Web Design, SEO, and More: 10 Ways to Get The Most Out of Your Website Traffic

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For digital marketers, there’s nothing more important than driving business outcomes through marketing efforts. Getting the target audience on the website is one of the hardest things to do, and it is only half the battle. There needs to be an equal focus on the other part – converting these users to leads and then ultimately to customers.

In a world where businesses have stressed cash flows such as the pandemic conditions now, spending on everything has to be well thought out. Digital marketing allows us to measure everything we do and the impact of the same. Relying on digital marketing is a smart decision too.

Digital marketing has moved on from being a secondary channel for marketing for most businesses. There is a lot of focus on digital marketing and the best practices around it. But the deeper you go, there are so many layers that it can be quite challenging.

There is a lot that digital marketers can do on the way to make sure that the process of finding, targeting, and converting the right audience is well optimized. It is easy to get confused if you are just getting started or trying to get more efficiency into your marketing efforts. Here are a few.

Why Landing Pages Matter

There are a lot of reasons why rely on landing pages. If you are not sure what it is, landing pages are specific pages that are designed as targets for campaigns. It allows you to tailor the message well and also ensure that the users find contextual and relevant information with a direct call to action which you want to see. Landing pages are also quite easy to create, with various tools available for use.

Landing pages make sure that the users do not have a lot of distractions to deal with, and have just one or two clear actions that they can take from the page. This helps you convert visitors to leads, by filling out a form or signing up for a webinar or any such action.

Features such as A/B testing also allow you to test different parameters on the page to make sure that the content on the page is optimal. It is also relevant in boosting the ad quality if you are relying on PPC ads, as it checks for the relevance of the content on the page to the ads. Landing pages contain only specific information, and it can be tailored for the campaigns, so ensuring a greater quality score on ad campaigns, and hence better leads.

If you are working with landing pages, a tool like ConverFlow will help you immensely. Convertflow allows you to automatically create multiple variations of your landing page with different content as per your test criteria. It automatically tests the pages with the various visitors and tracks data so that you can see how the test went. Here’s more about ConvertFlow if you are interested.

Why Retargeting Matters

Retargeting is a very effective tool to use. You have worked hard to put together campaigns, and you have spent hard-earned dollars on these campaigns too. Not all visitors that come to the page actually convert to leads.  Retargeting campaigns allow you to target these visitors with contextual ads.

Retargeting is great because it essentially gives you a second shot at converting a visitor. These campaigns are also relevant in keeping your brand in the awareness set of the visitor. It also allows you to contextualize the ad for your visitor depending on the campaign they have interacted with or the page they visited. Retargeting is essential as it re-engages the visitors, and increases awareness. 

How to Use Facebook Pixel to Reach Out to Interested Users

If you use Facebook Ads,  Facebook Pixel is a must-have. Pixel is an analytics tool that allows you to track users and actions on your website, and then target this user or similar users using Facebook ads in later campaigns. 

Facebook Pixel needs to be installed on your website. You can create a Pixel for your page from the Event Manager section and can be easily installed on your website without much effort. Once installed, you can set up events based on the actions you want to track. With Pixel working, you can retarget visitors who visited a particular page or performed an action with ads on Facebook. It also helps you extend the campaign to similar audiences, thereby increasing the chances of conversions.

How Email Marketing Drives Lead Generation

Email marketing is a solid channel for digital marketing efforts. Despite the growth of other channels and formats, emails still continue to be a major part of digital marketing. Email marketing allows you to send contextual and relevant messages with a high chance of success.

Email marketing can both drive traffic to your website for the various campaigns, and it can also help in driving conversions from your website. Newsletters help you put good content that performs well in front of more people, and hence it gets more views and conversions.

Personalization is a critical aspect of the success of any marketing campaign. Emails are also great as personalized contextual messages based on the stage of the user in the sales funnel or the interest of the user.

Investing in a good email marketing automation tool like Mailchimp will prove to be a wise decision. Mailchimp makes it easy to manage promotional email campaigns, newsletters, and even transactional emails to your users. There are a lot of inbuilt features in Mailchimp that let you run A/B tests, optimize sending times, and create personalized dynamic emails based on user actions – like sending an abandoned cart email automatically

Why a Solid Content Strategy Matters

A solid content strategy forms the backbone of your digital marketing efforts. As many ad campaigns and promotions you run, having good content is what makes the whole effort sustainable at the end of the day.

A good content strategy can educate your audience, help them with ideas to solve their problems, convert visitors to leads, and convert leads into paying customers. Content has a role to play in all these aspects, beyond just SEO as a benefit.

SEO is an important part of content strategy, as it drives a lot of decisions around the keywords and topics to target. SEO also helps in ranking the page higher and in turn sending more traffic to the website organically.

Good content balances the aspects of SEO by including the relevant keywords contextually and also provides the users with actionable insights. It also allows you to keep visitors on the site longer, giving you the chance to present your products/services more effectively. Users consume a lot of content these days, and it works as a great outreach tool as it is not directly promotional, and helps users find information that they need.

Putting together a comprehensive content strategy is going to help you a lot in bringing several marketing messages together and help you showcase value that you can generate for your audience easily. The effort in planning and creating content will reap rewards in the long run.

Tools like Ahrefs can help you a lot while creating a content strategy. Ahrefs is a complete SEO software that helps you manage content and SEO for your website efficiently. The features enable you to quickly search for keywords, run competitive analysis, identify content areas, track and manage backlinks and much more. It can take away some of the more confusing/manual parts of the content process, and lets you focus on creating great content. Here’s a detailed overview of Ahrefs.

The Need for a Solid Strategy

One common thread among all the successful digital marketing efforts we have explored or created relies on the strength of the strategy. Having a solid strategy is critical. The overall plan will not only push you to go into the various aspects of the strategy in detail, but it will also help you assign specific targets that you want to chase and identify clear goals for the campaign.

One of the issues that we see commonly among some of the businesses we work with is that there is not enough coherence between the messaging across various channels. This can result in suboptimal results. The strategy will identify clear communication pillars for your business, and also plan for campaigns across various channels with the same messaging. A silo-ed approach may still be getting some results but it will not match the output that a coherent strategy can deliver.


To make the most of your website visitors, there are a lot of areas that need to be worked on. The various aspects discussed above have a significant impact on the final results of your strategy. So it is important to cover as many of these as you can in your strategy.

It is also vital to track, measure, and analyze numbers from various channels, and to have milestones and goals for each of them. This data-driven approach will uncover many insights that are unique to your business, and you can use these to drive more optimal results.

Sounds daunting? It can be. If you are planning to rework your digital marketing strategy, taking help from the experts would be a great option. It may even prove more cost-effective in the long run too. We at Flying V Group have helped hundreds of businesses like yours achieve their business goals through strategic and data-driven digital marketing. Talk to us to know more!


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