interaction with the audience.

The audience gets to ask the most pertinent questions. They don’t have to wait for answers for hours, days, or even months as with the case in other forms of communication.

This helps customers decide on the spot, thus resulting in more conversions and sales.

Live video is not only engaging, it’s also perceived to be authentic and unscripted, without any cuts, retakes, and edits.

Besides, research shows that people are willing to watch live video content even if it’s 3x times longer than regular videos.

5. Optimize the Video for the Audience and Search Engine Crawlers

Several volumes can be written on the subject of video optimization. But, we would stick only with tactics that yield the best results.

Thumbnail is a vital component that drives traffic towards the video.

Choose the most appropriate image that best represents the video.

Alternatively, you can use stock photos and thumbnail software to create a customized thumbnail for your video.

Next, research to find the relevant keywords to use in your title, short description, and text annotations in the video.

Moreover, add relevant meta-description and tags to make your videos more searchable for the crawlers.

Make sure to use a video editor online to brush up on the content quality and trim for length.

Optimizing content for search engines isn’t enough. Just because people love videos and that tools of video making are readily available, you can’t compromise quality for quantity.

Proper planning with a clear goal, strong message, and the right script is essential to create engaging videos.

Don’t forget to include an effective Call to Action in the video.

Increasing views alone serve no marketing purpose if views don’t convert to leads and ultimately to sales. Your videos must contain CTAs that compel the audience to take action.

There is a new marketing strategy quite popular among ecommerce businesses nowadays.

Instead of using product videos and CTAs to take customers to the product page, the latest digital marketing trend is to use shoppable video posts on social media.

Customers don’t have to leave the platform, if they like the product in the video, they can add that to the shopping cart just by clicking the options in the video.

6. Market Your Videos on Social Media Platforms

What’s the easiest way to gain attention and drive traffic to the landing page?

Offer valuable video content for free and the best place to do this is social media. If the content is good and free, people are more likely to view, share, and comment.

Uploading or sharing the videos on social media platforms will give the content maximum exposure.

For long-form videos, you can host the content on YouTube and attract traffic from other platforms using teaser clips.

Use YouTube editing software to create short teaser/trailer clips and upload them on Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms.

Social media platforms also offer multiple tools to attract viewers to your videos.

Hashtag and trending topics are just two of the many tactics you can use to showcase your visual content.

These techniques help you create more relevant content; video content that has a better chance of going viral.

As a business, you want to create more content that attracts attention, boosts engagement, and encourages conversations.

Social media is indispensable for video marketing.

Social media is where a large majority of your target audience spends quality time. You need to share videos on social media to gain views and conversations.

7. Amplify the Reach of the Content by Combining Text and Video

A blog is still an effective marketing strategy to convey a message and engage the audience.

Blog posts also play a huge role in improving the SEO and ranking of a page.

By writing a blog about the subject dealt with in the video you help crawlers and the audience gains a better understanding of the video.

Writing a blog for a video increases the time viewers spend on the page, which sends a strong SEO signal to rank the video higher on the SERP.

Combining video content and text blog will result in mutual growth. Here you’re leveraging the strength of blog posts to boost the popularity of your videos.

This strategy also helps you increase the reach of your video content.

While blog posts and videos have some common sources of traffic, using both types of content together will ensure videos also reach a new audience through the blog.

Final Thoughts

The fundamentals of quality content are still important. But those characteristics alone won’t help your video achieve success.

Promotional tactics you find here will make your video marketing efforts much easier.

About the Author

Cristian Stanciu is a freelance video editor, owner and post-production coordinator of Veedyou Media – a company offering video editing services to videographers, marketing agencies, video production studios or brands all over the globe. I can catch up with him on his blog or on LinkedIn.

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