Questions You Need to Ask to Find a Great Amazon Marketing Agency

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Like everything else about it, Amazon’s product count is massive. It has over 480 million products in the United States. Amazon has now become synonymous with online shopping. According to a Jungle Scout report, nearly 74 percent of Americans start their product searches on the Amazon website. It continues to grow by developing new products various different service offerings that continue to increase its customer base, and attracting new brands and sellers, forcing brands to find a way to stand out on this digital shelf. Amazon Marketing Services helps brands increase their discoverability and reach target audiences by offering them a way to place ads at the top of the search results page., on product detail pages, and even on non-Amazon sites through sponsored ads.

What is Amazon Marketing Services?

Launched in 2012, Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is the pay-per-click Advertising platform Amazon created to allow marketing teams to bid on keywords used on the Amazon search bar, as well as competitor products, categories, and audiences. AMS was created as a means to allow businesses to sell directly to people who are ready to buy.

It is a self-service advertising solution for keyword-targeted ad campaigns and is available to nearly all brands selling through Vendor Central and Seller Central. Amazon Marketing Services gives brands the opportunity to tailor their Amazon ad spends with targeted ads that will appear where potential customers are most likely to see them.

Amazon Marketing Services is an essential tool for sellers on Amazon looking to drive sales through advertising via product, keyword, or interest targeting. This newly revamped ad platform enables brands to market their products on Amazon and can improve brand discoverability and, of course, sales.

AMS requires a lot of time and a good understanding of how it needs to be managed. Because running a successful AMS campaign needs you to be well-equipped with the right knowledge and experience, many brands recruit outside agencies to help with their Amazon ad campaigns. Working with an agency that specializes in Amazon marketing can be helpful, especially if you are not familiar with how their marketing works. The ultimate goal of working with an Amazon agency is for you to boost your sales. and bypass complexity by leveraging an experienced team.

It can be difficult to identify genuine experts in a new industry. When the time comes to find a pay-per-click agency to manage your AMS campaigns, there are questions that need to be asked. More importantly, the agency should provide insightful answers that demonstrate confidence and experience.

1) How Much Experience Do You Have?

The thing you should look for with an AMS agency is their experience level.  Brands need to make sure the agency they work with has years of experience operating an ecommerce business. The more experience they have, the better understanding they’ll have of what actions will make your products more successful on Amazon. They’ll also be better prepared to handle the inevitable changes on the platform. It is also important to understand their area of expertise and whether their services relate to your ecommerce channel. Marketing efforts here go beyond PPC ads and include everything from listing optimization to understanding customer and Amazon platform trends.

Amazon has grown since its inception. An agency that has many years of experience has gone through those changes and alterations, proving that they have successfully been able to adapt to the changes and continue to help brands realize a consistent ROI. This also means that the agency brings with it a wealth of knowledge and a fair understanding of upcoming trends or changes in the marketplace.

2) What Aspects of eCommerce Can Your Agency Help With?

In order to choose an AMS agency to help you achieve your brand goals, it is crucial to know your channel’s requirements. Understanding the different services they offer will not only help identify whether the agency has the experience your brand needs but also gives you the chance to learn about their strategic approaches and other potential offerings that could benefit your business.

Most agencies will be happy to put together a proposal, breaking down costs, recommending services, and suggesting timelines.

3) What Resources and Opportunities Do You Use to Get an Edge on Amazon?

The right Amazon agency should be able to identify specific opportunities to help grow your brand. With the ever-changing landscape of Amazon, sellers have access to more and more resources to help drive traffic. While AMS will remain a central piece of brands marketing efforts, agencies should also cast a wider net and be able to serve up suggestions for leveraging other resources such as Amazon Posts, the Vine Program, Editorials, and third-party tools.

The agency should be able to suggest appropriate  opportunities for your brand’s needs; many agencies also develop their own software to help achieve desired outcomes.

4) What is Their Paid-search Strategy with Competitors?

Targeting brand competitors is a common practice in pay-per-click marketing; getting your ads in front of a competitor’s audience can help generate sales and build brand awareness. Brands can also use this strategy on AMS,  running ads against a competitor’s product pages and related keywords. Strategizing against competitors has always been an effective way for brands to break into new markets, reposition themselves or regain lost market share.

There are countless ways to effectively implement a solid PPC strategy. Since every brand is different, choosing an Amazon agency that has experience working with businesses in different stages and across multiple categories is crucial.

5) How Will You Judge My Brand’s Success on Amazon?

Generally, a brand’s success is gauged by the sales revenue, return on ad spends (ROAS), and advertising cost of sales (ACOS). However, sales do not equal profit and many brands have high sales value but struggle to make Amazon a profitable channel for themselves. A seasoned AMS agency will focus on your brand’s profitability by going into the depths of your brand’s presence on Amazon, making the most of its analysis and optimization. While there is no single route to profitability on Amazon as many workflows contribute—from supply chain to sales model—the right agency should be able to identify areas for improvement and set your brand to success on Amazon.

Work With an Amazon Marketing Agency to Boost Your Sales

Amazon’s focus on marketing has opened new opportunities that can generate a great ROI for brands, but the brands looking to get the most out of Amazon Marketing Services will need to consider what they want to achieve before starting their campaigns. All pay-per-click agencies differ from each other in one way or the other, and only some will be a better fit for your business than others. It is crucial to take the time to find a good fit for your brand.

Choosing an agency is a big decision and one that will have a significant impact on your sales on Amazon. But also remember that Amazon is an ingrained part of the consumer shopping journey (reviews, comparisons, prices) so your Amazon presence affects your reputation and sales across other retailers. It’s very easy for agencies to bluff their way through a few questions and answers, so it is important to conduct a deep dive and understand the agencies capabilities.

There are numerous ways you can market your products on Amazon. As a seller, it’s crucial that you first know whether you would like to focus on targeting your audience organically through SEO and product launches or give them a little boost through Amazon pay-per-click. Either way, paid or not paid, work with what you think fits best with your brand.

Working with an Amazon marketing strategy specialist will help you skip the trial-and-error phase and directly jump into the different marketing strategies and then campaigns that will help your business grow. With us, your business is guaranteed to be in safe hands. Our experience of handling various brand accounts from all sorts of niches can attest to this. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll get you ready for your next campaign.


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