What is the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on SEO_

What is the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on SEO?

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Each day, experts are anticipating the technical aspects that could be hugely influential to the SEO space in the future. Since 2015, when Google launched RankBrain, artificial intelligence stock has been playing a significant role in search algorithms and how they perform and return search engine results. RankBrain is a machine learning system that uses its learning to read and understand the meaning of the content it crawls. Moreover, it also learns user behaviors from their searching habits and feedback is used by it to improve the accuracy of search results continuously.

Moving forward, as machine learning like RankBrain improves, SEO experts must gauge what is the impact of artificial intelligence on SEO. In this article, we will look at this and determine the impact of A.I. and how your business website can stand to gain ground.

In 2019, artificial intelligence and technical SEO will be commonly talked about in the industry. Almost every organization will look forward to the benefits they can receive from artificial intelligence applications. Artificial intelligence has an extensive practical search application, many of which are already in use.

One can expect that artificial intelligence will play an even more prominent role in SEO moving forward. Professionals who have been taking advantage of artificial intelligence in SEO, particularly in the area of keyword research, see its positive impact on SEO in the years to come.

Many are predicting that it will be necessary to technically update your website for the impact of machine learning that will dominate 2019 and the following years. Experts are also assuming that company sites that are not technically sound will quickly fall behind in search engine rankings. It is almost definite that artificial intelligence will drive the future of SEO. The big players have already started investing in machine learning to understand the meaning of the content crawled.

How Technically Sound Websites Can Benefit from AI

Metrics such as engagement rates, duration spent on sites, the number of pages viewed by a user, bounce rates, and other analytical website data are affecting the rankings of websites. Even in the case of content, content with high information quality that engages users for more extended periods are weighed higher by the search engines.

Naturally, users are influenced by useful and informative content, which is why good content generates better rankings on search engines. Major search engines like Google are using artificial intelligence to imitate human behavior to extract useful data from websites and in return rewarding them with better rankings on search pages. Only sites with impressive usability metrics are getting better rankings on search engines. It is crucial that businesses continue to focus on providing useful and quality information that displays expertise in their specific vertical.

Everything old is becoming new again. People who started their careers in the early days of SEO understand that technical SEO skills were significant for search engine optimization to make sites crawlable. Then, content became more critical and producing quality content became the primary objective of SEO professionals with the help of quality writers.

It was essential to infuse quality keywords in content in a natural way and not using blackhat methods like keyword stuffing. The demand for quality content is still there but due to Schema MarkupAMP, faster loading times, page speed, and dependency on mobile devices, there is again a rise of the requirement of technical skills in SEO.

Understanding of technical SEO and its benefits of proper configuration will create new opportunities for developers and SEO professionals who have kept themselves aware of these updates and upgraded their skills in line with the growing trends and technologies.

Some SEO Tools that are Powered by Artificial Intelligence


HubSpot is a useful artificial intelligence tool which uses machine learning to understand the themes that are used by search engines to connect to your content. It uses keyword competitiveness along with useful suggestions for content topics. These suggestions help you understand the best content strategies to build SEO skills. HubSpot has also aimed at web analytics and social media marketing too apart from creating a content marketing strategy.


MarketMuse is another SEO tool powered by artificial intelligence that boosts the creation of quality content that would further help in optimization and gaining ground in organic search.

Market Brew

Market Brew is another SEO tool backed by artificial intelligence. The tool finds out why websites rank above or below other sites on search engine result pages. It also helps in finding out your position on search engines much before you would be able to.

Apart from technology, it is critical that you have people with the required skills and competency to use technology efficiently to grow your business. It would be a smart move to make sure that your website is technically configured correctly to benefit from the growing use of artificial intelligence to meet your business goals.

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December 20, 2018



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